A new class of employees can retire faster. The law is effective from April 10. Sample Certificates for Recalculation

A new class of employees have the opportunity to retire early. Law 74/2022 published in the Official Gazette is applicable from 10 April 2022 throughout Romania.

People who worked in the first group and/or the second group working in coal-fired power plants or coal mining units have a chance of retiring early.

According to the CNPP, the work groups of those who worked in the maintenance and production units of electricity in coal-fired power plants, but also in coal-mining units, direct and direct employees in the use of equipment and processes of this branch, are recognized.

Who issues pension recalculation certificates?

Certificates are issued by the employer in which the employee was employed or, if no longer there, by the owner of the archive.

The National Public Pensions House (CNPP) has established two forms of certification.

Certificate Form 1 is here: Form-1 – CNPP Pension Certificate

Certificate Form 2 is here: Certificate of Model Pension 2-CNPP

The CNPP conveys the fact that “Certificates that are the subject of Law No. 74/2022 are issued only in the case of persons for whom employers have taken all legal measures in force up to 1/4/2001 AD regarding classification into higher working groups”.

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“Certificates that are the subject of Law No. 74/2022 are issued only in the case of persons for whom employers have taken all legal measures in force until 01.04.2001, in connection with classification in higher working groups”, according to the CNPP.

Therefore, with the certificate or both certificates, in the case of those who worked in both the first group and the second group of work, the internship can be proven in special working conditions, according to Avocatnet.ro.

Who can benefit from the law

This Act may benefit those who have carried out production, maintenance and similar activities in power generation units of coal-fired power plants, including coal mining units, for employees who are directly and directly involved in the use of specific operations and equipment. Business groups for electricity production and coal mining are now recognized, according to the law.

The law addresses both those who are still employed, even if they no longer work in a coal-fired power plant, and those who have retired after working in the field.

For those who have retired, pension recalculation rights will be granted starting in the month following the month in which the application was submitted.

If, as a result of recalculation, a lower pension will result than the previously accrued pension, then it will return to the most useful amount.

Excerpt from the document: What does the law provide

This law is passed by the Romanian Parliament.

Article one

In Article 30 of Law No. 263/2010 on the Unitary Public Pension System, published in the Official Gazette of Romania, Part One, No. 852 of December 20, 2010, with subsequent modifications and completions, a new paragraph (4^4) was inserted after paragraph 4^3, with the following content:

  • (4 ^ 4) is absorbed into the period of participation in special working conditions for the period prior to April 1, 2001, in which the employees carried out activities among those provided for in equality. (1) lit. i), in the jobs classified according to the previous legislation in the first group and / or the second working group.

second subject

(1) the provisions of Article 30 paragraph. (4 ^ 4) of Law No. 263/2010 on the Unified Public Pension System, as amended and subsequently supplemented, as well as those provided for by this Law, also benefit, upon request, persons whose pension rights were opened in the period preceding the date of entry into force of this Law. Law. reading.

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(2) Recalculated pension rights at par. (1) It is granted as of the month following the month in which the application was made.

(3) In the case where, after applying the provisions of equality. (1) and (2) result in an amount less annuity than the amount due before this Act came into effect or paid, and the most advantageous amount is retained. This law was adopted by the Romanian Parliament, in compliance with the provisions of Article 75 and Article. 76 paragraph. (1) From the Roman Constitution, republished.

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