video. Wild boars wreak havoc on the crops of Sinad farmers. Damage to hundreds of thousands of lei

Hundreds of wild boars coming from the forests on the banks of the Morio River are wreaking havoc on the agricultural crops of farmers in Senad. Freshly planted corn as the grain is harvested by animals in search of food. The damage has reached hundreds of thousands of lei, farmers in Senad are trying to find solutions, but “fighting nature” is very difficult.

Adrian Țenț, one of the affected farmers, attempted to consider a dog a “scarecrow”. The wild boars were not at all intimidated, rather, they came as close as possible to “picking” any possible grain of corn.

“We planted this crop twice already, and the wild boars destroyed it again. I also took a dog to guard it, but the animals still came in,” says Adrien Sene.

The biggest problems are with farmers whose farm lands are located in the northern part of Sanad, in the dam area. During the day, wild boars remain in the forest, and at night they invade crops scattered over an area of ​​\u200b\u200btens of hectares and cause damage to farmers of hundreds of thousands of lei.

“It’s too bad this year too, as always, for at least 5-6 years now. In the field (North, near the forest – no.)Everything I put in must be replanted. I tried different genres with some scarecrows, a bottle cannon, and all kinds of sound variants. They have no effect. I go in every line and get everything out. We are bound by hand and foot, nothing can be done. On one occasion I saw a herd of 50 wild boars on farmland,” says Dan Siort, a farmer from Sinad.

The problem is not a new one, but it is getting more and more urgent from year to year. Wild boars continue to breed, especially as they have a good life in Lunca Mureșului National Park, a protected area.

“We just learned about it back then. In a few years, we’ll end up not cultivating anything,” assures farmer Adrian Țen.

Hunting animals can be one solution, but this becomes more sensitive, because wild boars are often in the Lunca Mureșului Nature Park, which is a protected area. The mayor of Senad, André Tita, is also a farmer, and he and other affected farmers are trying to find solutions. Hope to hear.

“I was also in the field, and next week I really want to call every victim to the mayor’s office and talk, to try and find solutions. The number of wild boars increases from year to year. Once the animals enter the forest, they can no longer be hunted. I am a farmer too, the investments are huge, the losses High. It was never a problem before, it can be planted in peace and quiet. Now, for a few years now, you can’t put corn or soybeans. On top of that, pigs invade and destroy other crops. I don’t know how much I can make my voice heard. Everyone says it’s protected Natural, we can’t touch the jungle animals.” Andre Tia, Mayor of Senad, said, “We will try to find solutions.”

There are 30 hunting trusts managed by those from the County Sports Hunters and Hunters Association. Among them is one from Cenad, where, in theory at least, AJVPS Timiș should take care of keeping wild boar populations under control. But the subject is sensitive because of the harvest quota, the border area, and the rights and obligations of everyone. A solution is long overdue, especially since fishermen say they can’t shoot more than the “harvest ration” provides.

Sinad Fishing Chest

“We have a harvest by area. We have a certain number of exits, to scare the game, to advance the game. We can’t shoot more than we have in the harvest plan, we can risk criminal problems. Wild boars are especially invasive in Cenad, being a border area when they cross into Hungary, When you come to us, if it is caught by those from the neighboring country. It is a border area. There, in Sinad, the plan was made, I don’t know exactly, but I can tell you on Tuesday. Hunting is a commodity of the state, a natural asset, and often It happens that farmers damage the game. We have obligations, such as providing food for them in the winter, when they find it difficult. But landowners also need to guard their land. In fact, it is a problem when you give the spike, said Traian Oprah, President of AJVPS Timiș. the milk.

Editor Dan Oancia.


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