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In the past week – also a sentiment for non-Orthodox – nothing special happened in Arad.
More precisely, nothing to remember. With pleasure or, on the contrary, with a general feeling of vanity. Arad’s first politician is interested in big politics, he resides more in Brussels or Bucharest (Antena1), the mayor with his points he just laughs at, the rest doesn’t really matter because, one way or another, they all refer to the two above.
So we’re getting closer – that, as our fans assure us, only UTA matters – the only fact in Arad where things happen, is activity, even if not in all cases to our liking.

We are talking, of course, about the rumors that swept the wings into the match at Sfântu Gheorghe, regarding possible significant changes at the club that are still fresh from the Baron’s memory, we are talking about UTA, naturally. Recently poor results led to a change of coach, but after the first positive effect, the new one was not much better.
On Saturday everyone gathered in St. George’s, as Utah flipped in the extra minutes, but more importantly: On the podium of the stadium that houses the best grass in the country, three people were seen together, two of whom, Giuseppe Balint and Eli Dumitrescu, are well known to football fans. The third, between the two, Simion Apreutese, owner of International Alexander Holding, is less known to fans, but better known to those who do business.

For most insiders, the rumors became true, even the central press jumped in, not to mention those in Arad who took the idea from the trip: UTA would be sold to a group of investors led by Apreutese of Arad, a true fan of the old lady, but also a businessman with the best references .
Great joy among the fans, even if some of them were more curious, as if this would solve all the problems surrounding the club.
We, more informed than them – in fact we were the first to report the situation – say yes, there are discussions between the UTA leadership and Simion Apreutese, but for now only at the investigation level. The intent is clear and certain, but for now only at the level of the first contacts, the difficult part – concrete discussions, blood negotiations – is only now coming, and the end is still unpredictable, somewhere in the middle. , to use the term half-grandparents.

Returning to the group photo at Sepsi Stadium, it is not surprising that Gyuszi Balint, who noticed the favorable moment, wants to return to UTA, and Eli Domitrescu, a good friend of his, is a long-time fan of our team. But their presence is no big deal so far, in fact it all depends on the person who revived the UTA Baron, a resident of Arad who talks little, avoids progress, but from what I noticed, nothing happens in the club without his knowledge. Of course, we’re talking about Alexandro Mizar’s “Shwani”, to be clear.
And with Mészár, negotiating is not child’s play, he is not in today’s business since yesterday, he has shown that he is good at many things, not just football, in fact – not hiding behind his fingers – new football is business. A very sensitive question, because here, in our country, it is not about much and ease, but about something that leads to the higher realms of desire for the best, the satisfaction of demands that are difficult to determine, but more importantly: the desire of people to believe that there is something other than money, something It is expressed by sport, and, more than that, by the best of football: true competition, value-based competition, community spirit and fair play.

The leader who believes that football in Romania nowadays is just a business is necessarily doomed to failure – there are examples with the duo from Becali to Teszarri – and something else is needed, above all skill, both in football and in business, and above all Something this we need an idealism, a certain naivety sister to fanaticism.
We go back to where we started, that is, whether we like it or not: UTA was, and should remain the image of Arad. Especially since we don’t have much yet. I’m going a little. If the people of Arad manifested themselves in all areas – institutions, culture, education – as the fans of UTA themselves, a symbolic exhibition of the current Romanian football showed themselves, things could improve in the city quickly and irreversibly.
But local politics have a say here too, especially those who – in fact or by chance – are in charge of running the city. We are talking, of course, of politicians, of those whom we mentioned at the beginning, of those who would still have much to pay for those who brought them to where they are.
It’s not too late, we’re in the middle of Holy Week, but before the Age of Enlightenment…

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