Nimi Publishing House launches a daily read to your child campaign!

The Nemi children’s book imprint supports children’s approach to books by engaging their parents and provides inspiration and tools for developing the parent-book-child relationship.

Campaign Read to your child daily! Parents are encouraged to read with their children at any time of the day, wanting to encourage and inspire them. The campaign aims to strengthen the role of the family in making children’s friendships with books and transform reading into a habit related to or motivated by love of stories.

Read to your child daily! It’s about inspiration and motivation. Throughout the year, events will be organized, articles and photos will be published, all with the aim of introducing reading to as many children as possible, regardless of age.

Through the stories of Nemi and the voices of our ambassadors – parents and remote readers – we want to be listened to, inspired and carried forward the campaign’s message: keep children happy with books, read them out loud, and create ritual and festive time together.

“Reading for us is time together, above all other benefits. We do it because it helps us reconnect, spend time together without getting distracted by phone, adult conversations, and housework. Reading is just us, focused on the story, sitting next to each other or even Hug. And we don’t make it a point to read. We don’t care how many books are in the library. Or how many titles you’ve read so far. It’s important for us to help little ones see reading as natural, to love it and to be curious. To enjoy a new book, a new story, To find listening to it and discovering interesting. Reading is not a goal and it is not a source of pride. It is ordinary. A normal life that makes us feel good, develop, and unite us as a family.” (Roxana Seuchilan,

Studies show that more and more parents are reading aloud to their children, spending special moments together, and the experience itself is a partnership, but also a habit, where children’s 100% attention is focused on books and the parents’ voice.

“Reading aloud is one of the most precious gifts a parent or caregiver can give their children, and today and every day we encourage families to find a great book, read aloud, and discover how fun and satisfying reading is.” (Maggie McGuire, Vice President of Scholastic Kids and Parents Channels –

Reading aloud brings many benefits to children, and improves their value in life. Here are some of the benefits:

  • cognitive development
  • When you start reading aloud to children, you open their minds to the world around them, and you help them find meaning in what they see, hear and feel.
  • Vocabulary enrichment
  • Daily reading, from childhood, helps to acquire and enrich the language, develop communication skills, social skills and literacy.
  • Preparing children for school
  • By reading, we give children the opportunity to expand their vocabulary by learning new words, thus improving their listening and attention skills.
  • Develop a relationship with the children
  • By reading out loud, you have a chance to create a ritual, a special moment that little ones can look forward to.
  • Increases focus and discipline
  • If you read to children consciously, every day, from 10 minutes to hours, you help them to have better focus and discipline, to be good and patient.
  • Stimulates imagination and creativity
  • Reading aloud helps children use their imaginations to explore people, places, times, and events beyond their own experiences.
  • Cultivate a love of reading
  • Every time you read it, you instill in them a love of reading and everything related to books and stories that they will not leave for the rest of their lives.

Reading aloud is a prerequisite for a successful life, but it is also a dose of profound well-being for the family. (Pam Allen, Senior Vice President, Innovation and Development, Scholastic Education)

Nemi’s choice has on the one hand the role of awakening a love of literature in children of all ages, and on the other hand it aims to educate, both textually and visually, through books that highlight both the conquering stories and the first painters. Rank. The Nemi collections are aimed at children from 0 to 12 years old and include both picture books, fiction books and non-fiction books meant to complement the education of little ones.

For children, reading is a defining component of their development and should be on their daily to-do list. An interaction that can turn a seemingly ordinary time for parents into a very personal memory for children. A memory that helps them think and feel and add a touch of curiosity to their lives. Because it’s never too early to make friends with kids with books and reading them. Start reading it out loud now!

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