Pele (2021) » GSP review after preview of the documentary on Pele, which Netflix is ​​about to release on February 23

We’ve had the chance to preview the “Pele” documentary, which Netflix will officially release on February 23. “Pele did not make a difference, he was the difference,” the movie’s slogan. The Brazilian was not lost like Maradona, he only played football, and neither the dozens of decades of publicity nor the torture that Brazilians were subjected to in his glory days drained him.

“It was a tragedy, no one expected Brazil to lose the final at homeIn the days after the 1950 World Cup Final, I remember most of Pele’s contemporary figures. A huge country was banned because it missed the world title. Uruguay won the final, returning from 0-1 and scoring two goals.

Schiavino in the 66th minute and Gigi in the 79th minute refer to the depression of Brazil and the Dendinho family, the footballer whose son tells in a Netflix documentary how he perceived the moment: “My father was crying, and to stop him I said: Do not be sad! I will win the World Cup for Brazil!”

Pele (2021) » Netflix’s new documentary review

The film revolves around the child Edson Arantes do Nascimento, who became the king of football, Pele. The nearly two-hour documentary blends the football genius of Pele with the shadows of man. Asif Kapadia introduced Maradona’s D10S in a top speed race, where the champion often hits obstacles he faces.

Some of them were invented, from human weaknesses that could not stand the infinite swell of the god Diego, whom the Argentines and Neapolitans loved and squeezed.

“I didn’t leave Brazil before the World Cup in Sweden. I didn’t understand why the Swedes were touching me so much. They were looking at their hands to see if the paint was off. They had never seen a black man before.”

The skin from the Netflix documentary and in general from his well-known autobiography does not suffer from stress. The nine-year-old boy who promised his father the World Cup ends up polishing his shoes when his father, a soccer player, gets injured and runs out of income. The young lustragiu would become the “king of football”, a story in which Pele fell completely, without taking into account anything else.

“I didn’t want to be Pele,” the hero admitted during the film. Just any action betrayed him hesitation, as did Maradona’s behavior.

Pele, the first footballer with a million ads

The Brazilian won his first world championship in 1958. He was 17 years old and it had been eight years since he made a promise to his father when he saw him crying over the Uruguayan. Produced by award-winning film director Kevin MacDonald, Pele divides, in a surprisingly objective way, into a brilliant footballer, a talented athlete, “God created football,” and, as he is convinced, a man indifferent to society.. to the grave problems their fellow countrymen face. Tortured daily.

Pele was good to the Brazilians, whom he made proud of his successes, and good to the bloody military dictatorship, which he legitimized by silence and participation.

“When my dad got injured, I was hired. I started scanning and polishing shoes to help my family. The past put me on the floor.”

The 58th Cup has transformed him from a talented athlete into a well-known selling toothpaste, booze around the world, and a violent dictatorship in Brazil. The film introduces him as the first millionaire athlete. “I used to travel a lot more to announce contracts than matches,” he said. He only went to Europe as a footballer, only to friends of the club team, Santos. Like Brazil, Santos became famous thanks to Pele.

Torture, arrests, indifference

Keep all tags and collect money from contracts. Always smiling, he doesn’t seem to agonize at all about the role of a good bear who roams all over the world. The documentary depicts the rise of Pele in democratic Brazil, a country that is advancing both economically and in society as a whole.

When the military dictatorship replaced Allegria, the King had no problem signing on with tyrants as well. “As for me, the situation has not changed, it was still good,” admits the old man interviewed during the day in scenes from the film and aged 80.

He cries when he talks about the 1970 World Cup and Brazil, the country he was responsible for in every final tournament, but he has no explanation for his closeness to Emilio Garstazo Medici, whom the film describes as the toughest dictator in history. South American country. “I had problems during my career because people mixed politics with football,” Pele says.

Great goal from Pele

Brazilians were subjected to torture, imprisonment and censorship. Pele never responded: “I’d be lying if I told you I didn’t hear anything. I heard, but I wasn’t sure. I think I did more than politicians’ salaries to promote Brazil to the world anyway.”.

Journalists and artists insist in the film that his statement about atrocities in the country would have made things better. But Pele was only interested in football, commercials, interviews and photos. With his dribbles, his strength and goals, he was a fantastic athlete. The brilliant kid was afraid to get involved in politics, to save the Brazilians and not entertain them. “This is the legacy I left behind. Brazil became known because of me.” skin!

“When he was young he only made jokes at home, but he loved football. It was always like silver.”
Maria Lucia, Pele’s sister

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In 1970 was not to play!

The film depicts the moment when Pele abandoned the Brazilian national team after the 1966 World Cup, in which Oriverde did not pass the group that defeated Hungary and Portugal. Pele is also injured and believes that “these cups bring me bad luck”. He chose to play only for Santos at home. The Brazilian dictatorship also forces him to participate in the 1970 World Cup and replaces coach Joao Saldanha, who does not support the “king”.

Saldanha had claimed that Pele was myopic! He told her it would be a backup. “The head of state does not elect the incumbents, and I do not specify who the ministers are,” Seldanha said. He will be dismissed the next day. The new coach, Mario Zagallo, had a good relationship with Pele and together they won the World Cup in 1970, In the tournament in which the South American team defeated the Romanian 3-2 in a group match.

1283 goalsPele scored in 1,363 matches, an all-time world record, according to He played 92 matches for his country, scoring 77 goals. Pele is a Knight of the British Empire, a title awarded by the United Kingdom in 1997

live documentary

Pele played for Santos between 1956 and 1974 and played for the New York Cosmos between 1975 and 1977. There was no season in Europe, a continent that only “King” had in exhibition tournaments and world championships. After he became world champion in 1958, the president of Santos declared that “It is a national interest and no offer will be accepted!”A statement captured on the film.

Pele made a performance in any match

In Brazil, to preserve the legend of Pele, the entire country changed football when necessary. In Pele’s first goal on November 11, 1969, he hit the stadium “Maracana”, the largest arena of Brazil. It was Santos’ trip to Vasco da Gama. Santos was awarded a penalty by Pele.

Images in the documentary made him look back, searching for his teammates who are in to speculate about the goalkeeper’s refusal, a throwback. They were all in the center of the field, side by side, waiting for the recess, and did not take part in the continuation of the stage. Pele will score. Brazilian television had even devised, even before the match, a show of the event with a goal of the thousand for the idol of the nation.

3 titlesPele beat the world champion record. He conquered the first in 1958, when he was only 17 years old. He also won in 1962, when he was injured early in the competition, and his replacement Amarildo became the national team champion. He won his last cup in 1970

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