February news on Netflix: All the movies and series coming out this month (and a bonus on Tinder)

As every month, Netflix announced the news in February 2022, releasing several new productions that promise to be fun, just good for staying at home and lazy with loved ones.

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You can start with: Anna’s creationa new series from Shondaland, about a con man who tricks elite New Yorkers into making everyone believe she is a famous heiress; Vikings: ValhallaA, continuation of the series Vikingswith the event set more than a hundred years after the events of the original series; Jane Yeohs: The Kanye Trilogya documentary film created in the form of an intimate and revealing story about Kanye West’s artistic experience.

In addition, we also meet with: Ann +: The movieAnd Hunting the Assassins: Season TwoAnd Dark Desire: Season TwoAnd Disappointment: Part FourAnd in the windAnd Love Is Blind: Season TwoMy dearest friend Anne Frank, Space Force: Season TwoAnd Texas Chainsaw MassacreAnd Cuphead Show!Toy Boy: Season 2And Young Wanderer: Shadow of the Killerand more.

Here’s everything the US streaming giant is proposing this month:

February titles on Netflix

Anna’s Creation (since February 11th)

In the Anna’s creation, a journalist who has much to prove is investigating the case of Anna Delphi, the famous German heiress on Instagram, who stole the hearts and money of those in the New York social world. Is Anna the biggest hustler in New York or is she just a new image of the American dream?

An ambivalent, dark, and funny relationship develops between Anna and the journalist while Anna awaits her trial, and the journalist races against time to answer New York’s most important question: Who is Anna Delphi?

The series is based on an article in New York magazine called “How Anna Delphi Fooled People at a New York Party” by Jessica Pressler.

Jane Yeohs: The Kanye Trilogy (since February 16th)

A three-part reference documentary created by Clarence “Cody” Simmons and Chick Oza, Jane Yeohs: Kanye Trilogy It is an intimate and revealing story of Kanye West’s experience, from his apprentice days in search of an opportunity to assert himself on his life as it is today, when he is a world-class artist and his own brand.

Vikings: Valhalla (since February 25)

Having started its business more than a thousand years ago, at the beginning of the eleventh century, Vikings: Valhalla It is a chronicle of the heroic adventures of some of the most famous Vikings of all time: legendary explorer Leif Eriksson (Sam Corlette), his passionate and stubborn sister Freddies Eriksdotter (Frida Gustafsson), and ambitious Northern Prince Harald Sigurdsson (Leo Sutter).

With tensions between the Vikings and the Royal House of England reaching a bloody critical point and the Vikings clashing with each other over the contradictions between Christian and pagan religions, these three Vikings embark on a legendary journey that will take them across oceans and beyond battlefields, from Kattegat to England and beyond, all in one A constant struggle for survival and glory.

Netflix series

Raising Dion: Season 2 (February 1)

Nicole continues to raise her son, who still has a lot to learn about her superpowers. Although Dion is getting stronger, the danger is closer than they thought.

Dark Desire: Season 2 (February 2)

Alma tries to rebuild her life, but a reunion with Dario rekindles their failed relationship and reveals his more sinister side.

Finding Ola (since Feb 3rd)

After a life-changing event, Ola embarks on an adventure of self-knowledge, facing the challenges of daily life and raising two children.

Morderville (since February 3rd)

Seattle Xcentric detective Terry engages his unsuspecting celebrity guests in the investigation of a series of murders. Police improvisational comedy.

Sweet Mangolias: Season 2 (February 3)

Together, the Magnolias family goes through new relationships, old wounds, and urban politics while the sweet parts of life acquire a sweet aroma.

Disappointment: Part 4 (February 9)

This season, Princess Bean’s adventures take her to Aburești, to an underwater castle and to Hell, where she and her companions face new challenges.

Until Life Do Us Part (Since Feb 10)

Three generations living together in an idyllic villa strive to balance the challenges of planning a wedding with their respective personal crises.


Love is Blind (February 11 – episodes 1-5, February 18 – episodes 6-9, February 25 – episode 10)

A new journey begins for those searching for a transformative but “blind” love. Who will find love and who will suffer from it?

Toy Boy: Season 2 (Feb 11th)

While investigating the bombing, Hugo and his friends face two new opponents and a number of other challenges at work.

Swan Shop: Season 2 (February 16)

The obsolescence of one person benefits another person. Veteran collectors venture into Tennessee in search of deals to sell for a lot of money.

Young Wallander: Shadow of the Killer (since February 17th)

Kurt investigates a mysterious and frightening death that appears to be linked to heart-breaking news about one of Rusk’s first cases in Malmö.

One of us is lying (since Feb 18)

Five very different high school students meet in custody. A murder and the secrets swirling around it bring them together in a deadly game of mouse and cat.

Space Force: Season Two (February 18)

Under new management, General Nerd and his dysfunctional but friendly team have five months to prove that the Space Force is worth keeping.

Merly. Sapere Aude (since February 25)

Paul enrolls in college for a degree in philosophy, but has to face the challenge of intimidating professors and new friends.

Movies on Netflix in February

My best friend Anne Frank (since February 1)

Based on the true friendship between Anne Frank and Hana Goslar, from Nazi-occupied Amsterdam to their heartbreaking reunion in a concentration camp.

Through My Window (Since February 4th)

Raquel’s passion for her neighbor takes on a new form when the feelings become mutual despite his family’s objections.

Franchise (since February 9th)

While searching for a series of supernatural events, a wealthy teenager and his friends from an elite private school discover a dark plot.

In the Wind (February 10)

On vacation at the seaside, a medical student falls in love with a surfer, but their friends and family disagree.

Ann+: The movie (since February 11th)

Under pressure to finish her novel and move to Montreal because of their relationship, a young woman from Amsterdam tries to figure out what she wants out of life.

Bigbug (since February 11th)

Android Chefs, Drone Security, Pioneering Robots. In this stand-up comedy, the future is bright, until the cracks appear and the AI ​​revolution begins.

Tall Girl 2 (since February 11th)

Jodi sees her dream with her own eyes: she gets the main role in the school musical. But the tension is disturbing her trust and relationship.

Erax (since Feb 17)

The monstrous creatures from a magical story unleash chaos and disaster on Aunt Opal and her niece Nina in this terrifying short film.

A bunch of revenge (since Feb 17)

A mission of revenge turns into a battle to save the world from an ancient threat when a powerful assassin Kai pursues a killer in Bangkok.

Forgive us for our transgressions (since February 17th)

After becoming the target of Nazi hunting and killing people with disabilities, a boy with disfigured limbs makes a daring decision, running to save himself.

Special for Invasion of Rapids: Mission to Mars (February 18)

A diverse team of rabbis is on a life mission to Mars. If they agree, there may be little chance of saving the entire galaxy from a new danger.

Texas Chainsaw Massacre (February 18)

In this sequel, a group of influencers trying to bring the ghost town of Texas to life meet Leatherface, an assassin in a human mask.

Tyler Perry at Madea Homecoming (since Feb 25)

Madea is back! Thank God! And she has no time for trifles when family drama erupts at her grandson’s graduation party.

My Wonderful Life (since Feb 28)

A blackmail message that threatens to expose a woman’s adventure leads to a chain of events that becomes widespread group therapy for the whole family.

Netflix Documentation

Tinder scammer (since Feb 2nd)

Posing on the Internet as a sophisticated diamond mogul, he conquered women who managed to get millions of dollars. Now some of the victims are plotting revenge.

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