Report – Anka Damien: “Perfectly healthy” is a film between reality and fiction

For two weeks, in Cluj-Napoca, a lot was filmed outside, the spaces of which are located in the city. Since October 18, the film crew has moved to Bucharest, and the scene includes apartment interiors, a restaurant, a hospital and a casino.

Production will end three weeks after filming, and by March 2016 the feature film “Perfectly Healthy” will be ready, director Anca Damian told MEDIAFAX.

“Filming in Bucharest is crucial, here we shoot the most difficult sequences, the interior parts, the relationships between the characters,” said Anka Damien.

The feature film will not contain animation – the field in which Anka Damian has established herself – and, according to the director, the film is a series of premieres: she works with her son, Angel Damian, who plays the main role, and Vlad Ivanov – one of his favorite actors and friends – , for whom he wrote a special role of Thomas, will be seen by viewers for the first time deceased on the big screen, but also as the protagonist of a love scene, as the actor himself told MEDIAFAX.

“It’s a small team and everyone is very good,” said Anka Damian.

The director added, “Vlad Ivanov was the voice I chose for ‘Crulic’ and we work very well together. It’s a spiritual connection that I have with the other actors. The relationship with everyone, with some feelings, is correct.”

Anka Damian said the same thing happened with Olympia Milint and Christina Floria. “I know a lot about them talking about characters, looking in their bios for things that connect them, where they can make connections with their character. We got into their intimate relationship and we’re like family, because we don’t meet him in other circumstances,” she said.

As for the male roles, they were written specifically for Vlad Ivanov and Angel Damian. “The story of the film starts from a real case. The situation was there in my life. It’s kind of an alter ego for me, and my son, Angel, is involved in the project from the writing stage.”explained Anka Damien.

She added that the way Thomas dies is only inspired by reality. She added, “It’s how my dad died, but all the characters are fictional. I just took the situation out of reality, and in a way, my personal involvement is that I’ve partially investigated Andre’s character.”

Regarding the mother-son collaboration, Angel Damien said that “on the set is Anka or the director”.

“In the team, the hierarchies are well established and therefore it is very good to limit the personal sphere to the professional one. The report should be fair. We have to help the film and then things are more free,” Angel Damien told MEDIAFAX.

Angel Damien also starred in Valentin Hota’s “Roxanne” (2013), receiving an important score, and appeared in several short films, but this is his first major role in a feature film.

The 24-year-old actor said, “The movie’s story is quite personal and I was very close to the project from the start. We keep discussing the script and construction together. Every brain involved in the project helps.” .

The film will be ready by March “certainly”, but its release depends on a festival, says the director. “Perfectly Healthy” will enter the profile series “depending on how many Romanian films are scheduled for 2016 and very few have been announced.”

“This is what happened to ‘Magic Mountain’ (2015), which is still doing well at festivals, meaning if there were two Romanian films, I wouldn’t take the third,” Anka Damian concluded.

Film and theater actor Vlad Ivanov told MEDIAFAX that “Perfectly Healthy” is the second project he is working on with Anca Damian, and she will dedicate another role to him in a story he began writing with Lia Bugnar.

“Working on” Crulic “(2011), for which I made a voice, was completely new to me and this collaboration made us very professional and human. Now I play the main role, which is not so long ago. Anca is still preparing for the pending future project, said Vlad Ivanov. He does not have a title yet:

“These are normal things in the profession,” the 46-year-old actor says of the two “firsts” on “Perfectly Healthy.”

“In the theater, I’ve died several times, and as for the love scene, it involves strong feelings between me and the character played by Cristina Floria. I hope it goes well. There are more sensitive scenes, but I prepared them before and Anca a “asked us To imagine how the characters live their feelings, and how intimate they are. We talked to Christina, we went to filming in Cluj-Napoca and got to know each other better,” says Vlad Ivanov, who is filming for this five-day project.

The feature film “Perfectly Healthy” centers around the father-son relationship. Andre Dornano, played by Angel Damien, is a young lawyer of about 25 years old, while his father Toma (Vlad Ivanov) is a judge in Cluj-Napoca. The challenge arises when the relationship, in his absence, must materialize under the wing of a violent death: Thomas loses his life in a ridiculous accident.

The script for the feature film “Perfectly Healthy” is by Lia Bugnar and Anca Damian, the picture is signed by Oleg Mutu, and the scenography and costumes are created by Alexandra Alma Ungureanu. The producers are Anca Damian and Guillaume de Seille.

The cast was completed by, among others, Toma Cusin, Mircea Russo, Camelia Maxim, but also by Cluj actors Anka Hano, Angelica Nikoaru, Lorand Fata.

“Perfectly Healthy” was produced by Aparte Film (Romania) and Arizona Production (France), with support from the National Center for Cinematography and Media Development and HBO Romania.

Anka Damien made her feature film debut in 2008 with the production of Cross Encounters, which has appeared in a selection of major festivals such as Busan, Chicago, Goa, Cottbus, Gothenburg and Rome. His second feature film “Crulic – The Road to Beyond” (2011) was selected in over 150 festivals and won the Cristal Prize in Annecy, France and 35 other major awards.

In 2013, he released A Very Unstable Summer, starring Jimmy Sives, Anna Olaru and Kim Bodnia. Inka Damien’s latest production, the documentary Magic Mountain, premiered this year in Annecy and has been shown in more than 20 festivals, including San Sebastian, Busan, Ottawa, Vancouver and Chicago.

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