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  • Romania Cup: Volunteers – FC ArgeșTuesday, 20:00, Digi Sport 1

  • League: Villarreal – ValenciaTuesday, 22:30, Digi Sport 3

“Tricolors” lead in the main group by two points. Norway leads by four points in the main group.

Balance only in the first half

It was a clear victory for the European champions, Norway, and the Romanians were able to keep up with it only in the first half.

In the second half, Norway was six goals behind, 17-11. In the second half, the “three colors” gave up their defensive position, and the Nordic countries advanced by nine to ten goals.

Catherine Lundy, Player of the Match

The Norwegian goalkeeper Catherine Lundy (41 years old) played a great match and was named the best player.

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Dale (7 goals), Kristiansen (5 goals), Avtedal (5 goals), Mork (4 goals) and Oni (4 goals) stood out for the Norwegian team.

Romania’s top scorers were Cristina Laszlo (6 goals) and Krina Bentea (5 goals).

Romania is two points behind in the main group

For the next stage of the competition, the qualified teams in Group C will face the qualified teams in Group D. Therefore, the “Tricolors” will be distributed in Main Group 2, along with Norway, the Netherlands, Sweden, Kazakhstan and Porto. Rico.

The main group matches are scheduled for December 9, December 11 and December 13 in Castellón.

The top two places will qualify for the World Championship quarter-finals.

Romania – Norway 22-33, on Digi Sport 2

Accurate. 60: Romania – Norway 22-33. end of the match!

Accurate. 57: Romania – Norway 20-30. Hosu ​​takes a throw-in in the opponent’s half of the field

Accurate. 52: Romania – Norway 18-28. Brilliant success for Dincă – she bumped into the goalkeeper.

Accurate. 49: Romania – Norway 17-26. Two minutes eliminate Ostase.

Accurate. 47: Romania – Norway 17-25. Laszlo scores from 7 yards.

Accurate. 44: Romania – Norway 16-25. After a long time, the “three colors” were able to achieve two goals in a row, via Denko and Laszlo.

Accurate. 41: Romania – Norway 14-25. A great achievement for Oni who deceives the Romanian defense including the goalkeeper.

Accurate. 39: Romania – Norway 14-23. Adi Vasily asks for the time-out and asks the players to remain calm during the attack, so as not to miss good scoring opportunities.

Accurate. 37: Romania – Norway 14-22. Bentia shoots from a distance of 7 meters and scores for Laszlo.

* Roman audiences are high in Castellon Hall and dominate the background.

Accurate. 34: Romania – Norway 13-20. Crina Pintea scores!

Accurate. 32: Romania – Norway 12-19. Dincă scores the first goal of the “Tricolor” in the second half.

Accurate. 31: Romania – Norway 11-18. Bad start for Romania in the second half! 7-meter shot for Norway, converted by Mork.

Accurate. 30: Romania – Norway 11-17. The end of the first half.

  • The Norwegian Oftedal was unstoppable (five goals). Both Eustas and Bentea scored two goals for Romania.
  • By the middle of the first half, the confrontation was well-balanced. In the end, the Norwegians distanced themselves, taking advantage of the hesitations of the Romanians who had missed some action.
  • Norwegian goalkeeper Catherine Lundy managed to save the ball by 52%.

Accurate. 29: Romania – Norway 11-15. Laszlo made a massive fall but missed the ball.

Accurate. 26: Romania – Norway 10-14. Goalkeeper Lundy is making an excellent game.

Accurate. 20: Romania – Norway 6-9. Crina Pintea is shed for 2 minutes.

Accurate. 17: Romania – Norway 5-7. Oftedal has three goals in favor of the Nordic countries.

Accurate. 14: Romania – Norway 5-4. Rotaru scores, and “three colors” take the lead for the first time.

Accurate. 13: Romania – Norway 4-4. baseband equals!

Accurate. 10: Romania – Norway 3-4. Dumanska shoots from 7 meters.

Accurate. 9: Romania – Norway 3-4. Crina Pintea misses a shot from 7 metres.

Accurate. 5: Romania – Norway 3-4. Bentia, Eli and Harabaggio earned Tricolor points.

Update 21:30 Castellon match begins! Match officials from Montenegro.

Update 21:00 Here is the line-up of the two teams who will face each other tonight.

After two clear victories, the atmosphere is very good in Romania’s locker room. Coach Adrian Vasily expects a strong match from the girls: “The match with Norway is a match that should create a lot of joy and ambition. It is one of those very beautiful matches.”Romanian coach said.

Alexandra Supreric has one more reason to want a positive result against the European champion. The day after the match, 34-year-old Gloria Buzao’s pivotal role turned: “It will be the most beautiful gift for us, a victory.

I don’t think I’m afraid, I’m a player just like us and we’ll play our chance and hopefully win.”Alexandra Subcic said before the match with Norway.

  • The Romania-Norway match will be played from 21:30, live on Digi Sport 2 and in live video format on the website, but also in the Digi Sport app, for RCS-RDS subscribers.

VIDEO Romania defeated Kazakhstan in the second match of the Women’s Handball World Cup

Romania – Norway, live, 21:30, in Digi Sport 2. Group rating C

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