Video | Prime Minister Nikolai Siuka, visit to the edible oil factory: data on the need for consumption and stock of sunflower

Video | Prime Minister Nikolai Siuka, visit to the edible oil factory: data on the need for consumption and stock of sunflower

Prime Minister Nikolai Siuka on Friday, April 15, emphasized that there is no danger of not providing the necessary oil for the consumption of the population, as the processors have sufficient quantities of sunflower.

The Prime Minister, who paid a visit to the Bunge Oil Factory in Buzau, assured that he had received such assurances even from farmers and processors in the agri-food industry.

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“Last week I had meetings with farmers and processors in the agri-food industry, and today I wanted to come visit a processing facility. I could see that an oil plant with 600 employees has a turnover of 500 million euros and produces about 100,000 tons of oil annually. It represents 40 % of oil consumption in our country (…) So we talked to the farmers last week and the processors, here in the factory, and now there is the amount of sunflower needed until the end of the harvest. That is, until August, and the management of the factory has also assured me that there are raw materials By the end of the year. As such, I would like to assure all Romanian citizens that we are not in danger of not being able to provide the edible oil needed for consumption,” said Ciuca.

The Prime Minister also stated that “Romania has an extraordinary agricultural potential which, if intelligently exploited, can guarantee both domestic consumption and the export of certain products”.

Remarks by Prime Minister Nikolai Ionel Siuka after visiting the Bung Buzao Oil Factory

Nikolai Siuka: Hello! We had meetings last week with farmers and processors in the agri-food industry. Today I wanted to visit a processing facility and was able to see an oil plant with 600 employees with a turnover of 500 million euros and producing about 100,000 tons of oil per year. It is 40% of the essential oil consumption in our country.

In view of the security situation, I have deemed it absolutely necessary for the Government to take measures for food security and in this way, after our recent consultations, we have decided to attend in full agreement with the other members of the Security Council. An alliance, with this set of measures, “Support Romania”, where we gave farmers support of nearly 300 million euros of working capital, and also for processors, we got a package of about 200 million euros.

At the same time, taking into account the agricultural potential of our country, we considered it necessary to support and encourage Romanian farmers to process in factories in Romania, and to give them compensation of 10% for the quantities of agricultural products they process in our country ..

At the same time, before I got here, I had the opportunity to go to a company that processes PETs as well as household appliances, meaning they use PET waste and produce fibers and also all that means equipment. The device is being reused and there is a very good potential and there are also projects, so that Romania can join the package that has been defined at the EU level – “fit for 55”. It is about as environmentally friendly production as possible, about joining this set of measures for the circular economy. And here, in Buzau, I could see that such initiatives have already been launched, which is important for us, because of the problems we face and the measures that need to be taken for the environment. We also had a meeting last week with the Environment Commissioner and we are committed to taking all necessary measures to comply with European decisions and standards in this regard. Thank you.

Reporter: Mr. Prime Minister, because you mentioned the “Romania support” package, in this context I would like to ask you about those 50 euro vouchers with which Romanians can buy basic foodstuffs, and therefore oil, now that we are in an oil factory, your partner In the end, the former leader, Florin Coe, said he would ask for an analysis if Romania could pay for these tickets with its own money from the state budget. In this context, I ask you, will Romania allow itself to issue these tickets as of June 1 and what is the analysis around at the end?

Nicolae Ciucă: At the moment, the total value of this insurance measure is 50 euros every two months for vulnerable people, and from the moment you announced the package of measures I have determined that 50% of the money is European money, and 50% is money from the state budget. So far, I would like to point out that we wouldn’t have started the procedure if we didn’t have the necessary funds; Each of these measures was determined after determining the impact on the budget and we hope that with the flexibility of all mechanisms at the EU level, as we have discussed, we will be able to cover as much of this amount as possible. What is certain is that at the moment there are funds to secure these vouchers.

Reporter: But what analysis is Florin Coe talking about, after all, within the PNL and the Alliance?

Nicolae Ciucă: You have also done an analysis within the National Liberal Party and within the Alliance.

Reporter: The Ministry of Defense announced today the suspension of flights with MiG-21 Lancers. What is the reason for this suspension of flights, and is Romania ready to abandon this type of aircraft?

Nicolae Ciuca: I understand this is a temporary comment. This does not mean giving up. This is an analysis that started a long time ago and we want to complete the analysis of all the technical factors to make sure that we no longer have accidents like the ones that happened not so long ago. In this sense, we must take into account that the MiG-21 entered the endowment of the Romanian army more than 50 years ago. We really need to do an analysis and evaluation of all the technical parameters of this aircraft, so that we can make sure that it can still fly in complete safety.

Reporter: Mr. Prime Minister, last week, on the fence of the 2nd Getica Division, in Calea Eroilor, in an exhibition of photographs, on the occasion of the 1650th anniversary of the first documentation of Buzau, two photographs appeared with Nicolae Ceauتشيescu. The exhibition was provided by Buzau City Hall, at the request of Mayor Konstantin Thoma. How do you comment on the fact that, almost 33 years after the revolution, there are still pictures in public galleries with the dictator Nicolae Ceausescu, around the fence of the second division, which you also requested?

Nikolai Siuka: It is clear that you should not display pictures of dictators in public. What happened and how it happened, please ask who made this decision.

Reporter: Going back a little bit to oil, how do you think Romania could increase its oil processing capacity, given that two-thirds of the sunflower crop went for export?

Nicolae Ciucă: At this moment, I spoke, as I told you, with the farmers, last week, and with the wizards, here, in the factory in which you spoke. At this time, there is the required amount of sunflowers by the end of the harvest season, that is, in August. The factory management also gave me assurances of having raw materials by the end of the year. As such, I would like to assure all Romanian citizens that we are not in danger of not being able to provide the edible oil needed for consumption. Thanks a lot!

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