He went to Father Soren Greco, the hero who lowered Lenin from the pedestal in Scânteii Square and with only a holy cross in his hand. Historic photos from 1990 at the Memoriam Priest-Fighter

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Father Soren met Paul Greco in the flamboyant 1990’s. It was like live ammunition! It is the man who, by the strength of his example and only with a blessed holy cross in his hand, was able to demolish the statue of the Bolshevik syphilitic criminal Vladimir Ilyich Lenin on Skanti Square, the current “free” press square. Later she was with us, on the University Square, until her last moment, on June 13, 1990, when the Ion Iliescu miners came.

Father Soren Greco had set the tone for the demolition of Bolshevik terror with a hunger strike (without food and drink, not even water) that began on March 1, at the base of a pedestal.

The actual demolition began on March 3, 1990, when Gigi Gavrilescu, an anti-communist, nicknamed Gigi Maccaraggio (Photo)joined the father’s movement and without any support from the authorities, but to the general applause of the audience, on March 5, 1990, he managed to pull Lenin from the gallows and remove him forever from the history of Bucharest.

Photographer Dino Lazar gave us a series of great photos from that time, some of which we’re reposting here, with thanks. We present above, at the opening, the film of the moment – an exceptional video, which must be transcribed in history textbooks in Romania and presented every year on March 5, on national stations, if we have a free country.

The father also came to Bucharest in 2016 to attend the inauguration of the Pavilions monument by sculptor Mihai Bocholi, son of a former political prisoner, erected after years and years of torment at the site of the cursed Soviet criminal, a monument that also contains red marble panels from the ex-communist group, paintings that had Previously taken from a monument to King Ferdinand…

Father Soren Greco would have liked a Holy Cross to be erected at the site of the Lenin statue, as he admitted in the video above, from March 3, 1990, As a bird makes the sign of the cross when it spreads its wings, he says.. The wings were three in the name of the Holy Trinity, according to the author.

But the wings are still today marred by the plaque prepared by AFDPR, on which were the words of prison inmate, Radu Gir: “You are not defeated while you bleed, nor are your eyes crying. Real defeats are giving up on a dream.” Meanwhile, the Honorable President of AFDPR, Mr. Octave Bjoza, a double-vaccinated Covid, also had two strokes in the mirror. We pray for his health! However, we may not give up on the dream of putting a chalkboard in place.

I wasn’t in the ceremonial bowl in Press Square then, so the last time I met Father Soren Greco was in 2013, at the funeral of Father Justin Parvo, who, he admitted to me, had supported him in his London parish. , where he took refuge after 1992 after witnessing the return of communism in Romania, and where he was able to establish a church for the Romanians dedicated to the Apostle Paul and all the Roman saints. Father Justin also gave him relics of communist confessors to help him in his spiritual work.

He was grateful to Father Justin, as far as I can remember. I will be looking for screenshots from then for readers active news And the memory of a worthy active father. The Baptism of the Lord was fulfilled, a great day for our Orthodox Christianity, a day of light, Father Soren Greco was a great patriot who from now on will continue his mission to the Roman people, with greater zeal, from heaven, together with his saints, teachers of confession, Father Georgi Calcio and Father Justin, and all the Roman saints who Serve them wholeheartedly.

“For me, the name of Father Calcio reflects the courage to confess. He gave his life for the faith. God will command him to beatify.”honestly said Fighting Father Soren Paul Greco (Here they are together in the historical photo below, in the Colța church, in April 1990, when Father Calcio came to University Square).

May God have mercy on him! His eternal memory! Remember them eternal!

Father Soren Paul Greco was born in Câmpulung Muscel, Argeș province, on June 27, 1959. Graduate of the Theological Seminary in Bucharest, 1974-1979 (promotion of Father Gheorghe Calciu Dumitreasa) and Theological Seminary in Bucharest, 1980-1984 (promotion of Father Constantin Galerio). Married in June 1981 and ordained a priest on July 26, 1981, he served as a priest in the Diocese of Perito 3, County Teleorman and in the parishes of Saint Elijah and the Holy Cross of Rosiori de Vede until May 1992. From 1992, he settled in England where he continued his service as a priest.

He will return to Bertow, where the funeral will take place, according to an announcement from his diocese in London:

Dear parishioners and friends of our parish, beloved disciples of the Father;

We are sad to announce that our beloved Father has been called to the highest service.

Service in heaven is with those who ministered to them on earth and to whom we are always directed to look and behold.

I have lost a father, a priest, and a friend, but I have gained a tireless intercessor before the Most Holy Trinity.

None of all those who were under his shrine will be forgotten, and even his prayers will be better heard, and when each of us departs, he too, as a clergyman, will intercede with the Lord for us.

Let us carry her in our hearts and always remember her! He is with the eighth in the victorious church with his mentor,

Father Georgi Calcio, who followed him in many ways and with the confessors of the nation he always loved and remembered.

Father was born on June 27, 1959 in Muscel Campulung.

He departed for good on the day of the Lord’s baptism at 9:58 p.m. EST.

He will be buried in the municipality of Perito, Teleorman, near the church which he founded at the beginning of his vocation as a priest, the church which he gladly called upon. my first bride. “

May God forgive him!

Pictures from the University Square 1990 in the photo gallery below:

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