A resident of Craiova, fined DIT when he went to deduct the deceased mother from the garbage tax

A Craiova resident was fined by DIT when he went to deduct his deceased mother from the garbage tax. The woman had paid her sewage tax for 2021, but unfortunately passed away a month before the end of the year. The heirs went to deduct it from the garbage tax, but they were very surprised that the tax and tax officer did not receive their request, and also imposed a fine of 307 lei.

DIT Craiova

An event worthy of “Mind Night” at DIT Craiova. A resident of Craiova received a fine when he went to the headquarters of the Tax and Duty Service to deduct his deceased mother from the special sewage tax. The inspector at the counter refused to accept his request, and he also prepared a “violation discovery report” and imposed a fine on him. The minutes prepared by the appointed representative reads as follows:

“Committed on 29, December 12, 2021, the following/the following offenses: Failure to file tax returns/correcting special sewage tax, act stipulated in Article 8, point 2 letter b of the facility and administration’s health facility tax Implementing Regulation No. HCL No. 183/2021”, as indicated in the record.

The man from Craiova says he was told by a DIT employee that he is not receiving the garbage tax deduction for the deceased relative because he is not a man. In addition, he told her that he applied this fine because he did not come to submit this application until the 25th of the current month, i.e. December 2021. The man from Craiova was left without a response. He knew his mother had paid the tax by the end of the year, and he was calm about it. He plans to deduct her taxes from 2022, although the woman died in late November, before the end of 2021.

The house plan does not match the DIT plan

Arriving at the DIT headquarters in the central square, the man asked Craiova to cut at the counter, but the employee did not receive his request. He told her it was too late. He did not take into account that the garbage was paid in advance and that it had been paid for two months in vain because the person in question had died. What does it mean that he arrived too late? He did not show up before December 25 to deduct the sewage fee. The inspector drew up a report of the violation, placed it in his arms, and instructed him to fill out a model form. So the man from Craiova woke up and paid a fine of 307 lei.

“Approved in accordance with Art. 8, point 3 of the regulation … Approved by HCL 183/2021 … with a fine of 307 lei to 765 lei and fixing the fine for the violation in the amount of 307 lei,” the violation report states.

This is how a man from Craiova woke up with money in advance of the local budget and a fine.

Deadline Is Deadline, DIT Reps Say

We will make sure. The decision of the council provides that for any change, the heir or the owner is obliged to attend by the twenty-fifth day of the month following the occurrence of the event, when the number of persons decreases, upon his death. It is important that the application is registered with us. The person in question had to fill out Annex 4. These are deadlines and citizens must meet. Any change is announced at City Hall until the 25th of the month following the event. The fee was calculated because the return was not filed, so the deceased person appears deducted and appears with a claim for 2022. We are working on this return. If he came in two years, we wouldn’t be able to tell that person was dead. We will check if the concerned citizen has left this statement in our register and attached the death certificate. If a person does not meet the deadline set in the HCL, they will be finedGlad Elena Bonscu, Director of DIT.

What does the list say?

Violations and penalties:

  1. Non-compliance with the provisions of these Regulations or non-fulfillment of the obligations specified by them, if they were not committed in circumstances that, in accordance with the Criminal Code, constitute infractions.
  2. The following facts constitute a violation of the sewage service users:
    a) late filing of tax returns / corrections for the special sewage tax provided for in Article 5 point 1, point 3, point 5, point 6, point 8 and point 12;
    b) failure to file tax returns / correction of the special sewage tax, stipulated in Article 5 point 1, point 3, point 5, point 6, point 8 and point 12;
  3. Violations stipulated in point 2 letter b) will be punished with a fine from 77 lei to 307 lei, and those stipulated in point 2 letter b) with a fine from 307 lei to 765 lei.
  4. In the case of non-domestic users, the minimum and maximum fines stipulated in point 3 should be increased by 300%.
  5. The mayor and the authorized persons of the local public authority are responsible for discovering violations and applying penalties.
  6. Fines limits set out in Equality. 3 It is updated by decision of the local council in accordance with the procedure set forth in Article 491 of the Public Finance Law.
  7. Provisions of Government Order No. 2/2001 Concerning the Legal System of Violations, ratified by Law No. 180/2002, as amended and supplemented hereafter.”Article 8 Resolution No. 183
  8. On the establishment of a special sewage tax in the municipality of Craiova and the approval of the regulation on the creation and management of a special sewage tax

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