Testimonies from Nour we sip from, too late

Xenovia Zemfir

Writing about a man who put all his skills and creative power at the service of the word is a sweet and hard “canon.” I am not a literary critic, but as a lover and consumer of culture, literature, beauty, poetry and poetry, I can say that I first met AL.Florin Țene in his writings, covering all literary genres, to an article of documentaries and research books, then it was… Romanian Language Day, August 31, 2018, who brought to Horzo and its surroundings valuable people, well-known writers, wonderful people, from the country and especially from the diaspora. Paraphrasing the text by Nishita Stonescu, who said that a writer is a reader who reads readers, we can say that a reader is also a writer. Each pen worker has his own personality to write and reach the heart and soul of the reader, each writer has a certain source of information, inspiration, topic, according to style, desire and ability to achieve a good book, a book that readers are looking for. We often hear about him, he’s a good book, he’s a good writer. About Al. Florin Shen and his writings, much has been written and will be written for a long time to come. The good Lord has endowed him with the gift of reading and writing and the creator of beauty, Mr. Sen is a versatile writer, founder of the Attic and President of the Romanian Writers Association, a professional organization founded many years ago. The thinker. Florin Țene, writer from Oltenia de sub munte known in the region of Vâlcii and Drăgășani, where he extracts his juice, has provided readers of all ages with thousands of articles, reports, essays, literary criticism, short stories, novels and poems we find his name in dozens of volumes. Young and turbulent despite his age in the pamphlet, Oltinian who left Delul Villeur and reached the heart of the country, in Cluj famous for its rich cultural life and the precious people who settled here, became one of the most prolific contemporary writers. His extensive work has become a topic of research for young lovers of the word, for future writers. In addition to his talent, Mr. Florin Țene proves to be very diligent, to be the defender and preserver of traditional Roman values, and lover of the nation and homeland. A special and enduring preoccupation is to bring to life the work of some of the most notable writers in the history of Roman literature. In his writings, the story of Radu Gir – the poet of the “communist towers” reaches the heart of the reader more easily. Also remarkable is the description of the poet Vasily Militaro, one of the “prison saints”, who at the end of the novel “In my poems the people will not stand with jars”, the life of the poet Vasily Militaro between reality and the story has only a friend, the dog Patroclus, licking his wounds and reminding us, in comparison, of another saint Ayoub El-Amin: “The dog, his only friend left, was licking his face with rare devotion. Uncle Vasily, as most children in the neighborhood called him, was crouched under a cardboard-covered pile of plastic wrap in the trash spreading a pungent smell of sour cabbage.” Sarmel smelt,” he thought to himself, pulling the cardboard over his head so that the snow would not fall. Patroclus lay beside him, his nose under his front paws, his eyes half open., Prime Minister Radu Vasili, historian Elie Volpe. The great distance between Cluj and Drogani does not prevent him From engaging in the cultural life of his hometown.Participates in events organized by the municipal library, is a member of the various competition committees on historical and literary topics, and comes and returns to the Seventh City whenever invited to events dedicated to great local personalities, with young writers. From Oltenia who ask for support. Trying to get acquainted with the man, writer, husband and father Florin, I found this article – Mariana Cristescu: “Interview with the writer Al. Florin Shen, president of the Romanian Writers Association, introduced to us ”everyone writes – wife, two sons, and above that she shows herself as such , either between book covers or on the screen, and there’s no… How do you feel under constant work pressure? Sometimes it is difficult not to throw off the printing ink even for candy …

– I remember that the first printing house I visited was the one in the Giovanna district of Pitesti, at the age of sixteen. That’s when I discovered the scent of printing ink that I loved was like pollen that got me addicted to this lightly scented scent. print light. Since then I have started writing for the regional newspaper “Secera şi Ciocanul”. And when I established the Literary Department within the House of Culture of Drăgăşani, I was in the tenth grade of the district theoretical high school, Virgil Mazillescu, Dumitru Filia, Nikolai Kucinescu, the future Prosecutor of the Supreme Court, Ion C. Vasili, father of Radu Vasili, the future Prime Minister, and many, many more others.

I wanted to ‘christen’ the attic in the name of Jeb Ai Mihisko, to whom I had read novels borrowed from his daughter Ionica, but the district party committee forbade me to contact him. Only after 1966 I managed to be named with the author’s name “Rosoisi” Later, in Baia Marie, when I was a student, I erected an attic “North” with the late poet Vasili Genchino and painter Mihai Uros.

Since then, the smell of typographic ink has followed me. In this context, I tried to be objective with the realities of the times, and as a result of this fact I also suffered. If there were only journalists and individual targets, journalism would no longer exist as a separate system. It will be confused with morality…

During the interview, Mr. Shen explained another dilemma. By creating the Romanian Writers Association, I aimed to promote deep and secret Romanian writers, those who work silently without appearing on the front pages of publications, or on television. A colleague, who thinks that he will advance on the scale of values, is mistaken. Only God and time and date willor Judge. There is a secret movement of books on the shelves of the library. Most of them, over the years, pass on the back shelves, covered with a spider’s web of oblivion, even if their authors bend down, beating their fellow to move on. Some of them, in cooperation with the Securitate, changed fates, destroyed families, taking advantage of advantages. They sold two pieces of silver. Nikolai Iorga used to say: The more one suffers, the deeper one sinks»Father Callistratos tells us that “We just learned about it at the timebehind a successful man there Women strong. “Besides the good and the bad, Mrs. Titina is a guiding beacon, a devoted wife and a devoted mother to children and grandchildren. We knew about the family from the interview with Mr. Georges Roca… “I could not make my family members educated. God has imparted to them this grace, Or maybe I inherited it (all) from my mother. His wife has a cheerful and optimistic spontaneity in prose and poetry, which is often highlighted even in poems of less exciting flavour. Ionuț is an ambitious, fresh student and opinion-maker, while Florin is a good practitioner. It is said that in his hand … everything turns … into “gold”! »The poems of Mr. Florin Al-Zeni are many and beautiful, and he often admits …

Memories from the middle of the poem

The thoughts of this poem are a starry sky

Only when the last star falls into the dew;

Silence is born again

In the soul when a new day begins.

The thoughts of this poem creep into metaphor

in the living sense,

The star islands gather in the morning in an amphora,

Testimonies from the light Nrchv them, late.

If we look back at the life and work of Mr. Alorn Fellini, we can say that he was a fortunate man, that God gave him a special talent, that he had the opportunity to harmoniously combine artistic and literary creativity with personal life, an outstanding figure in contemporary literature. MA in Writing, Senior Cultural Promoter, Al. Florin Țene is an Oltenian of Dealul Viilor with the most remarkable work and literary activity in the “field of writing”. happy New Year!

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