Direct Access may be forced to display the message ‘This program is fictional’

The National Audiovisual Council intends to supplement the audiovisual law with a decision under which shows like the one in which Ioana Tofaro participated, which caused a wave of controversy, to warn their viewers that they are just fiction.

CNA members have not reached consensus on the exact wording, but there have been several proposals, including “a scenario based on fiction”, “a scenario based on true facts”, “this program is fiction” or “this program is fictional, based on On real facts,” Media Page reports.

After the text of the resolution is drafted, it will be submitted for public debate, on the CNA website, for a period of 30 days.

Until then, CNA intends to send a recommendation to TVs. The decision to force fiction to present this message was made after analyzing the February 4th direct access show.

What happened in the show

In a report issued at Adriana Bahmuteanu’s home, Ioana Tufaru was cleaned. There was a discussion about hygiene, and the procedure moved to the bathroom. The photographer saw the late daughter Anda Calugariano cleaning herself with a stick in her ear. The frequently used sticks were shown as close to the room as possible as a result of the sterilization procedure.

The report continued with pictures in the foreground at John’s feet. Tofaro, whose fingers showed signs of poor hygiene, wrote the media page on February 4.

The presenter of the program Simona Gergi was the target of many criticisms on social networks. Mihai Bendik’s first reaction was.

In addition, the National Audiovisual Council received more than 100 complaints to attend the direct access show on Monday.

From the heart of the circus and Avon’s reaction

Petrisor Obae is back with a new article, presenting on the media page a list of customers who purchased ads on Antena 1 during the show.

Names like Unilever, Colgate, Doncafe, Avon or Mars were included in the Direct Access edition with clean and wax in Ioana Tufaru’s ears, a show that set an audience record.

After this article, Avon responded and announced that it was withdrawing its ads from the Direct Access offer.

Antena 1 is suing Obai

Antena 1 announced last week that it will sue Petrisor Obae, Media Page reports.

“We found that defamation and manipulation through messages published by Mr. Ubay went far beyond the bounds of decency and a balanced journalistic opinion, which is why Mr. Ubaye will be sued for damages in excess of €500,000.”

The Antena Avon group was also accused of involvement in “media manipulation”.

“We consider the decision, as issued in the public sphere, to have an effect only and directly involve you in a media manipulation, promoted by a person with personal interests, who is acting in bad faith against our company (…) the way you have expressed yourself and the way you express yourself Coordinated by your decisions have only one effect, and that is the effect on the visibility of your products towards the target audience,” appears in an open letter signed by Soren Alexandrescu, CEO of Antena Group.

circus directs

Antena 1 received a 20,000 lei penalty from the CNA, but station representatives stated that the show with Ioana Tufaru was based on a script she agreed to.

“It’s no secret that we’re developing a script here. We have a story that started last year. The character Ioana Tufaru came to us as a character created on TV, it’s true we didn’t discover it but it was built on another TV, and we decided to make a story that was 80% inspired from her real life.” She agreed to play this character because she is an unrestricted person and the contract with us is one of her sources of income. We are the station representatives said.

“What the world doesn’t know is that, in fact, by my appearance on Antena 1, everything is a role I have played. predefined scenario. All appearances were based on text. It’s a scenario in my life.

I knew in advance what would happen. I knew that after that material from direct access, we would go to a beauty parlour, to do more fun things. People don’t know what they understand or the substance if they understand. (…) In The Prince and the Beggar, for example, the actor who plays the beggar must live among the trash cans, ”as the daughter of Anda Kalogariano admits.

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