Pavel Koro passed away. A 72-year-old former counterintelligence officer turned writer

Pavel Koro passed away Thursday morning, October 28. The announcement was made on Facebook by journalist Iulian Cătălin Chelaru and Cătălin-Ioan Berenghi, a former fighter in the Foreign Legion.

The cause of death is unknown at this time.

Born on June 17, 1949, in the town of Gloveniti Vichy, Iai Province, Pavel Coru was a Romanian intelligence and counter-intelligence officer, a colonel in the military counterintelligence service of the Romanian Army until February 1990, when he was placed in reserve by Nikolai Militaro, then Minister of National Defense in Romania.

Pavel Corro started in civilian life as a journalist, in 1990, signing first under the pseudonym Paul Sirnescu (the name later given to a fictional character in the Octagon series) and then as a writer, in 1992, has since published more than 170 books and novels by Fiction, realism, love, motivation and poetry, according to Wikipedia.

Written with difficulty and much distrust at first, the books were published, but later were published in several editions totaling several million copies.

The total number of published books exceeded 4 million copies by 2006, according to the author.

The topics covered by the author in these books are diverse. Speculative fiction, history, self-teaching methods, applied psychology, poetry, ancestor worship, mysteries of the world we live in, secret services are just some of the key words around which the writer’s entire work revolves.

The writer’s entire work is divided into the following series:

  • Octagon – novels based on elements of fantasy and science fiction, in the first part of each novel, which also gives the title of the book, followed by a newspaper text on the political and social situation in Romania after December 1989;
  • The Art of Success – The books in this series are about self-education and creating a successful character through elements of applied psychology; Love novels – novels in which the main characters are “victims” of feelings, but they are also the ones who give hope and confidence to the imagined heroes;
  • Poems – the words of the young writer’s passion [necesită citare]were included in the first phase of the octagon series novels, after which they were reunited in several volumes of poems.

He wrote in The Art of Success, Applied Psychology, Syntheses of Various Researches in the Field of Science.

Love Novels – Books in this category highlight the unseen face of the former Romanian counterintelligence chief, i.e. passionate romance.

These are the books in which the writer puts in the background the social and political problems of Romania, which are discussed extensively in the novels of the Octagon series and tries to capture the contrast between love and hate specific to any human relationship.

The main feature of the characters created by the writer is their strong character and confidence in their strength to be able to overcome their own circumstances.

The search for destiny and its reflection through the eyes of the characters is a constant that can be found in each of Pavel Corro’s love novels, and the path each of the characters encountered in these novels must take is a complete winding path. Of unpredictability and suffering.

Even if the writings of Pavel Koro seem pessimistic at first, and the characters who created them have nothing left but to resign, the message found in all of the writer’s novels is a strong positive one, strewn with optimistic thoughts and oriented towards hope. Proof of this is the words of the author:

“When you lose love, you lose everything. You lose your dreams, your hopes, your self-confidence, your dignity, your self-respect, your desire to live … the altars in your soul crumble with a collapse, you lose the icons, you drown in faith and reverence “The world dies before your eyes, and there seems to be nothing able to save him. However, in the depths of the soul, there was still a small seed of light, from which the fire of love could explode once more. “

political activity

Pavel Coru is the founder of the Romanian Life Party (PVR). The party anthem was Inima românului, with lyrics written by Pavel Koro and performed by Daniel Avram.

In March 2000, the Romanian Life Party was registered at the Bucharest Court.

In the November 2000 elections, the PVR, in the ranking of all 71 parties in existence at that time, ranked 16th.

In 2000, the party leadership refused to enter the party’s parliamentary lists. On October 26, 2002, within the party leadership forum, the National Council proposed the dissolution of the party by its founder Pavel Koro.

In 2016, Pavel Koro wrote a few words about his life in a Facebook post:

“I live in a village in Ilfov county since 2005. I have no political sympathy or hatred. I no longer believe that our nation will be saved by politicians, but by free entrepreneurs. I am a free thinker. I only believe in making me and God the mark of our ancestors A cross, and I have been labeled a nationalist and racist due to numerous writings and TV shows.

At 67 years old, I’m no longer bothered by this.[Direcția a IV a din DSS]I am satisfied with the life I lead and I dreamed of nothing special for me, but I dream that the Romanian nation will come to its senses and its creative potential will emerge out of the economic and moral crisis.

I do not discuss confidential issues in my account or otherwise. I wrote everything I needed to write about the revolution between 1990 and 2000. I am not interested in political activities. Between 1997 and 2000 I founded the Romanian Life Party, a party of faith that my compatriots do not understand, nor do I repeat the mistake of acting politically. I’d rather teach some people the basics of the art of success.

I hope I have made as many points as possible that have bothered you, that those who will stay with me know me as I really am: a good man. The guy who wrote 164 books with love for people can’t be bad, right?

I would like to tell you that I have not been arrested, investigated, charged or referred any Romanian citizen to court. She participated in the capture of foreign military spies and a terrorist. I did not cooperate with any foreign intelligence service. I have a clear conscience for my people, a nation for which I will always die.”

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