Simena Pope, Director of the House of Culture d. Mercia Augustin: The motto we want to be guided by is “prestige and revitalization”

The House of Culture “Dr. Mircea Augustin ”of Ardud will organize, on January 15, the inaugural presentation of this cultural institution, and on this occasion the residents of Ardud will benefit from one of the most modern and elegant houses of culture in the province.
With superb facilities, with a capacity of 400 seats in the Coliseum Hall and 100 seats in the Multifunctional Hall, this cultural building will increase Ardoud’s prestige by defining the image of a modern city concerned with the preservation of thought and thought, along with other urban achievements. artistic values.

I spoke to Simena Pope, Director of the House of Culture, about what we want to achieve in the cultural field in Ardoud. With an impressive CV (Degree in Romanian Language and Literature – English Language and Literature UTCJ, College of Arts with a GPA of 10, MA in English Literature for Children and Youth, PhD Student at UTCJ, Humanities Field Philology, Initiator and National Coordinator Projects and Simena want to continue and even Improving the cultural spirit that dominated Ardoud for several years.
GNV: What is the challenge when you are a director of a House of Culture?
SP – In my case, the big challenge is to start from scratch. When you take over from someone else, management is relatively easy because everything is set up, everyone knows what to do. I think it was more difficult to start and we are still in our debut period when we don’t know simple things yet. I think there is a challenge to start in a corporate body from scratch, with no background, without organizational structures before.
GNV – What is the management plan for this cultural institution?
SP – Obviously, when I applied for this position, I submitted a management plan to the committee. There has always been in Ardhod a cultural plan, a cultural model, which has become known at the county level, attracting the name of the provincial cultural capital. Obviously, if we want to have this title, we will also need a special site, and the House of Culture “Dr. Mircea Augustin “, which will come into use on January 15, will rise to this honorable position. Going back to the procedures, I want to keep what is at the time Current and of course to make improvements.If we want to give a little bit of home, we would like to start the cultural revitalization of the Codrului region, and we are talking here about part of the traditional culture in partnership with the Codrului region of Sălaj and Maramureș.We have many other interesting plans and beautiful things will definitely happen in Ardód.
CNG – If you could give us a brief rundown of these architectural gems and what money they could be built for.
SP – The House of Culture was the spiritual project of Mayor Ovidiu Duma, a well-known promoter of culture in all its forms and who struggled for its realization. The investment is based on a project submitted in 2015 by Ardud City Hall to the National Investment Corporation (CNI), an organization that secured contracting, construction and endowment for the purpose. The investment is worth more than 1 million euros, being the first cultural institution of this size built in the province of Satu Mare, after 1989. It is also the only House of Culture in the province, with such dimensions (400 seats in the amphitheater hall and 100 seats in the multifunctional hall) Under the management of the ATU (Regional Administrative Units).
GNV – What activities can be done here?
SP – the activities will be very diverse. On the opening day, we will start with a theatrical art workshop for children and young people with the support of actor Răzvan Chelaru from Bucharest. Unfortunately, due to Covid restrictions, only a limited number of people will be able to participate, but this will be a kind of preview for future collaborations. We will also have drawing circles, drawing camps on different topics, but I really want to go to the side of popular culture, ie popular urban culture, here I refer to street food, outdoor film screenings, in different locations Ardoud, but also an electronic music festival.
GNV – What are the Foundation’s financing methods?
SP – Our main financier is Ardud City Hall, but we will continue projects with which we will access funds, including European funds. Law 350 gives us the opportunity to obtain funding for various cultural events and from the county council, through the Dr. Mercia Augustin Foundation.
GNV – What is your motto?
SP – this will be “prestige and activation”! Prestige, because there is one, Ardudul is already laid out on the map of the province and even by cultural events taking place here and revitalization, and this is the feminine note, which we women know how to present until something close to perfection is done.
GNV – Could culture be Ardoud’s main brand?
SP – sure and maybe yes! Culture can increase the prestige of the city of Ardoud and paint, along with other urban achievements, the image of a modern city and is concerned with the preservation of intellectual and artistic values. Our main goal is primarily to engage the community as much as possible, and here I am also referring to volunteer recruitment campaigns. In the West, there is a lot of progress in this direction and I am sure it will catch up with us too, we just have to grow and strengthen it. By volunteering you create responsible people who connect with the community and the needs of the community. I am convinced that, by commissioning the Ardoud House of Culture, this will be an important goal not only for the social and cultural sector of Ardoud, but also for the province of Satu Mare.

Nikolai Gigan

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