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Dozens of cars, hundreds of people, chrome rims, metallic colors, powerful engines and a passion for cars, they were all in one place, Saturday, April 16th: in the middle of Alba Carolina Castle.

For a day, the fortress was “ground zero” – a meeting point for fans of tuned cars in the country. Dozens of drivers brought their cars to Alba Yulia, cars in which some have invested even a small fortune.

From 10:00, the history of White Carolina Castle blended perfectly with the novelty of cars, the hustle and bustle of people and the nice weather outside. reporters were present immediately, in order to better capture the event. The event is the first major event, more than two years later, in Alba Iulia and after the removal of restrictions imposed to combat the COVID-19 pandemic.

“Cars and Coffee”, or in Romanian, “Cars and Coffee” was an event organized by a group of young people and fans of modified cars from Alba Yulia.

Drivers came from several provinces of the country: Timisoara, Bucharest, Sibiu, Hunedoara or Brasov. In addition to the Roman ruins of the Principia Museum, dozens of cars shone in the sun, which those present at the castle watched with admiration. Drivers make up the community and most of them know each other.

The first event of its kind in Alba Iulia

“Nationally, there was only one event like ‘Cars and Coffee’ and I said let’s bring the event to our city, try to change things in the country, change the auto events, open the car part to the public.

From what we see, there are fewer and fewer young people interested in the automobile side and I said, let’s try to promote this in our city as well.

There has never been an event like this before, supercar tuning, sports cars have never before been organized in Alba Yulia, at this level, Taffy Faure, one of the event organizers, told

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I’ve talked to some drivers from Alba, but also from other provinces to find out where their passion began and whether the cars they own are suitable for the roads in Romania.

Passion for modified cars

Among the dozens of cars on display, I found Kusmin and Alex, from Sibiu, who own an Audi TT and a Golf VGTI.

Kuzmin said he invested most of his money in mechanics, about 8,000 euros, in four years. It is a sports car, but it can also be used on Romanian roads. Kuzmin has been drawn to powerful cars since he was a child and has a common passion with his father who also owns a modified car.

Alex’s golf course, as in the case of the Cosmin’s car, has been changed a lot on the mechanical side. The young man from the Sabbath mentioned that he has not yet calculated the amount he has invested in the car, but the amount is large.

His passion for cars began in high school, after he owned his first car, and from there it all went by itself.

George Popa and Dacia 1410 Sport modified in Alba Yulia

The Dacia 1410 Sport, manufactured in 1984, was completely converted by the Dacia car enthusiast, George Popa, from the Alba Yulia.

The car has Renault 12 Gordini wheels, ventilated front and rear brakes, an Alfa Romeo carburetor engine, a camshaft with a longer bore than standard and a lightweight steering wheel, inside the dashboard and steering wheel is Renault 12 Gordini.

Although he did not calculate how much he invested in the car, he did receive several offers from people who wanted to buy it. At one time he earned 15,000 euros, but he did not want to sell it.

The car was purchased in 2009 and since then George has been constantly changing it.

Lamborghini, star of the first part of the day, and at the wheel Vlad Stoica, a crypto-millionaire

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At some point, around 11:00 in the middle of the Alba Iulia castle, a yellow Lamborghini appeared.

With numbers from Sibiu, he noisily entered the exhibition area and caught everyone’s attention. At the wheel was Vlad Stoica, a 26-year-old from Sibiu who became a millionaire after investing in the cryptocurrency business.

The cost of the car is about 200 thousand euros. Vlad said the evacuation was changed to make it noisier. Vlad’s passion for cars came at the right time, after he began to change cars and began to appreciate them more.

Saturday’s event in Alba Iulia brought life back to Alba Iulia Castle, more than two years after the pandemic, where activities were absent from the historic district, in Alba Iulia.

Photo report by Christian Pano and Raul Paseo.

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