“Libra”, the favorite sport in the Great Arena

On the Great Square of Craiova, some merchants make fun of their customers and practice the sport of “Libra”. It’s an old fashioned thing, and sellers take advantage of the fact that people don’t go check in on the check-in scale and come home for less than they paid for. However, when people check the weight of purchased products and return to request an account, sellers do not admit it or try to correct the situation quickly, so that other customers do not find out what they are dealing with.

“I paid 2.2 kilograms of grapes, and I weighed only 1,950 kilograms.”

One Gazzetta de Sud reader told us that he bought grapes from the Grand Place and stole from the scales. The guy also sent us screenshots. “I want to tell you how I was robbed in the hall with the current market managers and without any action. I paid 2,200 kg and the test scale was 1950 kg. When I came back, it made a difference for me, in front of the market officials. I told the market manager: Sir, I took some grapes and paid A lot, and there was a lot in the balance. And he said to me: Well, you are fooling yourself with two pills!”, The man from Craiova told us.

When he asked the saleswoman for clarifications, the man from Craiova said that instead of weighing the net again, he put a small amount of grapes in it.

“We simply learned it at the time. Instead of putting it on the scale, he put his coffee aside, unscrewed the grate, and put two more small sets. Exactly the one he put on the grate over the scale and put it back on. I paid for it too and left without them. I put four sets Only big, and I put two more. Then he brought them back and took my money. The one kilogram was 15.99 lei, she took 34.5 for me and gave me 1950 kilograms. He cheated on me with 2-3 lei. That she had ties to the county. A GdS reader said the director didn’t even want to identify and defend herself.”

100 grams less tomatoes

The Southern Gazette went to the market to see if what the reader was saying was confirmed. Of the three places we bought, we were fooled by two. When asked for an explanation. Sellers lit up and found all sorts of reasons.
At first I bought tomatoes, which cost 8 lei per kilogram. We ordered a kilo and paid and then went to the control scale which showed us 900gm. Back to that lady, who sold the grapes to the man who made the complaint. He took the red net from our hands and untied the knot he had made.

Then he went behind the booth, where he does not see the buyer. Most likely, he put in the net the tomatoes that he had taken when I bought them, because they weighed more than a kilogram. Moreover, the weight of the net was 1.03 kg. The woman weighed the net on the scale in front of her booth, indicating the same weight. Furthermore, the control scale showed the same amount as its scale at second weighing. It is clear that behind the booth, covered with fruits and vegetables in the booth, the woman knows exactly what to do to solve the problem of people who realize that they are being deceived. The rest, who don’t pay a check, go home for less than the amount paid.

One kilogram of beans, pays 10%

Another booth, another robbery. We wanted to buy a pound of beans. The lady in the stall had several bags ready in which she claimed to have a kilogram of beans. I paid 12 lei, then went to the trial scale. Surprise: We only have 900g of beans in the bag. We went back to the merchant.

She told us that she knew nothing of the kind and that she was not the owner of the stall from which she sold us, but that she took her neighbor’s place in the stall. I asked her to weigh the bag and the scale weighed 900 grams. So the scales weren’t lying, but the saleswoman put less beans directly into the bags. She unbuttoned the knotted bag and weighed up to one kilogram, again claiming that it was not her booth. I asked her to weigh other bags ready. They all weigh 900 grams. Soon the owner of the stall for whom she requested an account appeared and told her that it was not right to deceive people. Remarkably, the lady was extremely upset and pleaded all kinds of reasons.

“Leave me alone with what is right. We work, we pay a lot of money to the state,” said the lady who deceived people with the amount of beans. Practically, every buyer pays 10% of the quantity compulsorily. So, the cost of beans, in fact, is 13.2 lei per kilogram, while the price displayed at the kiosk is 12 lei. Some buyers who testified when we got back to the sellers who cheated us, confirmed that they were cheated many times and that this is an old practice. In one of the 3 stalls I bought from, the quantity was just right. It’s a stall where I bought pears and strawberries, the quantity matching the control scale.

secret lion

Another problem in the market is misleading pricing. For example, for the tomatoes I bought, the number 7 was written on the cardboard with a very high price. She gave the impression that tomatoes cost 7 lei. But at first glance, he wrote in very small numbers “99”. So, tomatoes cost, in fact, 7.99 lei. For the elderly, in general, it is very difficult to see the numbers written so small and have the impression that the relevant vegetable or fruit costs about 1 lei less than the actual cost. And it wasn’t the only kiosk where these prices were displayed.

What do market representatives say?

Market and fair representatives simply say that they require traders to use only metrologically verified metrics. They also say they can penalize merchants, but due to scales of control, complaints are very rare. „SC PIEŢE ŞI TÂGGI CRAIOVA SRL” requires all traders operating in the markets to use only metrologically verified scales, which they display in a visible place, so that buyers can clearly see the quantity weighed on the screen. Moreover, market inspectors periodically check or when reporting violations if metrologically verified scales are used, prohibiting the use of those that do not comply with legal provisions.

If merchants don’t have such metrics, we have. They are metrologically verified and we can make them available for a fee and at prices approved by the local council. Moreover, we have installed in each market, depending on its size, between 1 and 3 control scales, in the idea that each person can check the weight of the products purchased. That is why complaints about scales are so rare. The regulations for the organization and functioning of markets, which were adopted by a decision of the local council, prohibit the use of unconfirmed scales from a metrological point of view, and in the event that any citizen notices a violation of this regulation, we can apply penalties to merchants. .

These penalties start from a written warning and can amount to banning business activity in all Craiova markets indefinitely. But the regulations of the markets, adopted by the local council, allow us, however, to impose penalties on traders only in so far as the reported act does not constitute a crime or an offense ”, according to what the representatives of the markets quoted.

In other words, it is up to people to turn to the police or the ANPC. Perhaps this is the reason why dealers constantly deceive people, because there are not many buyers to call the police for 1,2 or 3 lei.

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