Budućnost Podgorica – CSM Bucharest Live Video Online starting at 19.00

The Romanian women’s handball champion, CSM Bucharest, on Saturday, defeated the Budoknost team, with a score of 28-20 (15-9), in the tenth round of the first group of the European Champions League.

The main scorers of the match were 7 goals for Budoknost, Neagu 7, in favor of CSM.

After the score, SCM collects 10 points, in fourth place, in delay conditions with Brest from the ninth stage.

The Brest match, away, on January 19, 2022, will follow CSM

The other matches of the ninth round recorded the results: Podravka – Borussia 24-32, Rostov – Esbjerg team 25-27 and FTC Budapest – Podoksno 26-22. Borussia-Rostov 25-31 in the 10th round is also scheduled for Saturday, and the Esbjerg-Podravka team match will be held on January 29. No date has been set for the Brest – FTC Budapest match.

Previously, CSM Bucharest had results: 21-22 with Esbjerg, 27-30 with Rostov-Don, 36-31 with Podravka Koprivnica, 25-22 with Borussia Dortmund, 30-22 with Buducnost, 29-30 with Brest, 30 -31 and 27-21 with FTC Budapest.

In the next round, CSM Bucharest will meet Brest, away, on January 19, arrears from the previous stage.

What is the live text of the Podgorica match?

60 min: 20-28 Quiet end of the game in Podgorica for Adi Vasili students

50th minute: 17-25 Handball show by the amazing Romanian

45th minute: 16-21 Cristina Nijo scores again, and the difference in CSM

40th minute: A weaker start for CSM in the second half, Montenegro reduces the difference

35th minute: 11-16 Two attacks from Bucharest, they lost easily

It’s break time! A reassuring advantage after the first half for SCM: 15-9 Away.

25th minute: 7-12, Adi Vasili students charge a free kick

20th minute: 6-10 The score matches Bucharest

Minute 15: 5-7, Neagu made a good game so far and scored from 7 meters

Minute 10: 2-4 after a Qatari pass by Cristina Nego to Carmen Martin and a very beautiful goal

Minute 5: 1-1, a very tactical match in the first minutes of the match

Update: The game has begun!

Budućnost Podgorica – CSM plays in Bucharest from 19.00

The CSM women’s handball team will play Bucharest starting at 19.00, the first match of the UEFA Champions League this year. The team prepared by Adrian Vasile will face Budućnost BEMAX Podgorica away, in a match for the tenth stage of Group A.

After eight matches in Group A, CSM Bucharest finished fifth, a position that guarantees a place in the qualifiers for the quarter-finals of the competition. Budućnost BEMAX ranked seventh in Group A.

In the round match, which was held on October 24 at the Polyvalent Hall in the capital, CSM Bucharest clearly outperformed Budućnost BEMAX, score 30-22 (14-10).

Budućnost Podgorica – CSM Bucharest, Live VIDEO Online, starting at 19.00 | The first match in 2022 for the Tigers coached by Adi Vasili

Cristina Nyago, with six hits, She was the best scorer for the Romanian champion. For Bodonost, Mattia Pletikosic scored the most goals in the Bucharest match.

The coach of the CSM Bucharest women’s handball team, Adrian Vasili, announced on Friday, before training in the Polyvalent Hall, that for his team there will be an intense week with three matches in the Champions League, and his players must be aware of this. importance of each.

“We have a very intense week ahead, with three matches – with Budoknost, Brest and Borussia Dortmund in the Champions League – two away and one at home. It will be a long journey and we will have little time for training. But on the other hand it is the pleasure of playing many matches.

We must realize the importance of every match, Adi Vasili thinks

So we can’t wait for this week to start. We have to realize the importance of each of the following three games. However, at the moment I’m not thinking about the second or third, but only the first, one on the go with Buducnost.

We’ve only had a couple of games so far in 2022, but this week is definitely going to leave some traces in terms of fatigue. And I hope it’s just fatigue,” the coach said.

Then come the matches with Brest and Borussia Dortmund

Adrian Vasily mentioned that the matches with Brest and Borussia Dortmund They are even more important because these teams are in a head-to-head battle for fourth place in Group One. “There are teams around us in the standings and everything comes very quickly and under pressure. But we must be well prepared for these matches,” Adrian Vasili also said.

On January 6, before leaving for France to attend the Brest match in the Champions League, players Emma Ramosovic, Andrea Illingi and Samara da Silva were tested for COVID-19.

for this reason, European Handball Federation I decided to postpone the Brest Bretagne Handball – CSM match in Bucharest, which was scheduled for January 8, in the first group of the European Women’s Handball Champions League. It will take place on January 19, at 9:45 p.m.

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