70,000 euros from Piatra Neamt City Hall for NGOs. Most of the money goes to “Stone Movie”.

no. CRT. App name Project Title Amount requested and a summary of the proposed actions 1. Ecotourism Club „Dr. G. Iakumi” a little environment The amount required 4000 leiand its own contribution is 1320 lei. It is an environmental education and environmental protection project, and the target group is represented by more than 40 adolescents with environmental interests, as well as a group of underprivileged children, who will participate in camping, green workshops, hiking, fun and socializing. Approved amount: 4000 lei. 2. Alternative Association for All Strategies to combat social exclusion for people in difficulty The amount required 10200 lei special contribution 2060 li, The target group is represented by 30 members of the association, with difficulties, with modest income, who will benefit from 30 packages of basic food and hygiene products, as well as financial aid, which represents cash prizes to be obtained in the following competitions on personality and food hygiene as well as visiting 3 museums. Approved amount: 7000 lei. 3. Association “Sânzienele Nemțene” Presentation, the official launch of the vocal group “Sânzienele” – CD version The amount required 13200 lei, And its own contribution is 3000 lei. The acoustic group “Sanzenelli”, made up of 4 young women from Piatra-Nemi, proposes an event to be held during the city days, on June 24, in a place that will have the theme of seating organized by the Sanzenelli celebration / day that will be a second traditional fair). At the same time, a folklore show with famous guests and artists will be organized, the vocal group will launch the official opening in Piatra-Neamt and will also release a CD with the songs being sung. Signature CDs will be made available to attendees. Approved amount: 10,000 lei. 4. External Art Foundation Game and color in my city The amount required 45900 lei And the beneficiary’s contribution is 5100 lei. The project includes the continuation of mural painting on the walls of the Municipal Stadium, and the creation of 10 large pictorial and sculptural pieces for display in public spaces, by various members of the community under the direction of artist Laureniu Dimișcă. Approved amount: 15,000 lei. 5. Parents Association Petro Rarich Piatra Neamt Diplomatic Summer School of the National College “Petro Rare” – First Edition The amount required 15000 leispecial contribution 2000 lei, the project involves organizing a summer school for diplomacy subjects for students of the Petru-Rareș National College. Specialists in diplomacy and international relations, representatives of the Romanian Institute of Diplomacy and some ministries will provide students interested in a career in diplomacy with the necessary information that is not found in the school curriculum. The summer school will end with a community promotion fair and a speech competition. Approved amount: 10,000 lei. 6. Eliana Foundation Rehabilitation and maintenance of the Downhill Cozla mountain bike road The amount required 23,000 lei, and the beneficiary’s contribution 6300 lei. The main purpose of the project is to restore, renovate and mark the existing slope path on Mount Kozla, with specific materials and equipment, to attract locals and tourists throughout the year. Road length approx. 2 km. Approved amount: 20,000 lei. 7. Neamt Chamber of Commerce and Industry Book Fair at LIBRIS 2021 – 12th Edition, Motto: “Buy a book and read it – donate a book” The amount required 65000 lei, and its own contribution is 10000 she. The project will take place September 15-18, 2022. It aims to be a large-scale event, with 3 conferences on current topics, book launches, autograph sessions, seminars, reading evenings and poetry. Approved amount: 22 thousand lei. 8. Social Development Association Children and Youth Film Festival – First Edition The amount required 30 thousand lei And his own contribution From 3660 lei. The association aims to hold an event – for both adults and children from 4-5 June, in the city center, with film screenings. Screenings of famous films will be held to educate adults about high-quality cinematic arts and performances with a children’s musical theatrical troupe dealing with educational themes in order to form their artistic sensibilities. Children present will receive balloons and sweets. Approved amount: 30 thousand lei.


