The course of history like the Jordan River goes back to Epiphany: The Great Reset window closes… Now we have a window of opportunity. Just like tight

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A planetary event, hidden or cleverly designed by the corporate press, went almost unnoticed: Britain declared the end of the pandemic.

On January 19, before Parliament, in a speech reminiscent of the fall of the Berlin Wall, Boris Johnson decreed:

“As of next week, the compulsory (vaccination) certificates will expire…

“We will stop the mandatory use of a COVID status certificate in England…

“From now on, the government will no longer require people to work from home, and people will have to talk to their employers about returning to work…

“The government will no longer require the wearing of a mask anywhere… We will trust the British trial and we will no longer punish anyone who decides not to wear a mask…

“The time will soon come when we lift the legal obligation to self-isolate – just as there is no obligation to self-isolate if you have the flu…

“We will publish our strategy for coexisting with COVID-19, explaining how we hope to protect our freedom and avoid restrictions in the future, relying instead on advances in science…”

How is that? Pooh, did the epidemic magically go away?

Suddenly, isn’t the world collapsing?

Suddenly, do people no longer need to adapt to the “new normal” of isolated moles, associated exclusively with tightly controlled digital communications?

Suddenly, is a ‘medical dictatorship’ no longer necessary for survival?

Overnight, no need to vaccinate, revaccinate, revaccinate? Can our elders and children survive and get bitten?

Will the conspiracy theory become true?

(Please note that the British Prime Minister is making this failed announcement in the midst of the Omicron Contagion explosion!)

The UK is not flabby. It is not Vanuatu, nor Grenada, nor Saint Kitts and Nevis, nor any other country ruled by a strange dictator, which is what we remember in the world athletics competitions.

We are talking about the fifth largest economy in the world and the oldest democracy in the world.

In addition, the UK is not Brazil’s covidosceptic Bolsonaro, nor is India, where systemic hydroxychloroquine has (successfully) replaced vaccination, not even Sweden, with ‘herd immunity’.

no! Since the beginning of the pandemic, the UK has adopted the most severe restrictions. It was one of the most tyrannical medical dictatorships, in which young people without masks were assaulted by the police in the street, with people evicted from their homes for violating self-isolation rules, with the elderly allowed to die in asylums…

The United Kingdom was the first country in Europe to launch mass vaccination. He submitted a certificate of vaccination. Today, 77% of Britons are vaccinated with at least one dose, 72% with two doses and 55% with three doses.

Some have tried to explain Boris Johnson’s failed rhetoric by trying to escape the political scandal in which he was arrested – the parties of his cabinet members defy the restrictions.

Probably so. But this means at least two things:

1. The restrictions that members of the British government casually violated (as did politicians all over the world, from Bucharest to Brussels and Washington) were unnecessary. rain water. Dust in the eyes of stupidity.

2. The majority of the population, insofar as it has been vaccinated, is tired of dictatorship, propaganda and the infamous infection called the “new normal”.

Boris Johnson wants to get rid of his skin, okay! Sing to the people, that’s right!

But a strong enough wave of desire for freedom was needed to settle in.

And this wave of freedom needed a real opportunity to overcome and overcome the current of medical obedience to the world by the globalists, so that the fox that flew from London suddenly moved from one camp to another.

We are already witnessing a change in the course of history these days. As Jordan returns to the Epiphany, the official discourse (or “narration” in lexical barbarism) changes from day to day.

But change does not happen everywhere smoothly. There are follicles and cataracts.

Other states are struggling to end current blackouts: After the Supreme Court banned compulsory vaccination, the Biden administration is trying to shift responsibility for the restrictions to local authorities; France is desperately searching for a breed that will bring terror to the population after the rumble of Omicron.

This is why the staggering upheaval in the UK is critical to the future of the planet.

The current change is observed not only at the political level, but also at the medical level.

The equivalent of Boris Johnson’s revolutionary speech is the WHO’s January 19 recommendation (no coincidence!) for all countries in the world to abandon the “green certificate” and other restrictions on foreign travel.

It is useless, but on the contrary it leads to economic crises and unjustified social pressures, says the organization that bears the greatest responsibility for the spread of health terrorism in the world in the past two years.

If we weren’t in a pretentious opening space, the natural reaction would be: “Swear on your mother’s life?” or “Do your eyes jump?”

