Scandal for EHF candidate governors and EHF youth governor positions

An examination for the positions of EHF candidate referees and EHF youth referees, organized by the Romanian Handball Federation on January 11, 2022, turned into a scandal of proportions.

ProSport He received a note from “whistleblowers” Giulian Ionoy and Toplicano Theodor Sebastian to Secretary Carol Edward Novak, to which he must respond within a maximum of 30 days.

What is the story of these notes? Gitsch duo Yulian Yunoy / Toplishano Theodore Sebastian and referees Kazan Yunoy / Suleiman Jusoor competed respectively for this position. So far no one has been able to post the perfect solution, which is not surprising.

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The examination ended with the refusal of the pair of rulers Iulian Ionuț Ghiță / Theodor-Sebastian Topliceanu, who were “declined” after the examination, since they had a lower score than the other rulers, as indicated in that report.

In fact, the examination of the pair of judges Iulian Ionuț Ghiță / Theodor Sebastian Topliceanu was wrong, and it is possible that the examination method of the “QUESTIONNAIRE” test would distort the examination result and change the competition winner.

Image source: Dan Butor

Thus, as a result of the examination in the questionnaire on the rules of the game, the referees from the pair Ghiță / Topliceanu obtained the following result:

28 points – Jiulian Yunwei
23 points – Toplishino Theodor Sebastian

In fact, in the case of the Ghi Ionuț questionnaire, question 3 was incorrectly rated (it was deemed a “wrong answer” even though the answer was correct).

If correct answers are given, the average and rejected answers are changed

In the case of the Theodor Sebastian Toplishano questionnaire, three questions, questions 22, 24 and 25, were incorrectly assessed (considered a “wrong answer” even though the answers were correct), were shown in the directed note.

Practically four questions answered correctly, were categorized incorrectly and thus the normal score was changed.

Therefore, the final rate of the pair of referees should be as follows:

Ionot Kettle / Solomon Fractions: (8 + 5 + 6) + (10 + 5 + 5) = 39: 6 = Total – 6.50
Gesch Iono / Toplishano Sebastian: (8 + 9 + 9) + (7 + 6 + 10) = 49: 6 = total – 8.16

However, the Romanian Handball Federation declares the winner of the competition by a decision of the FRH Board of Directors dated 13.01.2022, at point 6.2. Referee of Jizan Yunoi / Suleiman Jusoor for the club EHF candidates.

Although phones or smartwatches were not allowed during the test, one of the test judges later took a picture of the survey. Giulian Ionoy intervened and asked Christina Verzaro to intervene. Only then the cell phones of all the “whistleblowers” involved converged.

Theodore Sebastian Toplicino: “It’s been 9 years of work, we can’t see how there is a passage for some, we have to suffer”

The two referees want to seek justice. Otherwise, they publicly announce that they are retiring.

Theodore Sebastian Toplicino spoke with ProSport He assures that they sent a note to MTS and EHF.

“We don’t know exactly what happened in this test with appreciation, it is certain that even though we got a better score, we were rejected. We want everything to be fair and transparent. Yes, that’s right, I sent a note to MTS and EHF. We assume that we We can disappear from handball.

We do not rely on arbitration, we do everything for fun. I am a researcher at a university, my colleague works for the Emergency Inspection Authority.

Handball is fun. It’s a 9-year business, and we can’t see how there is a passage for some, and we have to suffer,” declared one of the oppressors, Theodore Sebastian Toplishano.

And the Ministry of Sports, according to the law, has 30 days to respond to the two referees, of course, after requesting the point of view of the FR handball.

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