Bridgeton Netflix. candy movie. erase the trauma. Don’t get angry about COVID, inequality, poverty, history, bullying

London. Grosvenor Square. 1813. It’s rabbit season. Boys and girls are looking for bears. It’s presentation season at the Royal Palace as the Queen chooses the “most beautiful girl” in the world. The season of balls, glances, mundane, gossip, compromises, sighs, and suffering. It’s excitement and magic in a world full of titles and money in London. She sipped the 8-episode series in 8 hours, on two consecutive days. Although I would have seen him in one fell swoop. But I said let’s stop for a day. take myself.

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When I think about it now I can be more pessimistic and say it’s “candy on the cage” in TV series. But why would I lie? The Bridgetons took my breath away. sequential delight.

I liked the voice of the narrator/barber/author of Scandal File. The tone is sarcastic. It intervenes when the voltage reaches its maximum. He knows everything and reveals a little to you. Enough to motivate you. And why don’t I like it?

I loved the two heroes. Daphne and Simon. Innocence and intelligence. He is beautiful and experienced. Enjoy the game. He tempts them to play, and therefore, despite all the constraints of time, he falls in love with them and makes them deeply acquainted with each other. How do you not like it?

Why don’t I like all the characters? Every plot is well done, the actors are transparent and the costumes are great. I repeat, take my water. The series is full of joy. And the sweetness of soap hides well under the games and drama of heroes. I like what I can say. I loved Daphne and Simon, as well as Penelope and Eloise.

Bridgeton did something better. It completely erased my memory. Any connection to the past and an understanding of the past. The series has nothing to do with the year 1813. It has nothing to do with the condition of women or men in 1813. Nor with the problem of people of color in 1813. Nor with the kings of 1813. The sets and costumes remind us of history, of that moment. Bridgeton is available. Say everything in the present tense. It solves any social disparity and any distribution error in the society. Bridgeton enforces a “social contract”: We are all equal. Blacks, Creoles, whites, beautiful, ugly, fleshy, “pulled through the ring.” There is no bullying. There is talk of masturbation, we even have sex education tips.

Bridgeton imposes a new type of memory. transparent note. No, our minds don’t go back in time. It is not retrograde. no. It’s not from the future either. The world of slaves and robots. It’s not much nowadays. Where there are problems. Let’s be honest. no.

It is a mind that solves everything with innocence. Innocent and transparent.

This transparent magic charm, makes everyone equal, understanding, sweet and dancing. Yes, he babbles. Gossip is the engine of the show. But in the end, what is the problem? Nothing actually. Good victories. The series is designed to give you happiness. It’s a chain candy. Any resemblance to the past, the future, reality is useless.

However, given his cinema-obsessed past, the films and historical reconstruction series have at least made an effort to make lasting connections with history. From this point of view, I think I grew up very unhappy. or hard to please. This film culture taught me that not everything is possible. No, it’s not possible because historical rules don’t allow me to. I don’t take many examples. The series “The Crown” deals with history.

History is the main character. There you see the exact information of the scriptwriters and the vague interpretation of the facts works. This or that was certain to happen, but since there is not enough evidence of the results, we don’t know clearly how the problems were resolved. The series leaves major events, notorious ones in relation to the royal court at the level of a dilemma, controversy.

“The Crown” repeats, resuming this desire:

“How do you, spectator, think that this has been resolved, and that you only know how the Queen, Prince Consort, Charles, Mrs. D, and the others have evolved. Know? It is a story that spreads across the news, through admiration/dislike of the monarchy as an institution. The series uses not only your empathy, but You also use your head – the relationship with the reality of the past and the present.

This is what makes The Crown so delicious. History breathes in the crown. We “contribute” to it.

For example, the queen is poorly educated. But how clever is it all said.

At Bridgerton we have an emphatic rejection of history and historical reconstruction and our contribution to what was. 1813 does not exist. I repeat, the groups, the costumes say something pretexts.

The Bridgerton series is one hundred percent feminist, and elevates the man of color to an aristocratic level. I love all of this, but it has nothing to do with 1813. I love Bridgerton like chewing gum, Coca-Cola.

But we don’t have anything in the series about history, social codes, and mentalities. Nothing about inequality, nothing about the diversity of the world. They are all happy. Well, I can tell who is learning history to go into history, not Bridgerton. shout out.

That’s why I’m leaving the discussion open here. I am not sending anyone to the library, nor will I cancel the beautiful Bridgerton. But I noticed a new way of telling stories. The only thing that matters is the European Union, which I want to be happy with in 2021. With this transparent country. Which removes any fuss around us.

The movie is a sweet balm in the sour COVID weather. Erases the discomfort of this disease.

I count! And history? It hurts me in the Basque! History is dead, it makes me sick and sad. It does not allow me to grow. It doesn’t teach me anything. Is Bridgerton’s mission to rebuild history? of course not. The only thing I noticed and didn’t criticize was the new way of telling the story. This is! I’m a spectator today, and I’m superior. History sucks. “Romance, gossip, scandal” – that’s it. That’s what 2021 wants, that’s what we portray. It is for these values ​​that we turn everything around us into gold. We pretend to be transparent.

Note: DEX online DIAFÁN,-, diafani, -e, adv. allowing light to pass through without being able to clearly distinguish the outlines; Clear. ♦ (for people) clear, sensitive and smooth skin. [Pr.: di-a-] – From the father. Diavan.

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