“It is a fantasy like no other. We are all heterosexual here.” Who changed his statement accusing the police of pressuring

Marathon hearings, today, in the Timić court in the case of the detention of Bucharest taxi driver Dragoch ​​Badia in the Champions Club of Timiشوارoara, on suspicion of “mocking devices”. In this case, the defendants were charged with unlawful deprivation of liberty and extortion. Undercover captain Lucien Bunco announced that he had been called to the club by the owner of the SPI Security guard, Ioan Stepanescu, called “Blobo” and that at first he didn’t know what it was all about. “I went with Gavrilă Nicolae and when I arrived there were several colleagues from the company I worked for abroad. I was told he was suspected of hardware fraud. The guy was in the playroom at the first machine on the right. He was sitting on the phone, as if waiting for something. I asked him Asked if he had any tricks to defraud the machines and he confessed. He said he was asking me not to turn him over to the police because he showed me the algorithms and to keep on friendly terms with me. We weren’t interested in his money, but his fraud, because if he keeps going like this in the rooms, Bonko said where I was, we’ll be home in a month and a half.”

although The victim recounted in detail how she was beaten and threatened De Bunco that she would be taken to the woods, after being anointed with honey and subjected to sexual perversions, denied this, saying, “In my presence no one beat him. No one shouted at him. He was joking with us. These homosexual stories are just a fantasy. We are all from here. Heterosexual. Honey is an edible food that does not intimidate anyone. It’s a premiere for me too. Stoian ate honey because he went to the gym. He was not even reprimanded. If you get a punch from either of us, take more than 20 days off your medication. Did you hit him in the back? It is an unparalleled imagination. I addressed the gentleman that he was older.” When asked about the discrepancies between the statement made today and the statement during the investigation, Bonko said, “I can’t remember anymore.

Then I wasn’t in the best psychological state because I was addicted.”

Gabriel Stoyan claimed in court that he actually bought honey because his girlfriend called him. “It’s a story Badi told. I’ve never heard of anything like that. What do you do with honey? Put it in my head. It’s an aberration, anyway.” Stoyan admitted that he gave the victim “two pages, three slaps”, but not to scare him, but because he was angry because the Bucharest resident told him “I know you, you’re the bodyguard from Shopping City Hall. I paid you 500 lei when you won, a few days ago, and now you’re He’s coming to beat me too.”

Daniel Giulai, director of the Champion Club, gave a different statement from the one that was in the criminal investigation stage, claiming that he was “processed” by the case police, although his hearing as a witness took place in the presence and then selection of the lawyer and the other accused’s lawyers. Although he initially admitted that he turned off the club’s surveillance cameras after the arrival of Paul Stefan and Ion Boan and that Bonko swore at him and hit Bucharest on the head, today Giulai came with the option to tell him what they had, asked the investigators. At first I did not make any statements and was arrested. When they took me to the police, instead of detaining me, Gabriel Algo, Valentine Straw and a third policeman, Raul, took me to the CID office. On the way I saw a man handcuffed to a radiator. Mr. algău told me that he wanted me to say that I turned off the cameras, to say that everyone beat him, and that everyone cursed him. He told me that was the only way to do it. The next day, before my transfer to DIICOT, I was taken back to the office and treated for about an hour. I mentioned what they said, but I am still detained, under an arrest warrant. I was released on probation on appeal.” Asked by the judge if he had told the lawyer of his chosen conversations with the police, Ghulay claimed that his then-defendant, Cosmin Tabori, would have told him that “the time would come to talk about this as well. I have not filed any criminal complaint yet, nor have I notified anyone.” Lawyer Karen Antonescu, Gyulay’s current lawyer, added: “If I were his lawyer then, I would have filed a criminal complaint, of course.” He claimed that the only people who beat the Bucharest resident were Nikolai Gavrilo and Gabriel Stoyan.

Ioan Stepaniscu claimed that he called several employees to the Champions Club because they told him, one by one, that they had different problems and I don’t know if they would arrive and that he called Lucian Bonko because “in a note he said many people. People from Bucharest and Lucien Bonko know a lot of people.” In Bucharest because he was a hero in battles.” He stated that Badi’ was not attacked and that a Bucharest resident could leave at any time.

Both Paul Stefan and Nikolai Gavril requested that they be heard at the next trial, scheduled for April 13.

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