The story of Tatiana Tudor, yoga teacher: “Stop, breathe, give yourself more time, peace and smile more”

28-year-old Tatiana Tudor, born in Vălenii de Munte, is a former dancer in the ensemble “Rebel Cabaret” and currently a yoga instructor at the “Fitness Scandinavia” school. She teaches yoga classes to both adults and children who, says Tatiana, manage to surprise her every time.

Welcome to the interview. Introduce yourself in a few words.

“Hi John. Thank you for inviting me on this written interview. Always a pleasure to talk to you! For those of you who don’t know me yet, my name is Tatiana Tudor. People also know me from Tatiana Aileen. I am an incurable optimist, a lover of life, dance and everything related to the spiritual side. “.

For a long time I focused on the world of dance. Talk about rubbing salt in my surgeries – duh!

“Yes, it was a wonderful period, a period that brought me thousands of feelings, a period in which I collected many experiences. The experiences that have now brought me to where I am. When you say dances you think… ‘How simple or beautiful or mmm, yes, please.’ But she Much more than what others see.

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There are hours of coaching, coaching, and thousands of ideas to be right, to put your best foot forward on stage so as not to disappoint the audience, and the list goes on. It’s a lot of work, but it’s also great. For me, the dances, the environment in which I was performing and the people I met through the prism of Rebel Cabaret, the band I worked for for many years, made me very mature. All assembled have brought me to the path I am on now and for that I am so grateful! “

How did you discover yoga and what made you focus your energy on spiritual development?

“Well, I always had this call, and I didn’t know how to listen. There was always a power in me that drew me, and urged me to listen more. But, you see, when you’re always in constant running and agitation, you can no longer focus on the inside, But you are only careful on the outside.

I had to turn my head upside down and go through some feelings that made me realize that everything spiritual had a great deal to do with me. This is how this journey began, and the first step in embodying everything I know was to start a yoga class at Fitness Scandinavia.

What does yoga mean to you? Who can do yoga?

“Yoga to me means rediscovery, feeling, intuition, love, self-understanding, understanding, and union between body, mind and spirit. Anyone can do this practice, anyone who wants more balance in life, thoughts, existence or perhaps more physical flexibility. children to the elderly.

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For example, in addition to adult classes, I also have children’s classes. You have no idea what magic is created with them, how quickly they absorb information and how mature they are. I’ve been working with them for a while, but every day I get stuck in something. With children, the practice of yoga is in the form of a game and play in which we incorporate the principles of yoga: love, understanding, empathy, and the union of body, mind and spirit. Ultimately, in Sanskrit, yoga is translated as union.”

What are the visible benefits that a yoga practitioner can have?

“The benefits are many, but I will list a few. It improves heart health, can help relieve migraines and improve breathing. Pranayama or breathing yoga is a practice that focuses on controlling breathing through different techniques and exercises. Most types of yoga include breathing exercises.

One study showed an increase in lung capacity due to 15 weeks of yoga practice. I recommend this practice especially in this period of chaos and stress. Here are some examples of the benefits to readers, they may have the courage to take a yoga class to convince themselves: reduced stress, reduced anxiety, relief from mild depression, improved flexibility, the list goes on and on.

How does your life look today compared to what it was 5-7 years ago?

“Good question. Obviously I am now at a stage where I feel a great spiritual maturity and conscious development. I can say that I am more aware of everything that comes into my life. Then it was chaos, and now I would say that I am an organized chaos.”

What is the most important lesson you have learned from life?

How important it is to allow yourself to be left alone with yourself, and not be afraid of loneliness and “darkness.” To learn to listen to yourself, to know yourself better because this self-knowledge will make you become a light from the darkness from which you escape. You will be amazed at how many wonderful things you will notice around you.”

What motivates you now to make the choices you make and be where you are?

“This prosperous life motivates me and few people are with me.”

What are your biggest fears?

“I have been on this class for 5 years and believe I have addressed almost all fears and traumas, but I have never escaped fear of heights and fear of water (pool, sea, ocean) and I feel that it will take me a long time to achieve understanding, awareness and healing towards them, but even 100 years I will definitely solve it.”

What is your suggestion to all of those who are stuck in the accelerating pace of life, without a very clear direction?

“The idea is simple: stop, breathe, give yourself more time and peace, take just one day as much as you can and smile more. For those who do not have a clear direction, I suggest not to panic. Wrong decisions are made at such times. Calmly, listen more To your intuition and your soul. This is the only way to show them the right path.”

Are you going back to dancing? why?

“I have never given up my passion for dancing. I no longer perform on stage, but I go to lessons and dance a lot at home. For me, the dances are at home. I will not give up the energy they create. They will probably appear on stage in the future but it remains to be seen “.

In the end, he leaves a message for readers of the Prahova Observatory newspaper.

“Dear ones, thank you for coming to the end of the interview and for being part of the Prahova Observatory community. Smile a lot, allow yourself to feel everything, joy, love, sadness, disappointment, illusion, hope.

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Let all nations come to you, but treat them with understanding and be aware of them. And most importantly, talk to the people around you so that if they die the next day, you will come to terms with the last thing you said or the last thing you did to them. I hug you all! “

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