A man from Craiova is looking for his natural parents, but it seems impossible to reach them

A 40-year-old man from Craiova is looking for his natural parents, whose existence he only discovered when he was 34 years old. Since then, he has done his best to find them, only to be hurt by closed doors and frustration. The way to them seems impossible, but the man hopes that someone will provide him with information, after the authorities refused.

Viorel Leoveanu lived a completely normal life until the age of 34. But then something happened that turned the whole universe upside down. He was married, and his wife accidentally found out that he had been adopted.

“My wife met a relative who was arguing with a family member and, perhaps out of revenge, she decided to say I had been adopted. When I found out I was shocked, I cried, I couldn’t believe my parents didn’t tell me anything. Then I called another cousin and she confirmed it was true. It never crosses my mind that they and the rest of their relatives hid well. I was leading a normal life. I lived in Craiova. My parents raised me well, as far as possible, because I was a humble family. My mother worked in greenhouses, and my father worked on the construction site. But I cannot complain that they They didn’t care about me. My dissatisfaction was that they didn’t tell me they adopted me, the man said, and I had a right to know.”

The adoptive mother constantly refused to tell him who she got it from

Fiorel says that from the moment he heard the news, he tried to convince his adoptive mother to speak openly about everything that had happened. However, it did not work in any way. The woman gave him only vague information, which did not help him at all. “My mom simply refused to talk about it. I was closer to my dad, but when I found out he had died. He would probably have told me more details.

All I know is that I was born on March 6, 1982 in Hospital No. #1 from Craiova and they took me when I was about a week old. I also know from my mother’s words that I came from a relationship between a university professor and a student, or something like that. These are the only details I know of. He didn’t tell me any possible names for my mom or dad, no matter who took me, absolutely nothing. Basically, they took me straight from the hospital with the name Leoveanu, as if I were their child. I have a birth certificate in the municipality of Tzloi, because my father was adopted there. I don’t even know how this was possible, someone must have given their consent for such a thing. “You can’t give a child or just take him, as in the market,” Fiorel said.

The doors are closed everywhere

The lack of detail is frustrating for Viorel and puts many obstacles in the way of discovering the truth. “I tried in various ways to contact the hospital, with the town hall of Tislui, with the population registry in Craiova. No one helped me at all. I say that I cannot give details of anyone because it is confidential. But I am only looking for my natural parents, I need information to harm any Person. I don’t really know which institution to go to and how to proceed. I remember an official from the Population Registry told me from the start, even as I was preparing to submit the application that I would definitely not find them,” Viorel said.

It was more difficult for the man as the relationship between him and the adoptive mother calmed down a bit after he found out that he had been adopted. His mother refused to help him disarm him. ƒ “I think it was their duty to tell me. He told me they were afraid of my reaction. So they thought of them, not me. I am grateful to them for what they did for me, but I wish they would help me get to know my natural parents.”

“It’s something that makes me know my parents.”

However, Viorel has not given up hope and says that something inside of him always makes him come back to the idea of ​​finding his natural parents. Although he has lived in the UK for six years and has a family, the thought of his natural parents often bothers him. “It’s something that drives me to know my parents. I think I deserve to know who I am and what my background is. I don’t think there is an explanation for it, I just feel that way. I want to know what they look like if they feel good. We all make mistakes in life, more or less.” Perhaps their reasons were justified. You can never know… I have always thought of trying to find them as soon as possible so that it is not too late and to find out, perhaps, that they are dead,” concluded Viorel Liuvino.

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