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The transition to cyberspace has been one of the main features of the coronavirus pandemic, with many companies turning their attention to the internet environment with the onset of the health crisis two years ago. The phenomenon continues to this day. But what happens when digital transformation takes shape with the help of artificial intelligence?

The concept of “digital man” was born many years ago and is based on the fact that technology and digital space know no boundaries, and can create a variety of personalities, experiences, spaces, etc. According to the company behind the concept, advertising agency Mainstage Î The Agency, launched by entertainment groups Global Records and Untold, Digital Human is the next step in the embodiment of human interaction.

“By creating a digital human, we preserve as many of our human traits as possible, such as voice, body movements and facial expressions, using real-time motion capture and technology, but adding a new layer: the digital body,” Mainstage general manager Maudlin Nitish told Business. MAGAZIN, the digital body has no limits in the digital space, it can do everything the mind can imagine.In this sense, technology can be used to enhance the human experience, digital people have a role to fill in the gaps and take a step forward, with full expression of the brand or The project and its embodiment, the goal is to express as succinctly as possible an idea.The first project is the character Wello who, through the School of Health platform, offers interactive lessons at the world premiere in the field of healthy habits.Thus, children, along with their parents or teachers, get on for current information on nutrition and a healthy lifestyle. The next step is to implement in all schools in Romania, in partnership with the Ministry of Education.” Wello was a special project because it was to be used Use the new technology to help teens and children learn healthy habits, such as nutrition, sports, financial literacy, wellbeing, etc. Creation was a challenge because Wello’s body was not symmetrical due to the robotic limbs, but the result was good both technically and aesthetically,” explains Madalin Nitiş.

In the future, the company aims to improve the character, adding lessons on savings, oral hygiene, teaching English and sex, and another virtual character will appear. In this case, he would be a music artist for an international record company, able to compose an album, hold live concerts in 3D and speak live on TV shows. Thus, the possibilities for personalizing the experience are endless, given that a character can “live” on everything a digital screen means, from social networks on phones or laptops to tablets and billboards. The accelerating pace of digital transformation, imperceptible to the naked eye, presents us with a seemingly unanswered question: What will the digital space look like on a 20-year time horizon, for example?

“On a trend level, all I want is local adoption of the impact of technology, blockchain, cryptocurrencies, the metaverse and more as quickly as possible. It is no secret that the Romanian market sometimes has a leap in behavior in terms of technology adoption.”

However, the agency representative adds that in the advertising industry, it is extremely important to have the trust of clients. Most likely, agencies will continue to propose disruptive projects, but the final implementation decision depends strictly on the clients.

“It’s hard to appreciate at this time, because (Wello) is a very new product. However, we want digital personalities to follow the model of real influencers and reach communities with millions of followers and generate proportionate revenue, including sponsorship contracts with major brands,” Medellin Netish says, adding that market caution regarding investments in new projects and products could soon be offset by a period of overconsumption. Moreover, this phenomenon will be stimulated by the lifting of anti-Covid measures, which will give more and more confidence to companies to invest in marketing, communications and digital products.

Madalin Nitiş has more than 15 years of experience in the domestic and international market in strategic coordination of business marketing in implementation and improvement. He also attended the Executive MBA program at the London School of Business and Finance and holds a master’s degree from the International Advertising Association (IAA). Since 2020 he has been working as a teacher at SNSPA Bucharest.

Madalin Nitiş, General Manager of Mainstage: “We want digital personalities to follow the model of real influencers, reach communities with millions of followers and generate revenue to match, including sponsorship contracts with major brands.”

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