The French presidency: What the candidates propose in the field of sports

As the French say, sport was the “poor dad” of this campaign. Some concrete suggestions though France will host the Rugby World Cup next year, and in two years’ time, in 2024, the Summer Olympics.

We can expect presidential candidate Emmanuel Macron, young – 39 when he was first elected in 2017 – and hyperactive, to do a lot in sports. But as colleagues from France 24 have noted, “If Macron doubled his contacts in the past five years – he pretended to play football, rode a bike with his wife Brigitte, declared himself a huge fan of Olympique de Marseille, but also stood by Kylian Mbappe, the Paris Saint-Germain superstar who loves boxing as well as tennis – Emmanuel Macron’s budget is weak. Sure, French Sports Minister Roxana Moresignano imposed her “Sport and Society” law but only at the end of her term. The electoral program of the presidential candidate also includes the idea of ​​​​a proposal from the fall For all primary school students half an hour of sports daily. Finally, a huge investment in the refurbishment of 5,000 gym equipment was also announced. Little for a country that will host two of the most important international competitions in the next two years, observers say.

However, compared to some of the other presidential candidates, Emmanuel Macron’s proposals can be viewed with more leniency. So let’s take the other candidates in turn, from the far right to the far left.

Le Pen MarineParty leader National Reunion, Sports is not a priority. The evidence is that the issue was not even mentioned in its electoral program. Controversial Eric Zemmour promises it “He restores sport to the service of France and the French.” The far-right also wants to relaunch the Francophone and Mediterranean Games, perhaps forgetting that they still exist. Finally, Zemmour wants to enforce political neutrality on athletes and force transgender people to compete in their gender category from birth.

Sovereign swimmer Nicolas Dupont-Aignan, an amateur swimmer, has an entire class dedicated to the sport on his platform. 14 measures divided into three main areas: promoting the practice of sport for all French people, reducing inequality in access to these sports practices, and improving the competitiveness of high-level sport in France to enable the country to become It is known all over the world And modernizing the work of sports federations and clubs.

Jean LaSalle, the men’s candidate, is a huge fan of sports. Originally from the Pyrenees, that is, from southwestern France, Naturally, his favorite sport is rugby-Ol. Unfortunately, his electoral program is poor in terms of mathematical proposals. I have two ideas: create a sports holiday based on the Music Holiday model and promote martial arts, Real life school LaSalle says.

reservation Valerie Pecres plays boxing and tennis. No wonder sport is a major focus of his campaign. Four ideas emerge: putting sport at the center of public policy, a major investment plan, universal access to sport, and protecting high-profile athletes.

“Marxism and sport are not well understood at all”

Environmentalists Yannick Gadot just rides his bike through Paris He believes that sport is a tool in the service of health. Like LaSalle, Jadot wants a big sporting holiday every September. Finally, environmentalists hope the 2024 Olympics will be an exemplary event, particularly in the realm of gender equality.

He also expressed concern about the upcoming Summer Olympics Ann Hidalgo, the mayor of Paris and the socialist candidate for the presidency. If elected to the highest position, she promises to force more sports on the school and 3 billion euros investment To renovate and build sports equipment. There will be a sports ministry under it – not just a state secretariat as it is now.

leftists Jean-Luc Melenchon is one of the great promoters of sports. Devote at least 24 pages to this area in his program book. It all starts with criticism, that is to “Sports are tired of money” To indicate that a lot of money is spent on sports. Or Melenchon promised it “You will launch the sport of money” and reinforces a “Practicing Folk and Liberal Sports”. As the leader of France’s Unaccountable Movement wants “Stop doping and its drift.”

Communist Fabian Russell has a son who practices mixed martial arts – mixed martial arts – which he constantly promotes on social media. He himself practiced many sports in his youth when he joined the Action Sports and Gymnastics Federation, a federation of communist origin. If you come to the Elysee, PCF filter promises to invest heavily in sports An annual budget of 3 billion euros will be allocated to the relevant ministry.

Finally, candidates from the far left don’t care much about sports. “Marxism and sport are not well understood at all” Remember France 24. Nathalie Artaud, a convinced internationalist, does not necessarily support the French national team. He opposes the organization of the Olympic Games 2024 in Paris, deplores orthodox sporting drifts, especially football. “He who has the money wins.” she says. Philip Poutou on the same line again Sports do not appear anywhere in the new party’s anti-capitalist candidate platform.

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