Podravka Vegeta women’s handball match with CSM Bucharest

CSM Bucharest won a match at HC Podravka Vegeta Koprivnica, champions of Croatia, of the third stage of the UEFA Women’s Handball Champions League with a score of 36-31.

Thus, “Tigruisili” got the first points in the first group in the Champions League, and equaled today’s opponent, in fourth place. However, Cristina Nego again offered to dismiss her and invited the association.

Our girls led 4-0, but in the break Bucharest was coming in with a one goal advantage, 16-15. Returning from the cabins, the “Tigers” did not let their guard down and led the match to the end.

HC Podravka Vegeta – CSM Bucharest 31-36

final match! CSM grabbed their first win of the season in the Champions League and moved up to 4th in the group!
Our goalkeeper scores from one goal to another and determines the end result!
And Cristina Nijo scored the fourteenth goal in a 7-meter throw!
Cristina Nijo scored in the 13th minute!
The Tigers miss a good attack, but there are 5 minutes left in the match and it looks like nothing can change!
28-32 CSM Bucharest makes the difference!
Our girls are widening the gap and they seem to be heading towards a very important victory!
Cristina Nyago concludes with a new women’s goal in Bucharest.
Cristina Nijo changes throwing from 7 meters without feelings.
Milic is eliminated and Croatia play for two minutes without an important player!
Cristina Neagu has been on the rise since the start of the game and now scores from any position.
Podravka score again from 7 meters and restores parity.
The Croats pass easily on the right side, but our girls come back every time and score the difference by one goal.
Croats also score from 7 metres!
The Tigers start strong and score in the first attack.
The second half has begun! CSM Bucharest has its first attack!

Cristina Nyago determines the result of the first half after throwing 7 meters!
Hansen scores and puts CSM in Bucharest an advantage for the first time.
Croats miss throwing 7 meters! Grubisici is in service and looks perfect.
Bazaliu takes a throw-in in the opponent’s half of the field
Within a few seconds, both teams ignored the defense and each scored two goals.
11-11 Kristina Neigh scores and equalized for CSM Bucharest for the first time after 22 minutes.
Disqualified hosts: Stelmakh sent two minutes off the crossbar!
Milosavljevic runs a torpedo from a distance of 10 meters and tens, but in the next stage Kristina Nego imitates her opponent.
Cristina Nijo gives an excellent pass and our girls cut the difference.
With one player less, CSM Bucharest scores, but the Croats do the same at the start of the second half.
Basaliu, on replay, benefit and score!
The brochure went out for two minutes. CSM develops with a minus player, but the Croats miss the 7-meter throw.
Cristina Nygo comes back strong and scores every time she attacks Bucharest.
Cristina Nyago scored our first goal after 6 minutes of the match.
Our girls are chanting again and the Croats are taking advantage and scoring.
Podravka increases the score after Neagu does not score from 7 metres.
Cristina Nejo isn’t in great shape at all, at least in this debut. The Roman misses a distance of 7 metres.
Cristina Neagu missed a free kick but the ball hit the post and returned to the goalkeeper’s arms. In the next stage, the Romanians make a new mistake, and the Croats take advantage and raise the score.
Bianca Bazaglio swings and hits her…she was close.
The match has begun! Podravka has his first attack!

The capital team lost in the first two stages of the current Champions League season, 21-22 away with Esbjerg and 27-30 away with Rostov-Don.

HC Podravka Vegeta – CSM Bucharest, live video online

HC Podravka Vegeta Koprivnica, played by Romanian Yulia Domanska and Bianca Bazaglio, made her new season debut, 29-22 at home with ŽRK Budućnost Podgorica. However, he lost in the second round, 27-33, away to FTC-Rail Cargo Hungary.

Neven Hobek, the technician who was at Priscilla Danube last season, is on the Croatian technical bench.

CSM Bucharest has clearly imposed itself In the derby with CS Rapid Bucharest, he scored 38-30 (19-11), on Wednesday, in the multi-purpose hall “Ioan Kunst Germenescu” in the capital, in a match of the third stage of the Women’s National Handball League.

Cristina Nijo played a very good game and scored 13 goals. Elisabeth Omorigi (7), Yvette Broch (7), Emily Arntzen (4), Malin Unni (2), Alexandra Dendeljan (2), Barbara Lazovic (1), Emma Ramosovic (1) and Jelena Grubicic also scored for Bucharest. (1).

The two teams met at the end of August when CSM Bucharest He won 25-21 (11-12), in the semi-finals of the Romanian Cup.

in order, In the first place is SCM Bucharestwith 9 points (3 matches), followed by CS Măgura Cisnădie, HC Dunărea Brăila, both 6 points (2 days), CS Rapid, 6 points (3 days), etc.

What does group A’s arrangement look like?

1.Rostov Don 4p
2. FTC-Rail Cargo 3p
3-BV Borussia Dortmund 3 AM
4.Podravka Vegeta 2p
5-Brest Brittany 2 AM
6- Team Esbjerg 2p
7. CSM Bucharest 0 am
8. Bodknost 0 AM

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