Association for the Support of People with Special Needs – Luceafărul Neam

Steps towards an inclusive future

The amount required 53100 lei And its own contribution is 6218.40 lei. The project targets children with special needs and youth with disabilities within the association and their parents. The aim is to develop the practical, social and emotional skills of children and youth with disabilities, as a basis for improving social inclusion, through participation in specific therapies and the provision of expert advice to parents. Children will benefit from art therapy, play, color therapy, vibration therapy, physical therapy, theater, swimming, fitness, and dance. Approved amount: 53 thousand lei.

10. Forever Children’s Association International Music Festival for Children and Youth “Star Song” – Piatra-Neamț 2022, 11th Edition and related festival events: “Piatra-Neamț Tourist Resort” Photography Art Contest, 8th Edition, 8-11 December 2022 The amount required 1950 lei, and special contribution From 1,985 lei. International Music Festival for Children and Youth “Star Song” – Eleventh Edition is a festival with a tradition in Piatra-Neamț that takes place every year in early December and contains a side of musical interpretation and a photo exhibition. It has received annual funding from the municipality. It is also broadcast online on Radio Yash. There will be two days of acting competition and a screening party on the third day, and the jury will be made up of personalities from cultural life and media. Approved amount: 16,500 lei. 11. Ludmila Vidrașcu Cultural Association “Piatra – Asleep Reading – A Project to Promote Reading” The amount required 100,000 lei And the beneficiary’s contribution is From 23,470 lei. Ludmia Vidrașcu Cultural Association is an association from Bucharest, which in partnership with Litera Publishing, Neam County School Inspectorate and logistical support from Piatra-Neamț City Hall, is already doing work to determine the level of culture and reading of students from Petrini. Through this digital project to encourage reading, it has requested funding to access a platform of the association, with more than 2,000 books in electronic form, for all secondary school children in Piatra Neam. Approved amount: 50,000 lei. 12. Romanian Federation of the Society of Plastic Artists – Neames Branch German fine art Quantity required 20,000 lei, and its own contribution 2400 lei. The project involves the realization of two cultural events with tradition, the City of Artists and the Winter Salon, and the exhibitions will take place at the Lascăr Vorel Galleries in Piatra-Neamt, in June and early December. It will showcase famous stone artists and young talents. Approved amount: 14,000 lei. 13. History Teachers Association in Neamt Maintenance of the guard of honor at the Royal Court and its good conduct The amount required 37,045 leiand its own contribution is 4500 lei. The project is a continuation of last year’s project aimed at creating a guard of honor in the royal court – more precisely it will deal with the purchase of summer clothes for the Guard of Honor – 12 courtiers, 12 flags, one captain, fornic (the court men of Stephen the Great) and the renewal of certain equipment. The Honor Guard will be able to participate in local events at any time and consist of specially trained volunteers, respectively high school and high school students. Approved amount: 37 thousand lei. 14. Veronica Philip Society International Arts Festival “Baraem Al Nour” 3-5 June 2022 Fourth Edition Quantity What is required is 17300 lei And its own contribution is 10900 lei. The competition festival will be held in Calistrat Hogaș Hall for three days and will consist of 10 sections (light music, folk music, groups, honoring an artist, art photography, etc.). The uniqueness of this cultural event is given by the fact that it promotes tolerance – it brings together children and young people with autism or Down syndrome and children with normal neuropsychological development. At the same time, in one of the sections of the festival, children will go up on stage and sing along with a parent, so that adults can feel the feelings of the child. Special guests at this event will be seniors from the Pietricica Community Center. Approved amount: 14500.

15th. Kutmah Association Stone Film Festival 14 The amount required 65000 lei .’s contribution 10000 leiSponsorship offers will be raised 55000 lei. The 14th edition of the Film Festival, initiated by director Andrei Disculescu, will take place from 7-10 July and will include many events. This will include a competition for short films for young filmmakers from Romania and the Republic of Moldova, film screenings for the general public, at the Royal Court and in the courtyard of the Si Hugau Memorial Museum, and master classes and workshops at the Rubik Centre. Concerts will be organized at the youth gathering, with national artists invited. The events will be organized with the help of many volunteers – promoting volunteering is a secondary objective of the festival. Approved amount: 47 thousand lei.

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