Julia Popescu from Constanta is following her dream of riding. “You just made history at Ploiești Racecourse!” (photo gallery + video)

  • The young woman approached the horses at the age of seven, at the riding center in the complex of the Museum of Natural Sciences in Constanta.
  • In 2018, she participated in her first training competition, but also her first endurance competition. The jumps and hurdles followed, and now he was running.
  • The equestrian event exclusively dedicated to sprint races, held at the Ploiești Racecourse, opened with a qualifying race won by Julia with the horse Lord Kate!

Julia Popescu, a young woman from Constanta, follows a great passion step by step: riding. Her relationship with horses is special, the athlete takes part in competitions with them, but also prepares and takes care of them. Julia turns 15 on Thursday, April 21, and she is an early talent who has bragged about her riding skills from an early age.

Basically, the young woman was approached by horses at the age of seven, at the Horse Riding Center in the complex of the Museum of Natural Sciences in Constanta. She loved these majestic animals very much and also to be around them, because they are inseparable from them. And his love for riding grew steadily. He participated in horse riding camps in different cities of the country, then entered into competitions and achieved impressive results. In 2018, she participated in her first training competition, but also her first ability competition. This was followed by jumping and hurdles, and now he has excelled in sprint races. Diplomas and medals began to accumulate (she has dozens), and Julia also won the admiration and recognition of those who followed her at the competitions.

Julia Popescu and Rosa Kate, a winning pair

Recently, at Ploiești Racecourse, he participated in the equestrian event dedicated exclusively to sprint racing. CSM Ploieşti, through the Hipodrom Ploieşti Complex, in partnership with the Romanian Jockey Club and the Romanian Equestrian Federation, organized races with the award “Regina Maria” (partner of the Romanian Jockey Club), respectively the award of “Elite Junior Speed” (the Romanian Equestrian Federation partner). The meeting opened with a qualifying race won by Julia Popescu with the horse Lord Kate!

You have already entered the records of Roman turf

“This is how history is written! Victory belongs to the brave, and the (very) young Julia Popescu was brave and won the qualifying race. In addition to the qualifying race and an unforgettable experience, Julia was admired and respected by many of us who attended the sprint encounter. Young trainee Yulia Popescu and mare Lordi won Kit in the qualifying race (1100m) with a time of 1:11 (1:06/1 km.) The name Iulia Popescu has already entered the Romanian turf records, because, from the data we have, “Julia” is the first minor in our history to run on a track Race in a qualifying race organized by the Romanian Jockey Club. Congratulations, Yulia Popescu! You just made history at the Ploiești racetrack. Also note, the young trainee (the jockey) won his first at the Ploiești racecourse in an outdoor race, but he gave us a lot of Feelings! I’ve experienced this before at Saint-Cloud Racecourse!”, featured on the Facebook page “galop.ro”.

Sisi is a nice surprise

Julia Popescu was very happy last spring, when her family surprised her with the purchase of the Sissi mare, a German sporting horse, which also took part in the Balkans and with which the young woman also entered the competitions. Now, Julia is training in enemy and endurance, during this period in both Mangalia and Valu lui Traian, in Domeni Mitroi, taking advantage of the support of this base. “My passion for riding is great. After that, I want to focus on the sprint and continue my winning streak. I dreamed of the most important performances,” said Julia Popescu. “We are proud of Julia and the way she went. In Beloiti it was a surprise to everyone. We wish her a wonderful sporting career, ”said the mother of the athlete Cesara Popescu.

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