Map of handball popularity in Europe! And where Romania placed, the “nations hand” that made the sport ranked second + opinion of ProSport

How popular is handball compared to other sports? That is the question colleagues from the Handball News (THN) team asked themselves, and after studying they mapped out the popularity in Europe. Romania was given the green color, second in importance.

To measure popularity, the following tools were used, among others:

ID number

The number of affiliated clubs

TV broadcast frequency and ratings

Having a professional league

Professional player salaries

Paying attention to the performance of the national team

Attention to social media

In 2005 handball was said to be the second most popular team sport. Well, it would be nice if that were true, but, yeah, not soon. In fact, even in Europe, where handball is the most popular, there are only a few countries in which our sport definitely ranks second.John Ryan, a former handball player in the United States national handball team, and participated with him in the 1993 World Cup.

“In most cases, it is very easy to assess the criteria and come up with a ranking of the top 3 sports in almost any country. The newspaper quoted the source quoted saying that the most objective sports fans in the country would agree to such a ranking without full discussion”

Everyone agrees that football is almost everyone’s dominant team sport

Everyone agrees that soccer is the dominant team sport for almost everyone. At least in Europe, no country can say that handball is above football, and here we are not talking about the results of the national team or at the club level. This study considers this aspect.

Handball is definitely the most popular sport after football in Norway, Germany, Iceland, Montenegro and North Macedonia, the countries that have been given the color blue.

Romania was included in the second category (green), ranking second or third in terms of popularity of the country’s sports teams. Sweden, Hungary, Croatia and Serbia are other countries that are included in the same “camp”.

Spain, France, Poland and the Czech Republic were included in the third category (yellow). Handball comes third down, but it’s clearly a major sport that is getting a lot of attention.

In France, few would argue that football came first and rugby came second. But third place is less pronounced between basketball and handball. Although handball is the fourth most popular, it is still a major sport with a large presence. This is clearly demonstrated by the professional league, but also by the interest in the national team‘, is the argument of the quoted source.

The fourth category (orange) includes countries in which handball is a small sport, but with a certain presence in everyday life.

Finally, the countries where handball was seen are marked in red.kinda boring‘, perhaps out of curiosity, with a few participants. Great Britain was included in this category.

ProSport view on handball popularity map

For the most part, the ProSport editorial office agrees with this map, with the exception of the case of Romania, which could have been included in the “Blue” category.

In Romania, handball is the third most popular sport after football and tennis. There have also been studies in this regard, the latest of which was even carried out by colleagues from Gazeta Sporturilor. But if we talk about team sports, which have the above criteria, then it is clear that handball has no competitor in the country today (with the exception of football). In Hungary, for example, we can talk about a competition between handball and polo, in Croatia, between handball, polo and basketball, in Sweden, between handball and ice hockey.

Also true, although this is clearly not specific, the study appears to have been conducted primarily on men’s handball. Or in Romania, girls are more popular today in this specialty. However, men’s handball has regained its place as a no. 2 After football, in terms of strengthening the domestic championship, in terms of Dynamo’s successful results in the Champions League, and at the same time benefiting from the decline of the men’s polo team or the disappearance of the Asesoft Ploiești men’s basketball team.

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