Romanian wood mafia, the subject of the series “Broken”. Netflix team, under attack in Romania by illegal hackers

The illegal recording in Romania has become the subject of a documentary that will appear at the end of this month on Netflix. The documentary film consists of several episodes entitled “Broken”, produced by American journalists, and it will be shown on November 27. An entire episode dedicated to illegal deforestation in our country. More precisely, from the Domogled Valea Cernei National Park and from the Retezat National Park.

“Broken” is a series that will be broadcast by Netflix in 190 countries. It deals with the dirty business behind many well known products (cosmetics, electronic cigarettes, furniture, plastics industry). The series brings together several documentaries produced by the authors of “Rotten” and “Anthony Bourdain: Parts Unknown” for Netflix. It is a collection of investigative reports that expose fraud, corruption and neglect.

For the furniture and illegal deforestation part, Netflix filmed an entire episode in Romania. Gabriel Boone, president of the NGO Agen Green, led filmmakers through the forests that supply wood to furniture factories. “When it comes to cheap, poor quality furniture that destroys forests and is sold all over the planet, Romania tops the list in the episode of the documentary dedicated to this topic,” says the Romanian activist.

Green’s chief agent, Gabriel Boone, who appears in this Netflix mini-series, told Digi24 that while filming the documentary he and American journalists had nightmare moments, being assaulted in the woods by some of the illegal loggers they met. By chance in Sirna Valley.

Visit with adventures in Romania. Captured in the jungle

“We knew it simply at the time. It so happened, when I was in the middle of the Domoglide-Valya Cerny National Park, that I came across some cutters that I had caught three months before: they were cutting illegally and they were being helped by a ROMSILVA employee. They probably recognized me, perhaps they were flaming spirits , because I reported them to the police and opened a criminal case against them, but not immediately, but after the climb, because the local police tried to cover the case and only when I climbed was found, said Gabriel Boone, the Inspectorate of Police and the County in the area in question and the Forest Rangers. “The moment they saw me with the team, they didn’t even talk, they quickly cut down a thick tree across the road ahead, one in the back and blocked our way. At one point, we were practically held there against our will.”Gabriel Bion reported the incident.

“I was a bit surprised by their decision (from Netflix – no) to choose Romania and when I asked them I understood that they did because they were also shocked to learn that in Romania activists and forest workers are being killed in Romania if defending the forests and shedding light on what is happening,” Gabriel Boone explained that they were expecting to hear Such news is in countries such as the Congo, the Amazon and Indonesia, but not in the European Union, where we have been for 13 years.”

The government kept the data secret from illegal logging

On paper, the national parks are protected, but in reality, they are cut down as in a normal production forest. (…]We have reached a quota in which it is reduced more illegally than legally. Since the volume of illegal logging, which exceeded 20.6 million cubic meters per year, is very worrying, the government decided a year ago to keep this data confidential, But last month it was revealed.DIICOT investigation, we hope that by the end of this year the officials who hid this data will be held accountable, but especially we expect the new minister will put an end to illegal logging by activating the forest inspector in practice, an application that will have The ability to stop illegal logging, if fully activated,” Chief Agent Green explained.

He noted how this app works and how it can help detect illegal logging. Watch the full commentary in the video below:

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