“Friends never let me down”

Rareș Șipoș won a national table tennis title for the first time, and at the end of the competition he toured the hall in a T-shirt with the face of the younger sister and tears in his eyes, which he lost tragically last year.

The best table tennis players in Romania competed on the national teams and the matches were incendiary. In the men’s singles event, the gold medal was won for the first time by 22-year-old Rareș Șipoș, an athlete who had a great drama: he lost his younger sister in a car accident.

After the last point of the final, Rari roamed the hall to the applause of spectators in a T-shirt with his sister’s face printed on it.

“This medal means a lot. I want to dedicate this trophy to my sister, Roxana and my parents and I hope in time we can get through this tragedy. I also thank my friends from the bottom of my heart for being with me and not me. They fell” – Rari Shipu, Senior Singles Champion in a singles event Men.

Hunor Szocs, runner-up in the singles event, was delighted with his younger teammate’s success.

“I feel good, it was a very good competition, in the final I played very well. Rareș was better and I am very happy for him” – Honor Szucks, Silver Medal in the National Senior Championship in the men’s singles.

In a girls’ singles event, Bernadette Zouks enacted the law. The beautiful athlete is back home and this time with 3 gold medals, singles, mixed doubles and women’s doubles.

“I am just happy that my dream came true. I really wanted to win all the events and I am proud of the match I played and that I was very strong mentally” – Bernadette Szucks, Women’s Singles 1st Champion.

Samara undergoes surgery on her spine!

Elisa Samara, a recent winner of the Champions League with Poland’s KTS team Enea Siarkopol Tarnobrzeg, had to give up in the semi-finals with a back injury and could no longer play in the mixed doubles event.

“I tried to avoid the operation, but unfortunately I do not know when he will turn his back on me. Last year I played with injections and sneaks, I tried everything and very strong pills and injections with vitamins, collagen and cortisone. I had surgery in May, to be fit for the European Championships in Munich in August ” Elisa Samara, bronze medalist in the Senior National Championships in the women’s singles event.

Ovidiu Ionescu, Romania’s most popular table tennis player, came home with a bronze in singles and a gold in men’s doubles.

“I consider this third place very good because it is a medal in my record, I wanted to defend my title again but the sport taught me a lot of things and I come home with a smile on my face. It is always a pleasure to play in Romania, in front of my fans, in front of my family and friends I haven’t been home in 5 months and it was a great opportunity for me to meet my loved ones again” – Ovidiu Ionescu, Bronze medalist in the Senior National Championship in the men’s singles event.

Two whole weeks of table tennis

For two weeks, a real table tennis marathon was held at the Polyvalent Hall in Bucharest! Four consecutive national competitions: the Women’s Super League, the Junior National Team Championship, the Junior National Championship and the ROMSTAL National Championship, the senior teams initially brought in the best Romanian athletes, all eager to confirm and prove their worth. Seniors performed for the first time on a one-of-a-kind display table with an integrated FRTM logo.

The standings in women’s singles, men’s singles, women’s doubles and mixed doubles at the Romanian National Championships in Rome looks like this:

simple feminine:

1. Bernadette Szucks, CSA Steaua Bucharest

2. Adina Diaconu, CSM Slatina

3. Elisa Samara, CSA Steaua Bucharest

3. Andrea Dragoman, CSA Steaua Bucharest.

simple masculine:

1.Rareș Șipoș, SCM Gloria Buzau

2. Honor Zux, CSA Steaua Bucharest

3. Ovidiu Ionescu, SCM Gloria Buzău

3. Christian Pletia, CSTT Top Star Constanta.

My ladies’ husband

1. Elisa Samara / Bernadette Szucks, CSA Steaua.

2. Irina Ciopano / Adina Diacono, Slatina CSM

3- Daniela Dodian Monteiro, CSM Arad / Tania Plăian, CSM Bistrița

3. Andreea Dragoman / Roxana Istrate, CSA Steaua Bucharest.

My husband is men

1.Ovidiu Ionescu, SCM Gloria Buzău / Alin Spelbuș, CS Victoria Câmpulung

2- Alexando Kazaku, CS Mueveni/Paul Mladen, CSTT Top Star Constanta

3- Christian Gregor, CS TT Top Star Constanța / Andrei Tomică, CSA Steaua București

3. Honor Zucks, CSA Steaua București / Christian Cheric, CSA Steaua București.

mixed double:

1. Darius Moviliano / Bernadette Zouks, CSA Steaua Bucharest

2.Andrei Istrate / Eliza Samara, CSA Steaua București 3.Iulian Chiriță, C.S. Voința Câmpulung / Bianca Mei-Roșu, LPS NR Constanța

3. Honor Zox / Andrea Dragoman, CSA Steaua Bucharest.

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