Romania is a country of deception and minimal intellectual disability

It couldn’t be that, Romania could have been a land of intellectual dignity and intelligence, but it just wanted it to be a land of deceit and intellectual impotence at the lowest level imaginable.

I do not believe that there is another country in the world, nor do I think that there has been another country that has been promoting more deception and rudeness (lack of common sense) and especially stubborn and impudent sub-intelligence, in any public office, from the bearer of communal councillors to the top four in the state.

I don’t know of any other example where a state would compromise the way Romania would, when it comes to a national school. A person who deliberately “deceivers” and who cannot even have even one university produces teachers at least at the lower European level.

That is, given that the public domain of “doctors” is a quack and that absolutely all elected officials are endangered in terms of intellectual level, general culture and even literacy (the ability to read and understand a written text, and to formulate correctly in writing a whole idea in the language of the state and accounts). As if they were selected only if they met the conditions of being intellectually uneducated, uneducated and illiterate.

Even those who became Roman university leaders prove to be intellectually humble, uneducated, and functionally illiterate, if not as much as they struggle to read and understand a written text, or to count.

All of them, elected and appointed, daily show the slightest impostor and mental helplessness.

What is astonishing for the Roman state is that almost all possibilities for fixing something are closed, in this sense. Fraudsters and their state sponsors promote and protect each other, individually and collectively, on the premise that they are too much to do.

And who should do it? The audience that chooses them and interacts with them? Employers who put them on the lists and send them to head ministries and government? Consultants who are like them if not deprived of the culture and tools for independent and critical thinking?

Let’s be clear! The field of national education has been essentially and effectively excluded from the field of external interference. Education and education/training are purely national responsibilities. As a result, there is no room for any foreign assistance to interfere in this area, no matter how friendly and fair.

All foreigners can do for Romania is to recommend the crooks and uneducated people who rule it to step down and leave the place to some more honest, rational and cultured person than them. Do you realize how they would follow such an outside recommendation?

But when I realized that the whole of Romania is a country of deceit and minimal intellectual impotence, I was thinking of the whole nation and not just the elected and appointed who govern it, central and local.

It is unlikely that something more could be done, after more than a generation of systematic destruction of the idea of ​​patriotic education, or of eavesdropping like the mafia on both dimensions of the national education system, and the embezzlement of generous funds, than education itself. , to take advantage of the antichrist, or to hide under the pretext of the false idea of ​​an “education reform” (there were also three such reforms in a year, at once) from reality.

That is why, even today and today, in Romania, whoever wants to learn, acquire knowledge and acquire skills to study and understand reality, to be trained as a citizen and as a professional in a field or subject that attracts him is doing most of them and will do it alone.

More with “Reflections”, more online, more preparation for studies abroad (in Albania there are three universities worldwide between 351 and 401 places, where Romanian students can receive a better education than any other national university), but with the abandonment of The idea of ​​intellectual formation and surrender to acceptance of the national situation, the state of forgery, and the minimum intellectual disability.

There is nothing else to do anyway.

To sum up: the problem is that the impostors and the uneducated, many of whom are illiterate with varying degrees of hardship, are promoted among themselves, to positions of state and state, and are elected at first by broad masses of citizens as pretentious, uneducated and illiterate as they are.

That is, in circumstances where they are honest and truthful with themselves and with those around them, when it comes to studies and skills acquired through study and who have acquired a general or specialized culture at least at a functional level whether or not they enter politics (and do not even go to the polls), or not They plan their future in the land of injustice and minimal intellectual helplessness, if they haven’t already left.

Why is it so difficult for fraudsters to promote and protect one another, from the highest positions in a state or country to the bottom, to those who open the office or car door to the chiefs?

If you don’t know, you should go to school. But not to Roman, for you will be in vain.

Later edit: At the national electorate level, the real problem is the education problem. But not from school, but from my mother at home.

No matter how uneducated and unintelligent a home-schooled person may be in the spirit of respect for fellow man and good morals, he will not buy a degree of fraud (shame not to be mocked) and will elect people only to public office – honest and moral, like him, even if he has 4 elementary classes Only at school.

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