“The King’s War”, “Mary the Heart of Romania” and “King Mihai: The Way Back” in the National Historical Education Tour

New material on the complex period of King Michael’s youth, details of the King’s period of personal and social isolation during his exile in Switzerland, and the reasons why King Mihai was reluctant to return to Romania can be found in the new edition, directed by Cut the historical documentary “King Mihai: The Way Home” .

At the 2022 National Tournament of Historical Education, John M. Florescu and Chainsaw Film Productions present this new edition of the historical documentary. The eight-month tour will begin next month and will include 25 cities in Romania.

The Director’s Cut Edition includes new material about the complex period of King Michael’s youth, as described in Queen Mary’s personal memoir. The documentary also details the King’s period of personal and social isolation during his exile from Switzerland, and also the reasons why King Mihai was reluctant to return to Romania. Everything from the perspective of those who were close to him at the time. This enriching version of the film also focuses on King’s interactions with the CIA after his 1948 exile.

“I am happy to promote to the Romanian audience the three films produced with my team: “The King’s War” (2016), “Mary, the Heart of Romania” (2018) and “King Mihai: The Way Home” (2021). An important part of Romania’s history, From 1860 to the present, I hope the Romanian public will know more about its heroes by watching them,” said John M.

Free access to films from the 2022 National Championship for Historic Education

The National Historic Education Championship 2022 – a continuation of the 2019 round to promote the documentary “Maria, Heart of Romania” – will include the new version of the film “King Mihai: The Way Home”. Performances will reach Bucharest, Iai, Braشوفov, Alba Iulia, Diva, Alexandria, Sinaia, Cluj, Cortia d’Argio, Targovit, but also other cities. The tour aims to cover the entire country so that the films can be viewed by a wide audience of all ages and from all walks of life. Through this national tour, documentaries are also promoted among students. The premieres will take place on May 4 and 5 in Timisoara, where the tour will include a series of workshops in which participants will be able to learn the steps involved in producing a historical documentary. In Bucharest, the tournament will start on May 6, at the Carol I University Central Library.

Access to the 2022 National Historic Education Championship bids is free.

The first two documentaries – “Mary, Heart of Romania” (2018) and The King’s War (2016) – scored an audience of more than 5 million views. “Maria, Inima României” (2018) was shot in five countries, and was broadcast in 15 cities in Romania, in 2019, during the first national tour, but also in Madrid, London, Ankara, Chicago and Munich. In 2019, the film won the Best Historical Documentary Award at the IPIFF Gala (Independent Producers Gala) in Bucharest and the coup coeur award at the CCIFER Gala. In 2017, King’s War (2016) was named Best Documentary at the Cinepolitica Festival organized by ICR. Also in 2017, it was selected at the Pessac International Film Festival in Bordeaux, at the Astra Sibiu Film Festival, at FIRR Râșnov and at the Bucharest International Film Festival.

“The National History Education Championship 2022 will be a summer rain after a long drought, a marathon of free outdoor screenings of historical documentaries, which the Romanian audience will enjoy. Dan Drogesescu, co-producer of the documentary “King Mihai: The Way Home”, confirmed that history The concept well in the present reflects the future of future generations.

He contributed to the production of the historical documentary King Mihai: The Way Home with Dan Drogesecu, Viorel Chisaro – Senior Producer, Mircea Lukoto – Editor and Archive Producer, and Laura Bildman – Research and Editorial Assistant.

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