Finnegans woke up, before and after the fall

Mircea Mihic
Finnegan’s Week, 628. The Novel
the darkness
Polirum Publishing House, 2021, 882 p.

Mircea Mihăieș devoted himself for a decade to writing a trilogy of James Joyce. books Ulysses. 732. The narration of the novel (2016), One night with Molly Bloom. A woman’s novel (2019) and Finnegan’s Week, 628. The Dark Novel (2021) constitutes a whole, metaruman (figuratively) about the code which gives a literary work an added value, not by itself, but by what it manages to reveal to the reader when he wants to conceal it.

Generate an explanatory approach

The approach to Mircea Mihwich’s book must begin – in my case at least – from one of the essential aspects of Joyce’s novel, aspects which, taken together, represent, and at the same time reflect on, the Irish writer’s contribution to world literature. literature. Vegans Week It is the writing that contains her poetry. This can be broadly summarized as the result of two technologies of infinite importance: technology fragmentationIt was previously applied in large areas in the writing of the novel Ulysses, and that from Plural Which was used to the fullest in the novel published in 1939.

Mircea Mihăieș practices archaeological criticism, a literary history that operates according to the standards of hermeneutics. The generation of the interpretive approach is closely related to the narrative techniques used by Joyce himself. I would venture to say that both the study author and the author studied have one thing in common: renewal. The first chapter of the book is devoted to the novel Vegans Week is called before the falland her last sentences read as: “The terms (“Away, at last alone, and sweetheart, I ran along the river” Upstairs, we see her the moment of death. Renewed, finding joy to live and to love and to move freely. Returning to history, she refuses to be defeated – at least Until the end of the human cycle and the next time. The ‘flow’ is the tug in a space still far away, which you reach only by reversing the logic of creation in the opposite direction. In this disordered paradise, Eve precedes Adam, and the ascent always occurs before the fall.” If we take Mihăieș’s study out of context, if we separate the interpretation from the reference, we get a bountiful essay on the idea of renewal. I will make more arguments in this regard throughout this article.

dark and dark

In the first chapter, the author mainly discusses how fail It could lead to a new reality. Don’t forget to mention that in the opinion of some commentators, Joyce was the pioneer of today’s common words like googleE-mail or Corona Virus. Mircea Mihăieș says: “These approaches, whether coercive or not, speak of the miracle of the human mind and the astonishing migrations of ideas and words into the inexhaustible realm of literary imagination.” A big advantage of this study is that its author shows how to overcome its superficial reading. Vegans Weekthat is, from the perception of the external musical character of the text to the understanding, even partial, of the semantic universes, which intertwine / complement / contrast in the novel.

Moreover, the reader must transcend his passive position as a universal court and become himself a creator of meanings, starting with some words in search of definitions: Vegans Week It’s like walking in a minefield. You see dangerous things, but you don’t realize what they are right away. You step on them and nothing happens. You read the words and try to find their meaning, but the blackout does not break. These are not short term installations. The characters seem to refer to things devoid of energy and meaning. However, she explodes, unexpectedly, when she almost forgets about it. […] When placed under very blinding light, it results in sloppy corners, jagged edges, colors and contour lines.

Mircea Mihăieș also explains why his book was translated Dark novel. because “work” Vegans Week It starts at dusk and ends at dawn. The second meaning of darkness is related to the exploration of the subconscious, an area closely related to the hidden part of the human mind, while the third includes stylistic and rhetorical elements that obscure the understanding of the novel. The fourth reason “refers to burying the thread of narrative in the depths of a text that seems to disintegrate at every step”.

Also of note are the observations of the University of Timisoara regarding the set of semantic terms vagueness And the darkness. compare Vegans Week He encounters difficulties because he cannot realize from the beginning that every word belongs to another imaginary reality. Another difficulty lies in the fact that the novelist invented a new language which he multiplied through commentaries and interpretations. For this reason, Mihic’s archaeological approach is as appropriate as possible for Joyce’s writing.

