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The Culture House for Yash Students is a training center for the young generation, an oasis of creativity and a meeting point for everyone who has had the courage to pursue their dreams and passions! In 64 years of continuous activity, the threshold of the institution has been crossed by lovers of music, dance, fine art, photography, literature, volunteering, etc., who here benefit from the support and knowledge of the references who put the soul into them in all they have done. They helped young people reach the public from Iai and beyond.

“The House of Student Culture has always been the bridge between the talented youth and the beauty-loving public, which is why, despite the difficult times we are going through with the Sars-Cov2 epidemic, which seems to never end, we continue to organize events and bring happiness to those around us. Thus, We invite the people of Yash to enjoy the surprises that we have prepared to watch the anniversary and come with the team of the House of Culture, but taking into account the rules of prevention in force.Among them are maintaining social distance and using a protective mask, but also organizing the event with a capacity of 30% of the performance halls, and of course there is also the option Online to watch performances”, said Bogdan Cruciano, Director of the Iasi Student Culture House, that during the entire period of the epidemic, communication between the public and youth is not cut off, and this is done via the Internet.

Student Culture House Days

Student Culture House Days will take place between 1-4 November this year and will start with the “Ieșean Student Gala”, an event organized with public universities in Iai. During the ceremony, our organization will reward excellence in education, art, and youth engagement in community life. Young people who have achieved outstanding results in their fields of study and outstanding members of our institution’s art clubs and student organizations who received funding for the projects they implemented in 2021 will be rewarded for their efforts. The third edition of the “Ieșean Student Gala” will take place in the Gaudeamus Hall, from 19:00, and will be broadcast online, on the Foundation’s Facebook page.

On November 2, from 18:00, we invite you to view the photo exhibition “Epilogue” on the Facebook page of the Student Culture House in Iai, organized by members of the Visual Arts Club “ConceptArt”. . The theme of the 31 works on display is “From mere abstraction to figurative”, in which Iasi residents have been invited to enjoy several types of photography.

The most active members of the Visual Arts Club will participate in the opening. Young people will present their exhibited work and will talk to the audience about the materials and images on display and also about their experience in the middle of our public club, said Daniel Moisi, coordinator of the “ConceptArt” club.

Anniversary events

We continue the series of events dedicated to the anniversary with a folk concert that will take place on 3 November, at 18:00, in Dublin Hall. Young Ciprian Cotruță, Dan Holban and Alex Filote & Friends, members of the “Support the Artists from Iași” club, will delight the audience with their famous songs, as well as their own compositions.

On November 4, from 19:00, in the “Gaudeamus” hall, the Student House of Culture of Iași organizes an annual event dedicated to 64 years of activity. On this occasion, the artistic teams gathered with our partners in a show entitled “Carnival” directed by Adrian Stefan”, said Bogdan Crociano, Director of the Foundation. This event is an adaptation of “Gods of Carnival”, written by IL Caragiale, in which the artists create a unique atmosphere, Its heroes are our artists and the public alike.

“Carnival, yes, when you hear that word, you already think of the masks, the fun, the colorful and varied costumes, the joy, the smiles, and the beautiful eyes that you see under the mysterious masks. It is a word that takes you to a world of dreams, where you can be whoever you want. Life is a carnival must That we follow our goals with the masks that we wear and the masks that surround us, therefore, we will make it more beautiful with a smile!”, concluded Adrian Stefan, show director.

Please note that access to all events at Student House of Culture Days will be by invitation only. According to the provisions in force, only people who have been vaccinated against SARS-CoV-2 and who have elapsed 10 days since the completion of the full vaccination schedule or people who are in the period between the fifteenth and 180 days after confirmation of SARS-CoV-2 infection. Wearing a face mask is mandatory for the duration of the event.

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