Dan Nano is back in the culture department. A job that has had problems in recent years

Dan Nano, since the end of last year, the new director of the Sibiu Culture Department. The Ministry of Culture announced that he was the winner of the competition for the position of CEO after passing the interview test with a score of 80.60 and thus returned to the position he held on two other occasions.

The competition has now resumed after being canceled in August 2021. Then there were three candidates for the position, but one did not pass the file verification stage, and the other two withdrew before the written test. In fact, they did not appear in the audition, and this was noted in the chronology of the competition.

But this time, the notes received by the candidates for the written test are missing from the Ministry of Culture website, including Dan Nano’s interview test score: 80.60, he was declared accepted.

Turbulent past with broken plugs

Dan Nano worked in the Culture Department from 2006 to 2010, during which time he worked as a senior advisor. In 2009 he ran for director, but was expelled from the exam after a scandal in which he was accused of copying.

Local media reports at the time said that 3 candidates had applied for the competition: Carol Szatmari (an employee of the Directorate), Dr. Cosmin Socio (Associate Professor at the Faculty of History at the University of Lucien Blaga) and Dan Nano, who is also an employee of the Directorate.

“Caught copying societal policy topics from some newspapers, Mr. Nano tore up these papers claiming to be drafts. However, it was found that the papers did not bear the stamp of the competition organizer and therefore Mr. Nano was expelled from the competition,” Allgemeine Deutsche Zeitung reporter wrote in a press release. “.

Then Dan Nano denied the allegations.

First of all, there was no evidence of “community policies”, and what was written on the pages had nothing to do with competition. I have nothing to be ashamed of. Dan Nano said: He who thinks he is cleaner than me should throw a stone.

The competition was held again, but Dan Nano, the only candidate this time, scored a 2.9 in the written test.

Dan Nano was also, for a short time, a local councilor, and in the 2008 parliamentary elections he received college 5 Sibiu, where he represented PD-L – 35.62%.

Incumbent, former parish priest

A year later, in 2010, Dan Nano was appointed interim director of culture, without competition.

He held this position for only a few months, and was later appointed to the position by Colin Truvacho, and after his resignation in 2012, the foundation remained without a CEO until January 2013 when Răzvan Pop was appointed.

By law, I was temporarily appointed for a maximum period of six months. At the time of organizing the competition for this position”, Rozvan Pop announced at the time, the Tower of the Council. He later won the competition, but resigned after three years. In the fall of 2016, Răzvan Pop resigned, and was elected by the Deputy Mayor of Sibiu for local councilors.

Dan Nano was appointed to replace Rozvan Pope, but he remained in the position for only one year. The competition organized by the National Agency for Civil Servants was won by Valentin Delko, a former parish priest in Zliember and the institution appears to have a leader elected by regulation.

“I believed in myself that I could do it and decided to give it a try,” Delka said about changing his career and participating in the competition, which was organized several times, but without anyone participating. “I am not a party member,” Delka said, and according to him he was not even contacted by any party representative regarding possible political support for this position.

Valentin Delko, former parish priest in elimbăr, graduate of the Faculty of Theology and German Studies. The 41-year-old was also working as a human resources inspector.

He held the position for three years, and resigned after being seconded from the Francia Provincial Department of Culture.

Instead of Valentin Delko, Marius Oltian was brought to the head of the Sibiu Provincial Directorate of Culture, who before this position was the Director of Audit of the Sibiu Provincial Council. Assigned to the Directorate for a period of six months. “We just learned about it at the time. According to the labor law, secondments can take place for a maximum of six months, ”explained Marius Oltiano at the time.

After Marius Oltiano left for the district council, Cyprien Turochkai was appointed to this position, during which time two more competitions were organized. The first time, organized in the summer of last year, the two candidates who remained in the competition after checking the files did not appear in the written test.

A new competition was held in the winter, which was won by Dan Nano.

Open conflict between two former managers

Between Răzvan Pop, director of the foundation between 2013 and 2016, and Dan Nano, who followed him in office, there was always a feud. And it all culminated when Răzvan Pop in 2009 called Dan Nano, on his blog, “the brave pdl-ist”, who became director of the Directorate of Culture because “PD, a friendly committee, knows the subjects.” “Anyway, I also want to know, as a historian and researcher, what qualifies this man to be the director of DJCCPC. How much research has he done as a historian, what books he has published, what papers he has submitted, and does he have a Ph.D. or at least a master’s degree?” What management experience does he have (I know he’s been a local consultant for a few months)?

The Left Alliance started well in Sibiu as well. No minister, and the first man thrown into the market is caught cheating for example,” wrote Rozvan Pope.

List of managers in recent years:

Vasily Krishan

Clean Truvacho

Dan nano

Rizvan Bob

Dan nano

Valentine Delko

Marius Oltian

Cyprien Turochkai

Dan nano

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