Must have 15 science fiction books for story days

Due to its diversity and the increasing ability of authors to write and publish, it is becoming increasingly difficult to choose good SF books that are truly worth reading. The selection process is made easier by reading reviews or consulting SF book listings. Briefly listing tens of thousands of volumes, we have compiled a list of the best SF books 2021, which can be a starting point in exploring new worlds.

It includes new and old science fiction books, children’s or adult science fiction books or works on the boundary between science fiction and fantasy or cop books. Here are some suggested fantasy books for you:

1. The Red Queen

The first novel in the series designed by Victoria Averd paves the way for an extraordinary world, where the color of blood clearly dictates social order. Those with red blood are subordinate to those with silver blood, who impose their control due to their supernatural power. However, what happens when the heroine of the entire evening, the blood-red, reveals that she has unexpected powers?
Since its inception, it has remained one of the most popular fantasy books in the United States.

2. 100

Cass Morgan imagined a world in which an environmental catastrophe made the Earth uninhabitable. People were saved by living on an orbit around the Earth. However, the reserves were running out and it was time to come back. The “hundred” are the first to return home.

3. The King of Scars

Leigh Bardugo is a New York Times bestselling author who became known after the publication of the Grisha Trilogy. The King of Scars continues the story of the characters in the first series, who still have a lot to do.

4. Silver Fire Court

Sarah J. Maas is already known as a bestselling author and she also did not disappoint with this volume. Being able to include it in both fiction and erotic books, you won’t be disappointed in any way.

5. Caraval: the glamorous

Adventure, mystery and time trial are hallmarks of author Stephanie Garber’s book. It has been critically acclaimed, and has become one of SF’s best books according to the Suday Times.

6. Harry Potter series

Rowling and his books are among the few that need no introduction. Their success, which has not diminished despite the passage of time since its publication, is indicative of this strongly.

7. Intruder

Stephen King is another author who has a bad reputation for the many volumes that reached the top of the New York Times and did not disappoint with this volume, one of the sexiest SF books of 2019.

8. The Kingdom of Ashes

Maas has managed to create a personal story reborn from his ashes, and it may have one of the most exciting developments. The book also ranks #1 in the New York Times.

9. Sand Dunes

Written by Frank Herbert in 1965, the SF novel was voted in 2012 as the best SF book of all time. She also enjoyed a show in 1984, which hasn’t proven as successful as the most recent, whose release date is this year.

10. The Lord of the Rings

If you haven’t read it yet, JRR Tolkein’s three-volume series is definitely a must for fantasy enthusiasts and also needs no further introduction. The name speaks for itself.

11. The Witcher

Another amazing series, created by Andrzej Sapkowski, has so impressed and attracted many readers that it has taken the form of a Netflix series and several video games.

12. Circe

Inspired by a legend, Madeline Miller has created a present-day heroine, distinguished by superstitious powers. The ability to harmoniously combine classics and current ones brought him many awards.

13. The Wearers

Through this fantasy book, Marissa Mayer manages to create an amazing world, in which the forces of good and evil inevitably collide.

14. Metro 2033

The book by Dmitry Glukovsky SF is impressive with a dark atmosphere, which gradually absorbs the reader into a world of destruction, which is not without hope.

15. Institute

Because of the strong psychological impact, Stephen King’s novel manages to elicit the reader into the feelings experienced by the characters. From the moment she appeared, appreciation did not stop appearing.

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