One year a day: a unique destination in Făgăraş . County

Jan: I’m sweet as a lollipop/Would you like to sit next to me/Little gingerbread men/Frost to drive her away.

Days and Nights and Swit Rocs invite us to tell the story of the calendar, the place where you can benefit more from the authentic nature of the past and less from the virtual reality of the future, regardless of age. 12 cottages is the central point of the amusement park located in the neighboring province, a few dozen kilometers from Brasov, in Purumbaco de Sus in Sibiu. The place is a family destination, with everything it takes for a day trip, but a destination for children’s summer camp , where “the week of dreams awaits them, in the land of the wondrous story, where the sons of the 12th year long to meet.”
Shielded from the towering hills of the Făgăraş Mountains, whispering in a whisper of river water, surrounded by vast fields, castles and traditional villages, the story of the calendar dazzles you with its charm as you walk through the gate exchanging Turbo rubber stickers or if you are satisfied that you can play Turbo Racing League on the latest Tablet style.Calendar Story is a family adventure, in which each member of the lovely Sibiu family, as well as close friends, lays their shoulder, their soul and dusts their dreams, and continues to do so day in and day out, before and after the program ends with the guests.Designed As a clear theme park of the beauty of Făgăraş county and to go back to the origins, starting with play and longing, the calendar story opened its doors in July this year and is full of surprises! and admiring it and crossing it, it translates in color and makes up the 12 months of the year, explaining the old way people did and knew itSwit Rocs tells us.
From the restaurant in the center of the calendar story, you can enjoy the entire complex, no matter where you are. “In addition to the 12 houses that impersonate one month of the year, there are many playgrounds for the children—swings, slides, awnings, ball games, etc., and several seating areas spread out in all corners—benches, fluff, swings, and special benches. Arranged to take pictures on instagram, as well as a large restaurant with traditional roman dishes, located in the center of the complex which offers a special view of the houses, no matter where you sit in. The calendar story undoubtedly has tabs written for any age! Although the garden area is not very large, you can easily spend a large part of the day enjoying the houses, relaxing with lemonade with berries and listening to the fairytale music that can be heard from the speakers.This is especially true on the weekends, when activities are organized Various, from clown games, music, dance with a merry DJ and squirrel fairy, face painting, workshops, drawing, storytelling and many other surprises that will be revealed little by little by the creators of this unique dream-like place in Romania”says Swit Rocs.

February: Dragobete will come again / Făurar on the calendar! / Hearts and Kisses / From big to small!

March: Martisor knows me / I smell snowdrops / And the white and red rope / I drive away the cold among the lambs

April: Bunny hid / Some eggs in the nest / Who wants to find them / Call the moon at once!

MAI: Full of flowers and scents / Who is it? Florar moon, of course, / But what do you call it?

June: Tomatoes, sweet, juicy firm / Fruity tastes like summer / We want cherries, say the kids! / the moon? Can you guess?

July: Proud Gustar Moon / Hop on the calendar / In front of my sister / To bake peaches, nuts and apples

August: The months are long and warm / The ears in the field bear fruit / We will bake good bread / In the old oven

September: It’s called the rapture / Trumpet sounds in the world / School begins again / It melts into the distance, in the summer

October: Gems in the Trees / Diamonds in the Grass / White Carpet on the Floor / Fireplace Mouth, Sieve Story

November: With carved masks and gourds / Brumărel knocking on the door / You give us or you don’t / You treat us well!

December: The Coldest Month / Kids Expected / The Little Man and the Sleigh / Santa Claus with the Ball!

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