“I still live with my mom! I think the Russians will end up nervous too.”

After a period filled with music projects, reality TV shows and online projects, Alexandra Ongoriano (40) is hoping to do well. So, the soloist, who was one of the jurors at Eurovision, told us behind the scenes TVR what happens in the next period of her life and what follows from a musical point of view.

Alexandra Ungoriano lives with her mother, after a more difficult period in love

  • Click! How’s your period, Alexandra?

Alexandra Ungoriano: I have more emotions than the Eurovision contestants, I am very concerned about this context. I think it’s easier to be competitive, have a song, go to the end and that’s what you believe in. Here, as a member of the jury, you have to flip them.

Do you have a favorite competitor?

We’ve also had favorite contestants, and we’ve had favorite contestants outside of the Eurovision context, and this show revealed, with everything that could provide an artistic, real and theatrical presence, but not necessarily have the happiest songs of Eurovision. These are great productions that I prefer to represent Romania because I am an artist who wants to keep up with these productions and care about products that look like 2022.

At the same time, Eurovision proposes another recipe and I must take into account the voice, the presence on the stage, the song, the ability to sing well at any time, at any time, in the water, on land and upside down.

  • What musical plans do you have after Eurovision?

I also make a lot of music, less on TV this year, and stay online only through my project Duet with Alexandra. And so, since the beginning of the year, about 5 songs came out of wherever they came to me and I am organizing, God help me to be at peace and in good health, for a week I did not burn anything, I said this is ready, we die, we bury ourselves because of the war.

But as long as I can, I want to be happy, to take advantage of every moment. I’m a fighter, but I don’t think you see me with a gun on the front line. Maybe I’ll shoot something with Moga again, look.

  • Take your mom like Asia Express, because she’s a fighter too…

My mother thinks that will break everything. He’ll end up getting nervous about the Russians. She’s fine, she wanted to come to Eurovision too, but look, she’s at home with the puppies, two big women, with illnesses, with different situations…

  • Do you consider yourself a juror in another competition, such as Vocea Romaniei or something else, after Eurovision?

I will not throw myself too much into a competition either as a jury or as a competitor, it is an experience that has been useful to me, I have been very honored by this unexpected invitation from Romanian TV and I hope to deal with Brio. Look, my colleague Mihai Tristario said I have nothing to look for there.

  • And you’re wearing a spade now?

I don’t wear a spade. Inviting him to my duo…

  • Let’s get back to you… Have you finally moved in?

No, it takes time. I was still told he wasn’t ready. I hope to be home by Easter. Now I hope to act by the end of the war.

  • Are you still with your mother?

Well, with whom should I stay? It was perfect for a rental, but I think our communication helps us a lot especially during this time. We are fine now. I’ve had a questionable period in love this holiday season, so the timing is so perfectly calculated for all aspects of my life that everything is in balance.

  • Do people still ask you about your mother, did she become famous?

Yes, it is required everywhere. But he said that he would not come with me, as long as there was a chance for me to get married … He would not come.

But I don’t need to marry. But I have to be happy. I didn’t even get married to music. But I want to fall madly in love…

Difficult. I’ve been through so much lately that I don’t know why it wouldn’t happen again.

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