Sports Day activities, Monday 13 December. Outrageous draw for the eighth European Champions League. Romania, Sweden beat in the World Handball Championship!

The draw for the eighth final of the Champions League was a controversial moment. It all started with a second draw, after the ball containing Villarreal was opened. Romania finished its participation in the World Handball Championship outside of 10th place, a goal that was set before the first match. The competition showed us that we’re still hooked on superstar Neagu. These and some other sporting events on Monday, December 12th, which we bring to you in summary fanatic.

The best matches of the Champions League. Paris Saint-Germain – Real Madrid is the shock of the stage

The draw for the eighth final of the Champions League was a controversial moment. It all started with a second draw, after the ball containing Villarreal was opened. According to the rules, the Spaniards could not meet opponents Manchester United in the group stage, but no team from Spain could either.

Andrei Arshavin withdrew the ball from Manchester United’s ballot box, at which point Giorgio Marchetti, UEFA general secretary, noticed the fatal error and asked the Russia international to draw a new ball. Thus, Villarreal came to play against Manchester City.

Marchetti accidentally replaced the name Manchester United with Manchester City, so the “Devils” did not enter the draw as the opponents of Atletico Madrid. After the critical error in the first draw, UEFA returned and canceled the original schedule.

Real Madrid is the team most affected after the UEFA decision to return the draw. Galaxies fell for the first time with Benfica Lisbon, and in the second draw with Paris Saint-Germain.

Conclusion after Romania’s participation in the World Handball Championship!

Romania finished its participation in the Women’s World Handball Championship outside the top ten. The Tricolor won only against the lowest-ranked teams on their way to the final tournament.

Romania stopped at the end of the main groups. The “three colors” came fourth, the last place in the competition is 13, out of the net.

Cristina Nyago did not participate in this tournament and her absence appeared in the Romania match. Although the evolution of Tricolor has been gritty at times, the World Cup shows us that we still rely on superstar Neagu.

Interview with Giovanni Beccali “The Last Don”!

Giovanni Becali spoke in an exclusive interview with fanatic About the strongest transfers his company made last year, about the national team, but he also spoke about private and little-known passages from his life.

69-year-old Giovanni Becali is, by numbers, the number one manager of Romanian football. Although at the moment he is a consultant to Becali Sport led by Draghi Sarbo, Giovanni Becali is “on fire”. Even at this age!

Nobody takes their relationships, the flair and eye of a talented hunter, the credibility built in hundreds of transitions is more modern than ever.

Dynamo can be saved even if it ends up going down

The Romanian Football Federation plans to change the licensing regulations for participation in League 1, taking into account the result that the clubs will have in the junior academies classification.

The academy’s score is calculated on the basis of seven categories, on a scale from 1 to 4. According to the new provisions, the news is important for Dinamo, who just defeated, in the tournament, Chindia Targoviste, with a score of 1-0.

Mircea Rednik is going through a difficult period, as it occupies the penultimate position in the first league, with 12 points after 19 games played.

Emma Rodocano, in danger of losing the Australian Open

British tennis player Emma Rudokan, ranked 19 in the WTA, has tested positive for Covid-19 in a test in Abu Dhabi, so she will be quarantined.

I can’t wait to play in front of the fans here in Abu Dhabi, but unfortunately, having tested positive for Covid-19, I will have to postpone it until the next opportunity. I is self-isolating according to the rules and I hope to be able to return to the field soonThe athlete said.

This withdrawal spoils Emma Rodocano’s plans to attend the Australian Open, the first Grand Slam tournament of the year, which begins on January 17. Last month, the organizers announced that rules must be followed to be at AO.

Only vaccinated or vaccinated players will be accepted, not those who have been vaccinated and not vaccinated”, which is specified in the announcement of the organizers. In other words, Emma Rodocano cannot participate in the first Grand Slam tournament of the year.

Until January 17, there are 33 days left, during which those responsible for the good conduct of affairs in the state of Victoria, to which Melbourne belongs, can change the rules.

Romanian chess party, elegant event in Poiana Brașov

A special weekend in Poiana Braشوفov ended a year of changes for the better for Romanian chess. The National Rapid and Blitz Chess Championship was held, as was the Romanian Chess Gala, 1st Edition.

There were 163 players initially registered for the Rapid Chess competition, the open division, including eight Grand Masters and 10 International Masters. Vladislav Nevednichi won the title, with 7.5 points in the nine rounds he played. In the women’s category, 40 players fought for the national title. Corina Peptan won the fast chess with 7.5 points.

In lightning chess, Mircea Barlegras won the title with 7.5 points, as did Konstantin Lupoliscu, but the latter was swayed by the tie-breaking criteria. Luminika Kuzma also won the women’s race with a total of 7.5 points.

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