At 5 months, his life is a constant struggle. The family sold their house to save him

Since his birth, Vladimir has been only in hospitals, although there was nothing human before his birth with such a beginning. He is only five months old, but the experiences he has had in the short period since his birth have been throughout his life. And the difficulties did not pass. The child is currently lying in a hospital in Italy, where his mother is with him, bent on fighting the gray fate that befell Vladimir. At home, in Craiova, the boy’s father and brothers are waiting for cold news about the little boy.

Three doctors said everything was fine during pregnancy

Vlad was born in the Hospital “Charity” in Craiova, after a carefully monitored pregnancy, with all the necessary examinations, ultrasounds every two months, double and triple examinations, as well as genetic examination, because after the age of 35 there is a risk of Down’s disease. The syndrome is larger. Everything seemed fine. During her pregnancy, Adriana Dino, Vladimir’s mother, went to three gynecologists: the doctor who monitored her pregnancy, the doctor she went to for fetal morphology in the second trimester of pregnancy, and the doctor who performed morphology in the third trimester. However, he did not expect anything to come.

“Being in another age group, 35, for the dual test, there are some statistics that show there is a low risk of Down syndrome, even though the ultrasound doesn’t indicate anything abnormal. For peace of mind, I also had a genetic test It is called free circulating fetal DNA. With everything in order, the two doctors told me that there is no need for a triple test or morphology in the third trimester of pregnancy. But I decided to do this morphology on my own, in parallel, and went to another doctor, one of the most famous in Craiova. Also He told me that from his point of view, everything is fine, ”says Vladimir’s mother.

Continuous struggle from the first day of life

After the birth the ordeal began. “At week 38, the contractions started and I went to the hospital, where they took me for a caesarean section. When they took out the baby, he was black, not moving and not breathing. He was resuscitated and intubated directly. Half an hour later he recovered and was released. I was recovering from a caesarean section, and he was not allowed For my husband to cross the gate. The neonatologist told him on the phone that he was going to be a dwarf and that I didn’t do the necessary tests. The defects were visible. And that if he stayed in the womb another minute he would die. As a mother, they only told me what happened two days later, when I was able to crawl up to visit the baby. .. ”, recalls Adriana Dino.

On the third day, the child developed a fever. He was drowning at every meal and was breathing very hard. After 3 weeks of receiving several formulations of antibiotics and the temperature did not drop, at the insistence of his mother, Vladimir was taken to the children’s emergency hospital “Grigor Alexandrescu” in Bucharest, by helicopter.

Here, doctors found that the baby was suckling milk into his lungs. “The cause of the fever was aspiration pneumonia. He simply sucked until he drowned. Fearing this would happen again, they decided to have a tracheostomy and gastrostomy. But the reason is not yet known,” his mother said.

He had four respiratory arrests

So far, Vladimir has already gone through four respiratory arrests. One morning, he stopped breathing in his mother’s arms. He was transferred to the intensive care unit, where he stayed for up to three months. A month after being discharged, they returned to the control room in Bucharest, where the child’s gastrostomy was changed, and on the way back, they encountered problems with it.

“When I asked what other investigations we were going to do, I was told that I had to get used to the idea that he would never be a normal child and love him the way he is. And that without really knowing what he had, without me making the diagnosis. I asked the ENT surgeon to give me He reported on my tracheal cannula and oxygen concentrator and asked me what diagnosis to make.”From a carefully monitored normal assignment, I received a Certificate of Class I Disability.”

Vlad also has mobility issues, a shortened femur, multiple joint dysplasia, muscular hypertension, and suspected osteoarthritis. However, because of the stomata, orthopedists and physiotherapists tell their parents that they cannot start any treatment, especially since the diagnosis is unknown.

They sold their house to save him

Vladimir is in dire need of financial support to continue his investigation and give him a chance for treatment. The parents sold their house to get the money they needed to get to Italy. They all decided to live with their grandparents in a house to fight Vladimir.

“We had to sell our house so we could get here, otherwise I would lose my baby,” my mother says.
Several days ago, Adriana Dino and little Vladimir were in Rome, at the Bambino Gesu Hospital.

He added, “Investigations are underway at the moment. I just arrived a few days ago…They will do an endoscopy to find out the source of the lung suction, which we didn’t. If something operable happens, turn it on. When I came here, they changed all Something created in the country,” conveys the mother.

Parents do not know how much all the expenses will be, because they do not yet have complete information about treatment methods. But the monthly expenses, at the moment, to cover Vladimir’s rent and needs, amount to 3000-4000 euros per month.

The emotional message of the little boy, through his mother’s words

While Adriana was with the child, in Rome, her husband was in the country, where he stayed to take care of the other three children. Vlad also has an 8-year-old sister, a twin brother, and a 6-year-old sister. The family is waiting for news from Italy and hopes to see the little boy again soon.

His mother wrote an emotional letter, putting the words in the place of the little boy who can’t speak:

“I’m Vladimir. I have 4 respiratory arrests, but I can’t give up making my family happy! I want to grow up, to be able to annoy my little brothers when they steal their toys and be happy together when we run around the house! That’s why I need your help. Case, at least I didn’t get off without making myself clear first.”

How can you help

Donations to Vladimir can be made to the following accounts:

RO39INGB0000999912014241 €
RO95INGB0000999905133605 RON
Beneficiary: DINU AURORA

In addition to donations, Vladimir can also be helped by redirecting 20% ​​of the profit tax, in the case of legal entities, or 3.5% of the tax, in the case of individuals, to the Extraordinary Children’s Association, which supports the case of a young child. This is possible by completing Form 230.

The association data is: Financial code 42775649, Account: RO03CARP017301379050RO01.

For more information about Vladimir’s development and needs, a special Facebook group has been created: Together for Baby Vladimir.

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