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Bible Mysteries” – The History Channel’s Easter Marathon

Friday 30 April – Monday 3 May | daily from 10:00

To celebrate Easter, The History Channel is bringing the documentary series “Bible Mysteries” back to the small screen. Every day, from April 30 to May 3, from 10:00, viewers are invited to watch documentaries that explore the most controversial religious mysteries. The Show Marathon begins on Good Friday with the documentary “The hidden code in the bible(April 30, 10:00 a.m.), which seeks to shed light on a possible symbol found in the Leningrad Codex, the oldest complete text of the Hebrew Bible.

Viewers will be able to see Jesus speaking from the perspective of those who knew him: the nearby Bible characters who played a major role in the events, including Joseph, Saint John the Baptist, the Virgin Mary, Caiaphas, Judas, Pontius Pilate, Mary Magdalene and Saint Peter in 8 episodes of original series “I knew Jesus” (Saturday to Monday, 10:00-12:00, last two episodes on Monday, 23:50-01:30).

The series tells the emotional story of the most famous man in history, from birth to death and resurrection, through a mixture of artistic scenarios and documentaries. The image of Jesus – the man and Christ – has been shaped by the contributions of biblical experts, historians, theologians, and spiritual leaders, and it integrates information from the Gospels, historical sources, and cultural context. The production reveals the story of Jesus, in a complex world dominated by kings, politicians, reformers, and soldiers engaged in an unsettling power struggle. All this gives viewers a unique view of the most important event in history.

For centuries, science and religion have argued the most fundamental questions in the universe, sometimes with disastrous consequences. Can new scientific discoveries and digital age technology provide tangible proof of God’s existence? The topic is covered in the documentary.God’s argument(Saturday, 12:00)

The documentary marathon is completed with the series.Uncovering the secrets of the Bible (Sat-Mon, 14:00-15:30) andexcluded from the Bible(Mon, 12:00 to 13:40), where religious scholars analyze apocryphal books taken out of the Bible, mysterious prophets and Old Testament mysteries.

Top Gear S13 (7 x 60 inches)

From May 6 | Thursday, 9 pm

In season 13 of the iconic show Top Gear with trio Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond and James May, Stig finally took the courage and took off his helmet, after years of speculation about his identity.

Famous guests who took part in the test drives that became iconic on television include Usain Bolt, AC/DC lead singer Brian Johnson and legendary American presenter Jay Leno.

The cars tested in Season 13 are the BMW Z4, Ford Focus RS, Holden Maloo Jaguar XFR, Lotus Evora, Mercedes SL65, Nissan 370Z, Renault Megane R26.R and Vauxhall VXR8 Bathurst S.

The food on which the world is based | season 2

The first May 9 | Sunday 9 pm

The documentary series “The Food That Makes the World” highlights the stories of visionary brands such as Heinz, Kraft and McDonald’s, which changed the entire American food industry. They made a critical contribution to the way the United States laid the foundations of a revolutionary food industry.

After the Civil War, there was a revolution led by promising entrepreneurs who pushed the boundaries of creativity and founded companies that changed the industry. As a new era of consumption approached, these entrepreneurs took a risk and launched businesses that incorporated innovative technologies for that period, redefining the food sector, but most importantly, the eating habits of the entire planet.

The documentary “The Food That Makes the World” is a presentation of some of the key moments in the evolution of these food magnates, the competition between them, but also how they saved the American economy.

Names such as Henry Heinz, James Kraft, Herman Lay, and Milton S.

preserved treasures Season 2 (10 x 60 inches)

From May 11 | Tuesday, 22:00

The Preserved Treasures series showcases the risky and often counterclockwise work of the demolition and recovery teams of a major Canadian company that specializes in such services. Their job is to demolish buildings, but not before saving the valuables inside.

Before operating the bulldozers and other equipment for demolishing some homes or other types of buildings, at the request of the owners or the public administration, the recovery team takes action. Each episode is a demanding, adrenaline-filled race of captain Ted Finch, right-hand man Justin Fortin, and rookie Julian Savage, trying to find as many artifacts and valuables as possible in the buildings that will be demolished before. Another team to start its irreversible activity.

The recovery team is trained to quickly assess the utility and price of things people give up, but also to re-evaluate these things, so that team members can fully exercise their negotiating skills. Therefore, the demolition service has been able to highlight valuable and amazing things that would not have been discovered otherwise, from centuries-old cupboards, collectible toys, antique bowling pins, antique lighting accessories, to solid wooden beams, and even an antique car.

Count Customs Group | Season 8 (10 x 60 inches)

From May 20 | Thursday, 10:10 pm

In this new season, Las Vegas legend Danny Cocker is more determined than ever to get the cars he wants, and does everything to achieve his goal, including cash offers that surprise owners. Danny and the Count’s Kustoms team continue to restore, customize and sell awesome cars, striving to keep their Las Vegas store afloat.

From classic Thunderbirds to classic Corvettes, toy cars or motorbikes with accessories, Danny and his team do their best to find and transform the most exciting vehicles.

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