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Weightlifting department CS Unirea writes a new history paper for the sport in Alba: more than 60 medals, obtained in the national championship

The weightlifting division of CS Unirea Alba Iulia, led by Ovidiu Pănăzan, once again honors the sport in Alba County, this time, with the impressive results obtained at the National – Equipped Championship, which was held in Pligoy, Prahova County.

“It was one of the most successful versions of the national championship, from the foundation of the Romanian Weightlifting Federation until now, with extraordinary results for CS Unirea Alba Iulia athletes. The record number of medals is due to thorough training, seriousness and perseverance. Many well-trained competitors participated in the championship, I would like to congratulate them as president of the Romanian Federation Powerlifitng.

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Alba County weightlifting, as an athletic branch, continues to dominate the national rankings. We will continue to prepare in the same way to honor our county and beyond! Finally, I would like to thank the club for their support,” said Ovidiu Pinozan, CS Unirea coach Alba Iulia, President of the Romanian Weightlifting Federation.

In total, CS Unirea Alba Iulia (directed by Daniela Moenig) players received 63 medals. It should be noted that such a large number of medals was made possible due to the relatively large number of legitimate athletes in the club, and specifically the fact that many of them earned the podium standings in all three events and, by implication, in aggregate. Another reason is that we have young athletes who have been able to participate in several age groups.

CS UNIREA ALBA IULIA RESULTS – National POWERLIFTING Championship, Equipped, Male + Female, 8-10 April 2022, BLEJOI, PRAHOVA


IRIMIE ANDREI-NICOLAE (weight class 83 kg) – 3 gold medals (kneeling, lying down and total);
HANGAN CATALIN CRISTIAN (weight class 93 kg) – 1 silver medal (pushed from bed);
CAZACU ALEXANDRU RADUCU (weight category 120 kg) – 3 gold medals (kneeling, lying down and total), 1 silver medal (straightening);
ORDEAN IOAN DANIEL (weight category +120 kg) – 3 silver medals (lying down, straightness and total) and 1 bronze medal (kneeling);

Open classification for men, adults: ORDEAN IOAN DANIEL – 3rd place.

Juniors 1 (U23):

HANGAN CATALIN CRISTIAN (weight class 93 kg) – 4 silver medals (kneeling, lying down, straightening and total).


CAZACU ALEXANDRA NICOLETA (weight class 57 kg) – 3 silver medals (kneeling, upright, total) and 1 bronze (reclining);
TODORESCU BIANCA RENILDA (weight class 57 kg) – 1 gold medal (propelled from bed) and 3 bronze medals (kneeling, straightening, and total);
BUGHEANU MARIA MAGDALENA (weight category 63 kg) – 3 silver medals (kneeling, upright and total), 1 bronze (pushed from bed);
DUMBRAVA CAMELIA FLORINA – (weight class 69 kg) – 4 gold medals (kneeling, lying down, straightening and total);
Mirza Virginia – (weight class 84 kg) – 4 silver medals (kneeling, lying down, straightening and total).

Open standings women’s, adults:

Kazaco Alexandria – third place.

June 1 (under 23):

CAZACU ALEXANDRA NICOLETA (weight category 57 kg) – 4 gold medals (kneeling, lying down, straightening and total);
ADOMNOAIE NICOLETA ALEXA (weight category 63 kg) – 4 gold medals (kneeling, lying down, straightening and total);

Junior Women’s Open Ranking: Kazaco Alexandria – First Place

June 2 (under 18):

TODORESCU BIANCA RENILDA (weight category 57 kg) – 4 gold medals (kneeling, lying down, straightening and total);
Kojokaru Teodora (weight category 57 kg) – 4 silver medals (kneeling, lying down, straightening and total);
Mirza Virginia (weight class 84 kg) – 4 gold medals (kneeling, pushing from bed, straightening and total).

Women’s Open Ranking, Juniors 2:

2nd place – Kogoku Teodora;
Third place – Mirza Virginia.

As an example, without minimizing the efforts of any participant, we outline some performance of some athletes. Kazaku Alexandra, weighing only 53 kg (participant in the 57 kg category), bent the knee with 154 kg and straightened it with 137.5 kg. Dumbravă Camelia (at 67 kg) lifted 150 kg on her knees, straight 162.5 kg in the straightening test. Mirza Virginia (77 kg) lifted 105 kg in the knee test and 117.5 kg in the straightening test. Boys results are also very worthy.

Examples: Ioan Ordean (kneeling – 332.5 kg, pushing out of bed – 262.5 kg, straightening – 300 kg). Iremi Andrey (kneeling – 222.5 kg, pushing out of bed – 247.5 kg, straightening – 210). The full ranking can be found on the website of the Romanian Powerlifting Federation (link – = IwAR0Uj- wHMbajDdoYRZ_hCJCUrfme0ZuZQDOqVlxI2td27Vk1Oz3PlclPGR8)

Between May 1 and 9, with the support of the Romanian Weightlifting Federation, 5 athletes from CS Unirea Alba Iulia (Kazaku Alexandra, Ordian Daniel, Kazaku Alexandru, Iremi Andre and Todorescu Bianca) will represent Romania and the province of Alba at the European Powerlifting Championships in Pilsen, Czech Republic.

CS Unirea Alba Iulia congratulates all the athletes and coaches and wishes them all the best for future competitions!

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