Cluj Day | 18 Gym, a franchise with gyms that wants to conquer Romania

18 Gym Fitness Club is a family business of brothers Ronia, Alexandra and Vlad, and they started from their passion for sports which they share with their parents. The company is looking to expand through franchising in all cities of Romania. There are currently 18 Gym 15 locations in the country.

18 Gym Fitness Club Romania is a family business, founded by brothers Ronia, Vlad and Alexandra in Târgu Morey in 2009. Both are fitness trainers. Network of companies led by the second rank in the country.

18 Gym is located in Cluj-Napoca with 6 locations (Mărăști, Mănăștur, Piața Cipariu, Calea Turzii, Gheorgheni and Bună Ziua). In addition to these locations, the Ronia Brothers will open 4 more new locations in the city this spring.

It all began with a passion for common sports in the family. The father of the soccer coach, and mother of the first aerobics coach in Târgu Morey, was also passed on to the two children, who had to transform the concept of a nationwide fitness room, into a place where people could reach their potential and potential. regain their trust.

18 Gym, a franchise with gyms that wants to conquer Romania

Loyalty between the two brothers, a common passion and a desire to share the secrets of sports lead them to one goal – development. Thus, they stand out as personal trainers, and later as the founders of the first fitness room in the family, in their hometown – Târgu Morey.

Currently the developers and founders of the popular fitness chain, 18Gym Fitness Club, developers of the Training and Preparation Academy for all sports enthusiasts who have chosen their career as a personal trainer, 18Fitness Academy, with monthly releases in collaboration with 8 cities in Romania (Bucharest, Braشوفov, Cluj-Napoca, Timiشوارoara, Târgu Morey, Oradea, Iaşi, Constanta), which reached more than 500 fitness-trained students.

18 Gym, a franchise with gyms that wants to conquer Romania

In addition to their success in the fitness field, they have also developed a beauty and body-reconstructive service brand, 18Beauty Center, which delivers quality through high-performance equipment.

Continuous Improvement

The brothers Vlad and Alexandra Ronia were noticed and known in the largest cities of Romania, such as Bucharest, Cluj-Napoca, Târgu-Morris, Brasov, etc., and the plan for their development is constantly growing.

The brand currently has 13 locations and two franchises. A thriving family business, clear evidence of the security of the family business. Family has always been first, and that’s what made her successful.

That is why the city of Târgu Morís will remain the foundation and place of the soul where the whole story of 18 Jim began.

More sites this year

In addition to the four new locations in Cluj-Napoca, 18 gyms will open a new location in Târgu Morey, the city where it all began (it will be the largest to date) and two other new locations in Bucharest, where the brand is already working with three other locations. This spring, 18Gym Fitness Club reaches 20 locations and two franchises.

18 Gym, a franchise with gyms that wants to conquer Romania

18 gym phone app

Furthermore, Frații Ronea offers discounts on 18 GYM subscriptions of all types through the 18 GYM mobile app. It can be downloaded from Play Store for Android phones and App Store for iOS phones. There, users can purchase subscriptions at premium prices, lower than those on the sites. I can choose the date the gym membership is valid or cancel it easily for free. The app also rewards user loyalty with cumulative discounts. 5% at 3 months without a break, 10% at 6 months, and 15% after 1 year, after which this discount remains for life.

Expansion of 18 fitness clubs through franchise

The brand 18 Gym Fitness Club Romania in Romania is looking for spaces to expand to the rest of the cities in Romania, that is why we are officially announcing the development, and we offer the opportunity to other young entrepreneurs to develop their own business through the 18 Gym franchise system.

18 Gym, a franchise with gyms that wants to conquer Romania

“The whole concept was born out of a desire to help and teach Romanians to lead a healthy, long-term lifestyle, and provide quality services at affordable prices. Our goal is to reach 40 theaters in Romania in different cities to offer a unique and different experience!” – Ronia Vlad, CEO of 18Gym Fitness Club.

More details about the franchise program can be found on the 18 GYM FITNESS CLUB website:

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