Program of events for Oltenia Day

Outstanding personalities, rich traditions, unique craftsmanship and a history that we, Oltenians are proud of. Every year we celebrate Oltenia Day, since 2017, on March 21st. That was the day Teodor Vladimirescu, the leader of the Pandor, marched to Bucharest, on the Chalice Bridge, as indicated in the statement sent to the press by the Craiova Town Hall.

And this year Oltenia Day will be celebrated in Craiova with a series of events that will highlight the Oltenia spirit, ancestral customs, historical moments from 1821, Craiova’s stories in the past, but also the great personalities of Oltenia with whom we are proud.

Organized by Craiova City Hall, in partnership with the Dolj County Council, all events for Oltenians on March 21, 2022 will be free of charge: from outdoor exhibitions or at the premises of cultural institutions to the presentation of traditionsNever heard of Oltenyan Proposed by the folklore troupe “Maria Tonas”, on stage by Biacha Fraye Pozzetti – Centrol Vichy.

Thus, on Monday, March 21, 2022, children are invited to the Colibri Theater to participate in exhibitions and creative workshops, gourmets are prepared for a culinary feast as at Danube Meadow in the foyer of Dolj County Council, art, history and culture lovers on Sunday, 20 March 2022, I can make an incursion – a guided tour of the monumental buildings in Craiova, and on Monday, March 21, I can enjoy the exhibitions in the Old Center, the Art Museum, the Oltenia Museum or those scheduled in the Alexandru and Aristia Aman County Library.

Fans of Latin traditions and traditions expect on Monday, March 21, 2022, in the old center – Biawa Fraye Posetti, between 18.00 – 21.00, to watch the live broadcast of the region’s most beloved artists, such as Angelica Stoikan, Nikolina Stoikan, Konstantin Inchino, Mariana Ionescu Kopetescu, Vasilica Dino, Victorica Lokoto, Maria Luga, Nita Soar, Zorina Polan, Ileana Luciano, Emilia Dorobano and many others, accompanied by a professional orchestra.

Sunday – 20 March 2022

  • #InstaCraiovaVeche / Foray into Craiova Monumentală, a place rich in architecture, and an invitation (to rediscover) the city of the hundred millionaires.
  • Registrations for the guided tour can be made at the email address: [email protected]
  • Time and point of departure: Sunday – 10.00, Dolge Administrative Palace, Kalia Unirii No. 19.
  • Organizers: Monumentalist and Craiova City Hall.

Monday – March 21, 2022

show – Old Town Centre, Frei-Posette Square:

The Gag – From Ritual to Therapy / Contemporary Dance.

  • Organizers: Craiova City Council and Traian Dmitrescu House of Culture.

Never heard of Oltenian / SPictacol of tradition.

  • Organizers: Craiova City Hall and Maria Tănase Folk Ensemble, in partnership with Dolj County Council.
  • Guests: Angelica Stoikan, Nikolina Stoikan, Konstantin Inchino, Mariana Ionescu Kopetescu, Vasilica Dino, Victorica Lokoto, Maria Luga, Nita Soar, Zorina Polan, Eliana Luciano, Emilia Dorobano, Marianne Medirigoño, Delica D’Oro, Livia Celia, Alexandra Lilia, Malia Guinea and Alexandra.
  • Accompanying the Doina Gorjului – Târgu Jiu Professional Orchestra, the Orchestra. Team captains: Marcel Barnica and Uriel Blondia.
  • Craiova yesterday / Outdoor gallery – Frații Buzești Square (Old Centre), from the collection of Florian Ciobanu: Old documents and advertisements.
  • Organizers: Craiova City Council and Traian Dmitrescu House of Culture.
  • flash mob / Marin Sorescu National Theater Square
  • 16.30 – 18.00
  • Organizers: University of Craiova, Department of Sports Dolj and ALDO-CET Băilești Association.

Exhibitions and workshopsAnd March 21, 2022:

(organized at the headquarters of the institutions)

  • Craiova Museum of Art:
  • Graphic Gallery Theodore Aman.
  • Colibri Theater for Children and Youth:
  • sketches and stories / gallery, 11.00 – 18.00, studio room
  • Doors open at ElectroColibri11:00 – 18:00
  • Dolls tell stories11:00 – 18:00

(Children will have the opportunity to manipulate a puppet and transform into puppet actors)

  • My First Puppet Creation Workshop, 18:00, fauer reps

(Children learn to build dolls from recyclable materials)

coordination. Andrea Melinscu (25 participants).

Registration link:

  • Oltenia Museum:
  • Craiova Characters – CD Fortunescu / Gallery.

Opening – Monday, March 21, 2022, at 11.00, date – Department of Antiquities.

  • Dolge County Center for the Preservation and Promotion of Traditional Culture:
  • Dolju-n Dishes / Photo Gallery
  • From the Oltenian Pantry/Gastronomical Gallery.

13.00, color fairs.

  • Dolj County Council – Foundation Hall:
  • A culinary feast as in the Danube
  • Oltenia today is black and white and color Photographic art exhibition.

Events organized by Cornetti Folk School of Arts and Crafts.

  • Alexandru and Aristia Aman County Library:
  • Traditional Olten Dances (Ansărleanu Band – Video)
  • Oltenian Folk Costumes (Children’s Drawings)
  • Little Oltenians in national costumes (photo gallery)
  • Anecdotes with and around the Oltenians.
  • Book Fair
  • Multimedia presentation titled “Aultinian periodicals published to 1950
  • Dolgol in Studies (virtual exhibition).
  • 5 excerpts about the Oltenians.
  • Baptism – Traditions in Oltenia (Digital Display).
  • Exhibition “Oltenia in Multimedia Documents” Exhibition of Audiovisual Documents “Marine Soresco” room (Multimedia presentation)
  • Book fair “Oltnia Yesterday and Today” in the Exhibition Hall (multimedia presentation).
  • Olteni folk costume in the collections of the Provincial Library “Alexandru and Aristia Aman” (multimedia presentation)
  • Cultural Identities Aultani in the Roman Book Museum and Exile.
  • Exhibition of unpublished books, correspondence, photographs, manuscripts and documents
  • Feature films: Nicolae Romanescu and Ventillo Horia
  • The Round Table and Public Readings: The Oltenian Book.

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