The reactions of some teachers of the medical dictatorship were less clear, but no less exciting.

For those with ears to hear, Earth has been equipped by the same supreme shaman, Anthony Fauci, since last summer.

Who bathed her and wrapped her masks, handcuffs, sequestrations, and vaccinations like a fairground bomb, justified herself so carelessly in June 2021 that all her twists and turns were based on changes in science:

“As a scientist, it is essential that your opinion and recommendations evolve based on the information, and as it evolves… That is why I say that those who criticize me for it are actually critical of science.”

You hit me? You go inside, you go to the factories and factories!

Fauci’s Israeli counterpart, Dr. Cyril Cohen, gave a great interview that day: it’s clearly inconvenient that he must contradict himself and try to explain his voltages without laughing (a lot), the man physically tosses and twists, often making the gesture of undoing his tie Fake.

The Israeli doctor has every reason to be embarrassed: “We just learned about it at the time“He laid his head down, acknowledging that the green certificate is useless and has a role in forcing people to be vaccinated, that closing a school is a big mistake, and that natural vaccination of a flock is more effective than vaccination. In the masses, in which Israel is the heroine.

But, again: All the excuses and retractions don’t do as much as the obvious embarrassment of mimicking the embarrassed face and body does.

Another specific interview for a change of tide and attitude in the cover of “Health Powers” is the one he gave at the end of last year to Raed Arafat, the most failed and hated version of Dâmboviţa (if possible!), by Anthony Fauci.

The gist of the interview is three words: “That’s what he thought…” With this magic formula he learned from his mentor on the banks of the Potomac River, Arafat is trying to justify his mistakes in the past two years.

Apart from many lies (eg: “Everyone said that vaccination would be the magic solution.” – everyone? And Malone, Montagnier, McCullough, Whedon, Bhaki, Coleman, Raoult, and the tens of thousands of signatories to the Barrington Declaration? ‘

“No one made the decisions alone.”

Spoken by the proud Syrian – who until yesterday was on the verge of stepping forward and boasting of his strength and taking responsibility – these words show that he has begun to seek refuge behind collective decisions.

The look he cast for a moment at the interlocutor leaves no room for doubt: Arafat is afraid!

Suspicion and fear permeated the bones of a person that no one and nothing could move.

Fauci, Cohen, and Arafat are undoubtedly right: science is not a religion. It assumes gradual and relative knowledge. Step by Step. Always subject to change, as a result of new discoveries, dialogue, abuse and contradictions in the scientific world, it always has a degree of uncertainty.

Medical science is no exception.

So Fauci, Cohen, Arafat and their partners cannot be blamed for the mistakes. Instead, they are guilty of violating the principles of science.

They are guilty of preventing any discussion with those who go against their point of view and, even worse, of denigrating and slandering opponents and excluding them from the public space.

They are guilty of censorship in public.

They are guilty of endorsing “in the name of science” excesses and injustices that the civilized world has not witnessed for nearly a hundred years.

They are mainly guilty of spreading the false and murderous myth: “The vaccine is safe and effective” Both mad and criminal children are vaccinated.

In other words, it is Ald Fossey, Cohen, Arafat, and the entire system that has propelled and carried them forward that is guilty of turning science into religion. In worship where life is conditional on obedience.

(It is no coincidence that images of Fauci as a saint or priest appeared across the ocean! And it is no coincidence that posters with doctors as gods appeared on the streets of Romania and elsewhere!).

The truth is that in the past two years I have not lived under a “medical dictatorship,” as Embry declared. It was a “religious dictatorship” of a satanic sect.

This religious dictatorship is showing signs of cracking. I explained here why. In short, the “contractors” did not agree on the next stage and the division of the world.

A pandemic is a rare but narrow opportunity to express, reimagine, and reset our world.warned Klaus Schwab, founding president of the World Economic Forum in Davos and educator of the Great Reset.

Or the “narrow” timeout has expired. The COVID Reset window begins to close.

But let us not sleep on one ear. The “contractors” didn’t disappear overnight, they just baffled. He anxiously searches for ideas and tricks to save his plan and its skins.

Any window that closes opens another. Now, it is we, the ordinary and free people, who have a “window of opportunity” that we must take advantage of. If we want to remain human, not digital moles.

But we don’t have much time to wake up and respond.

The new window is narrow at least. She threatens to be knocked down by the cold winds of history at any moment.

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