Video: Ioana Bogan, about the most important performances and events of the “Povești” theater festival in Alba Iulia

The 15th edition of the “Povești” International Theater Festival will be held in Alba Iulia this year from May 15-21.

Alba24 and Ioana Bogățan, director of the festival and “Prichindel” puppet theater, discussed the invited shows and tickets.

Preparations for the city’s main festival have come to a head, and audiences are looking forward to being reunited with their favorite actors and theater in general after so long.

Maya Morgenstern, Florin Persic Jr., Horacio Melweli, Chris Semyon Mercurian, Rozvan Mazzello, and Andy Vasluiano are just some of the big names who will be celebrating the festival this year.

The program has been completed and needs a few more days to be ready for public communication.

We spoke to festival director Iwana Bojan, who gave us the key performances and events that audiences from the county will meet.

Spectators will be able to choose from many shows for children, as well as for adults, conferences, book launches, meetings with representatives, workshops and much more.

The most important performances and events within the “Stories” festival:

The list below contains the names of the shows and some brief data about them, without days, hours and locations. The full program will be published as soon as it is announced by the organizers.

Tickets can be purchased online and in person Starting from the second day of Easter.

Two-Cash Bag, directed by Decebal Marin and staged by Back Bobbitt Cluj-Napoca

CLAVNILOR STATION, directed by Anna Crocion Lambro, Luceafărul Iași Theater for Children and Youth

Living Stories Workshop for Writers, Coordinators: Alexandra Bodiano and Elena Iorga

Realist Workshop, Scenography, Curator: Alina Hersko

Theatrical Imaginative Workshop with Objects, curator: Anna Crocion Lambro

the body. Word on the Road, Theater Workshop for Teens, Moderator: Ioan Ardelen

Theater on wheels, giant puppets, the square of the House of Culture for Trade Unions

Theatre, fashion show, fashion show opening by UNATC IL Caragiale Bucharest, curator and coordinator prof.univ.dr. Stefania Sinyan

The Adams Family, directed by Rozvan Mazilo, Excelsior Theatre, Bucharest, Musical / +12

Soul of the Birds, directed by Adela Moldova, Ioan Slavicy Classical Theatre, Arad, Puppet Troupe, Children’s Theatrical Show / 3+

13 YEARS OF VLOGGER, By Dan Lungu, Book Launch, Vasile Goldiș High School Alba Iulia

Coffee with meaning, press conference

#ACE DE SIGURANȚĂ, directed by Bobby Prikop, co-production, Constanta State Theatre, Marín Sorescu National Theater Craiova, André Morisano Theater Svanto Gheorghe, Sato Marie North Theater / Show-installation for teenagers / 16 +

Dialogues, Bobby Prikop in dialogue with onlookers

Point and KumaCia el Cruce, Spain Circus Show / 4+

I’m a Communist Child, by Dan Longo, book launch of the Lobby of the House of Trade Union Culture

I’m a communist ladyDirected by Antonella Cornichi, Mihai Eminescu National Theater of Timisoara, theatrical show / +14

WILD SWABS, directed by Mykahailo Urytskyi, Guguță Chisinau Municipal Puppet Theater / Children’s Theater Show / 4+

If I WERE THE RED HOOD, directed by Geo Dinescu and Marin Fagu, Colibri Craiova Children’s and Youth Theatre, Children’s Music Show / 3+

KIBUKI’S DREAM LAND, Thomas Herfurt, Germany, Children’s Show / 3+

Any of Us, by Chris Semyon Mercurian, book launch and conference

NOBILITIES, REFINEMENT AND STYLE – Regina Maria, opening of the Fine Art Gallery by UNATC IL Caragiale Bucharest, curator and curator: prof.univ.dr. Stefania Sinyan

ANATOMY OF A CLISCH Directed by Chris Simeon Mercurian, Stella Popescu Theatre, Bucharest / Theater Show / 16+

Beautiful in September in Venice, directed by Mariana Comoran, ILCaragiale National Theater Bucharest, ARCUB – Cultural Center Bucharest, GOONG Association, Bucharest, theater show / 7+

Every Mouse Loves Cheese, directed by Pias Laszlo, Children and Youth Theatre, Merlin Timiشوارoara, Children’s Theater Show / 3+

The Adventures of Chech Me, directed by Georgeta Lozenki, Ariel Targo Mori Children’s and Youth Theatre, Children’s Theater Show / 4+

KIBUKI’S DREAM LAND, Thomas Herfurt, Germany, Children’s Show / 3+

not me. Maya Morgenstern, Biography, Directed by Victor Ioan Frunzo, Bucharest Romanian Drama Theatre, One Woman Show / 12+

Tashi, Ianke and Kadar, directed by Horatio MulallyLucia Stordza Bolandra Municipal Theatre, Bucharest, theater show / 14+

A Strange Story, Poems and Words in the Wind, by Horatio Mullilli, book launch

Snow White and the Seven Dwarves, directed by Viorel Varlan, Arlechino Braشوفov Children’s Theater / Children’s Theatrical Show / 4+

KIBUKI’S DREAM LAND, Thomas Herfurt, Germany, Children’s Show / 3+ German High School Sebeș

Speaking with NORA IUGA, meeting-dialogue and book presentation, University December 1, 1918 from Alba Iulia / 50 min

SE (di) NTIMENTE, directed by Beatrice Cosmolici, Târgu Morey University of the Arts, Theatrical performance for teenagers / 16 years and older

I’m Not, by Maia Morgensternbook release

On a spider’s canvas, wave Vlad ZamfriscuCortina AG Bucharest, theater show / +16

Tom and Jerry, directed by Florin Persic Jr.Radu Stanca Sibiu National Theatre, film screening / 16+

Dialogues, Florin Persic Jr. And Marius Tordiano in conversation with the spectators

LITTLE WIZARDS, directed by Vera Stoikova, Varna State Puppet Theatre, Bulgaria, Children’s Theatre/Non-Verbal/3+

The White Rabbit, directed by Anna Crocion Lambro, Bucharest Art Theatre, Children’s Theater Show / 4+

Without Fear, by Adina Zamfirescu, Ion Creanga Theatre, Bucharest, Children’s Theater Show / 3+

Alexandrina is yours. Actress Story, Written by Ion Moldovan, Book Launch

strange show Volume 2, directed by Florin Persic Jr., One Man Show / 16+

EMAA Concert, Frames

Close to Story, Close to Stage, Close to Poetry with Simona Epure, Children’s Book Show

Gulliver in Lilliput Country, directed by Attila Visauer / Ţăndărică Animation Theater Bucharest / Children’s Theater Show / 4+

MaRo Directed by Andy Gehry / Yorick Targu Mori Society / Bilingual Theatrical Show / 16+

Rousseau, directed by Alexandro DabigaAct Theater Bucharest / Theatrical Show / 16+

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