Spell BOX, AI diagnostic device for agricultural crops

This year, agritech will launch Chromosome Dynamics Spell BOX, a hardware solution for crop diagnostics.

Spell BOX comes to the aid of farmers with a solid database of diseases and pests, with maximum accuracy, eliminating any human error related to the nature of the problem under analysis due to the controlled environment in which the images were taken.

This device allows the insertion and scanning of diseased plants or fruits in real time, giving the user a complete report of the problems identified and the solutions found.

The information is read using a camera placed inside the device. The complex report is displayed directly in the Spell BOX app, and offers several treatment regimens with the corresponding products. Thus, by contacting one of the partner distributor consultants, in the shortest time, you can easily find a solution to the factory problems.

Spell BOX was thought to be a handy tool for any grower. The compact case has a stylish design and modern air, and the most important features are operated by just two basic buttons.

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After the factory inspection, the report is generated directly in the Spell BOX application, where the user will have access to the best treatment schemes and, of course, to a wide range of products designed to cover the full range of client needs.

The Spell BOX application is the application that accompanies the device of the same name, being an extension of it the user receives all the information relevant to solving the problems encountered and which makes it possible to purchase the right products at the best price.

“Chromosome dynamics aims to be an inventor in the development of future technologies accessible to the general public. The field of the agricultural industry is of increasing interest to companies engaged in technology, respectively in the field of artificial intelligence, and our main advantage, in addition to the development of unique solutions and tools that can be easily used By all farmers, not just those with IT knowledge, it’s application scalability.I’ve worked in Spell BOX for 8 months and allocate the right budgets to get a high tech product that anyone in the world can access today.We built from scratch an entire hybrid ecosystem (Hardware + Software), can be accessed in real time by pressing a single button.We anticipate a product launch mid-year with the first batch of devices delivered to partners starting in October, which is only available through agricultural input distributors.Farmers interested in the hardware will be able to From ordering it directly from the input distributor they work with, the income will be made on the basis of the annual subscription, and the cost of the device is zero,” said Ionel Mogurel Gabriel, CEO the Chromosome dynamics.

Spell Box is a professional tool and is aimed at farmers who want to do quality farming. The device is equipped with AI POWERED technology, which benefits from constant updates. Upon launch, Spell Box will be able to identify pests and pathogens from straw, weeds and oilseeds and will also serve professional vegetable growers of a variety of vegetable crops.

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Chromosome dynamics will develop other modules that can accurately identify weeds, plants or soil. The company appreciates the delivery of the first batch of devices this fall to several distributors of agricultural inputs in Romania. CHRD also aims to sign the world’s first partnerships with input distributors.

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