The position of director is not a reward for excellence

“A few words and explanations have been completed after the evaluations of the theater directors, with special reference to the Metropolis Theatre. This is the first time the evaluations have been done. So far, the evaluations have been done with complacency and everything turned out to be great. I consider the 8.90 mark given The director has a very good mark. We must get out of the hypocrisy in which we all note 10. The position of director of a cultural institution is not an award of distinction for a secondary cultural activity. The position of director of a cultural institution is a full-time activity, in which the manager must improve the resources at his disposal, for a cultural product High quality (I never said that cultural institutions should make a profit, but I am firm in the matter of optimizing resources.) I did not allow myself to be afraid, and I am glad that the commission did not either, among all the scandal that arose around the Metropolis Theater a few days before the director’s assessment Nikosur Dan wrote on Facebook.

He says he supports the commission’s assessment of the Director of the Metropolis Treaty, Jorge Ivasco.

“I will indicate below the lies that have been repeated so many times that they have created an impression of reality. I support the assessment made by the commission (made up of six experts in the performing arts and three officials of the city council) of the director of the Metropolis Theater, Jorge Ivasco. Mr. Ivacho is a respected teacher, who will be a director A good technician, but not a successful theater director. In the oral evaluation, he failed to answer the question about the implementation of the budget for 2021, or that the first thing the director needs to know are key financial indicators. He was in charge of the 350-seat Gloria Hall, where he did not By any shows to sell tickets, since other theaters of the Town Hall pay large rents for the halls in which he plays. He had at his disposal three performance halls and sold 2,170 tickets, that is, 6 tickets per day sold for the three available halls”, adds the mayor.

Regarding budget allocations, Nicoshore Dan states that since 2017-2018, since Gabriela Feria “earns money and spends every year a billion lei more than her income”, the method of financial resistance to the Mayor’s Office and its affiliates has been to take out expenses and pay them after 60-90 days The law prohibits a period of more than 90 days.

“In other words, the managers rent the budgeted amounts, and the mayor’s office commits to pay them before the end of the 90 days of appointment. With the deep cost reductions we made to all organizations in 2021, we set out to keep pace with the payments. We would have made it to the end of 2021, had we. We did not receive from the state 130 million lei less than the government’s estimates on which we built all the budgets.Although 130 million lei would have solved many problems, I did not protest in any way, I understood that the state can collect a lot of income tax. Returning to the Metropolis Theatre, instead of inciting collaborators against the mayor’s office, the director could have fully committed the 900,000 lei of production, which he had in his budget, and could have paid them PMB, with a two-month delay. Also a request to allocate funds from other budget sections, where they remain in surplus, to the budget line (20.30.30 for specialists) for its production.Some of the reallocations are the responsibility of the mayor, others are the responsibility of the general council, and all reallocations have been approved Allocation requested by affiliated institutions by the mayor or council. If he had complied with his statutory obligation to invite PMB representatives to boards (he admitted he did not), the Metropolis Theater Director could have put these crisis solutions into practice,” says Mayor General Capital.

Also, Nicuşor Dan conveys that if Director George Ivaşcu had respected his income targets assumed at the beginning of the year, and achieved on 31.12.2021 only 54%, all collaborators today were up to date with payments.

“However, we do not believe it is right to accuse the mayor of bad faith, sabotage or political gambling and to provoke the cultural union by presenting incorrect facts, given that the situation resulted primarily from a financial management that should have been more careful and adapted to the epidemiological reality. in which the entire cultural sphere carried out its activity. Two lies have been stubbornly repeated in recent days. The first is the closure of the Metropolis Theater. And it was not closed. In 2022 its budget was 10 million lei (9.874 million lei), of which 1.1 million lei for production. Second, that they were actors without pay for six months. Even the theater director denied this information. As explained above, except for the hypothesis of “on notebook” accounting, a public institution cannot incur any expenses which are not paid in 90 days”, concludes Nicoshore Dan.

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