Electrica anomaly also appears in Brasov: a bill of 3,000 lei for a 3-room house

A woman from Brasov was astonished when she saw the electricity bill she had received. The woman owns a three-room house, and according to the document received, she has to pay 3,000 lei last month. Normally, he had to pay about 100 lei for the bill. It looks like his bill has swelled by 4,000 kW. So far, I’ve paid around 100 lei, an increase of 3000%. Braşoveanca has not received any answer from Electrica.
“I woke up with a bill of 3000 lei for a month. I usually pay 100 lei. I made a complaint, contacted the company, they did not come to re-read the meter. I can’t afford 3000 lei for a month. My monthly income is 1600 lei, this is how much my pension is. I sat for 3 consecutive hours to file a complaint”On Tuesday, August 31, Doina Mînzatu from Braشوفov said live broadcast on Antena 3.

electrical interaction
“Requests sent by the customer to which it refers were registered with Electrica Furnizare on August 19, 2021, respectively on August 24, 2021. These requests are analyzed and resolved, as the company requires the district distribution operator to make a reading. To check the index recorded by the counter At the end of the analysis, the answer regarding the method for solving the reported problems will be sent to the customer.”transmitted by Electrica Furnizare, as a reaction to this substance.
The company stated in its justification that “in the first quarter of 2021, with the liberalization of the electricity market, there was an increase of about 300% in the number of orders received by Electrica Furnizare from customers, compared to the same period last year. ” As measures to “meet consumers’ needs”, Electrica Furnizare states: “Implementation of a system allowing visits to customer relationship centers to be scheduled; creation of a dedicated online contracting page within the Electrica Furnizare website, through which consumers can easily and quickly conclude a contract: electricafurnizare.ro/contract-online / ; provide customers with alternative ways of contact, designed to provide them with access to advice necessary to resolve their requests: the business information call center line (0244.406.006), the email address for sending requests (clients@electricafurnizare.ro), the online contact form (electricafurnizare.ro. ro/asistenta/formular-inregistrare-plangeri/)”.

The record for “anomalous billing” is currently in Alba
The family of Alba Yulia also had an unpleasant surprise when they saw the electric bill. Specifically, they found that they had to pay 27,808.13 lei, for a consumption of 39,313 kWh between July 12, 2021 – August 10, 2021. People posted the document on social networks and said it could be nothing but a mistake, on Monday, August 30, By employees of Electrica Furnizare.
“Electrica Furnizare states that the invoice mentioned in the press articles is a settlement invoice, issued based on the reading made by the zonal distribution operator. Due to a fault in the billing chain and in the computer system, the invoice in question was automatically, in error, sent to the customer Electrica Furnizare has decided to reverse the bill so that the entire billing chain, including the meter at the place of consumption in question, is clarified.”sent by Electrica Furnizare, relating to this case.
On Tuesday, August 31, two more cases were disclosed from Alba County related to Electrica Furnizare. Thus, the family has to pay 11,000 lei and another amount of 22,700 lei. One of the contract holders with Electrica Furnizare, a guy from Poiana Galde, says he received the bill for 11,016.55 lei, last week and was interested in the supplier’s cashier. The guy from there figured out that it was “wrong” and that the operator representative would come in to read the meter again. In the invoice received, the recorded consumption is 15,579 kWh, and the method for determining consumption is “index reading”. Another man, from Alba Iulia, claims to have received a bill of 22,700 lei. “I talked to them and waited for them to settle down, even though they said I would look for them again.” They told me it wasn’t a big problem with the bill that they could change it… and that they were also surprised with the bill, but apparently they changed my watch a problem”, said the man. Moreover, he said that telephone assistance does not exist, and the frequent calls to the company are unfortunately in vain. “I left the number from Bucharest ringing twice for an hour (that is, two hours) and in vain, and if I called this number from Alba, someone replies saying that he was sentenced with them and for revenge. Their phone is a number on the site”, As the man told the local press. In total, four such cases have been reported by consumers in Alba in recent days. The first case was a family from Alba Yulia, who saw 27,808.13 lei on the bill, and another, also from Alba Yulia, got a bill of 6000 lei, this time from a private operator.

What will the minister do?
Virgil Popescu, the current energy secretary, said that if he got a huge bill, considered incompatible, as consumers in Alba County got, he said he wouldn’t pay it. “I won’t pay for it. I don’t think he’s in danger of running out of electricity because of a wrong bill‘, Popescu has been identified.

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