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Connecting episodes from the writer’s biography with elements from his twisted fantasy world makes the work easy to understand, or at least provides a possible way to access it. Indeed, in the second part of the study, Find the missing apostropheMircea Mihăieș says the following: “The novel is overflowing with subjective commentaries, comic interpretations, and suggestions. The idea of ​​hybrid, plural, infinite multiplication is the basis for the beginning of the text. It applies, directly or indirectly, to the title. The conjunction of kaleidoscope and chrome […]change and transformation by your own powers, you can say with certainty one thing: this that it. And to act as a linguistic indicator and to identify a specific text, indexed and indexable in any indexing system. It is, if we are to, a “certified translation” of a textual reality that is completely controlled at the level of creativity, but completely unsettling, confusing and chaotic at the level of interpretation.”

The author explains in several pages how James Joyce, by suppressing the apostrophe, makes the transition from the particular to the general, from singular to plural, and from real to imaginary, all in absolute self-similarity. Mircea Mihic proves this in class too UnirospatiAnd UnicorporeAnd oniromodelewhen he makes it clear that Joyce’s lesson is the implicit recommendation that for understanding great history, You have to be immersed in data small date: “As a philosophy of creation, Vegans Week Makes the jump out of the case as if, to revive some mythical fantasies in the ritual system, in that chronological section imprinted with the emblems of immortality – myths. Indeed, it is an exercise in bringing the sacred into the profane, thereby forcing it into physical consistency. The study author captures very well this perpetual portable through which Present absence becomes and vice versa. renewal As a principle of energy accumulation and meaning.

The Vigil of the Finns

In the same sense of the transition from the particular to the general, Mircea Mihewicz analyzes many of the details of the novel. For example, he discusses the role of voices at work in the continuous generation of the self. Sounds indicate the intensity of events or, conversely, their absence. The personalities of Humphrey Schimpden Irwicker (HCE), Anna Livia Bluebell, Shem the Penman, Sean the Postman, and Essie are analyzed from the most unexpected perspectives. Of course, a classic approach is tried, such as their place in the fictional world, but their volatile situation requires different approaches: “Reading the novel you are bound to progress from fragmentary to fragmentary, hoping to guess its purpose in general. None of what you have presented as a text, Joyce does not facilitate such Approach On the contrary, everything seems wrong It is presented in defiance of human behavior and a disproportionate share of what is supposed to be Logic the dream. Or, by definition, the dream disturbs the appearance of calm at the level of daytime activities. All these contradictions can be negated by invoking (invention) A Sgt. It is nothing more than the super-consciousness of the characters: pushed near the edge of the abyss, miraculously recaptured, they reclaimed the identities that the immersion in a dream had nearly exterminated.”

A particular character is the same and does not look alike during the narration. One character is at the same time another character in another age or in another place. Associations play a very important role. You need a broad and complex knowledge of the world in order to be able to discover why a particular scene or monologue is the way it is and not in any other way. Self-similarity is also associated with the special dynamics of fall and rise, which are manifested in several levels of writing. HCE appears as a split personality, while his twin sons are two parts of a whole. They are their father on another level: “Shaun and Shem’s fantasies of the parental subconscious give the impression that they are not beings, but continuous processes – transparent embodiments of psychic thoughts or activities. He suggests that they should not be identified even by depicting them as dual, and not as independent entities. Pure abstractions can be described , but cannot be separated from the non-physical environment in which they develop.

Mircea Mihăieș established some correspondence between Joyce’s characters and some concrete presences from his autobiography. A CV is understood as a bibliography as a file Unicorpore. It cannot be said that the Irish novelist prefers some characters over others. Psychological functions are all equally important. However, whole pages of analysis can be written about Anna Livia Plorabell. It is an idea in and of itself renewalThe Roman interpreter creates amazing hermeneutic harmony between the ever-changing realities of his world Venegen, that is, “Finn, again”, dusk, and dawn and dusk again; It falls, it rises and then it falls again. Heroes of this Romanian from the dark It becomes relevant precisely to the fact that they are never the same, as the evening does not leave twice in the same world.

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